Trade Mistakes

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Coffee Leroy. Aged 16. Pasten-Vagabond. The ugly, scary-looking loner that no-one pays attention to. High-school drop-out. He's leaving on a train, trying to escape everything. He no longer wants anything to get in the way of his travels, and he wants to disconnect with life.
Wanderlust Cheevey. Aged 14. Born to a Pasten-Vagabond mother. Runaway. Invisible to the world. He lives up to his name, wanting nothing more than to see the world. He wants to fade from life.
Could meeting a stranger on a train save him?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Trade Mistakes

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013




I highly suggest reading this.

(1) This entire story will be written in Wanderlust's point-of-view. I detest it when people swich back and forth in points-of-view for some reason.

(2) Since half the world has no idea whatsoever what a Pasten-Vagabond is, I'll explain somethings that will come up in this story:

***Pasten-Vagabonds are often named after something they or their parents find important. If your name is something traditional and you are a Pasten-Vagabond, or if you are and your name has nothing to do with you, it isn't uncommon at all to see Vagabonds who have changed their names. Names like Wanderlust, Coffee, and even Mainstream, Foreshadow, Galaxy, Star, Wynter, Justys (pronounce like Justice. It's a really traditional Pasten-Vagabond name, and for some reason I love it.) and Valour are pretty common. (When I changed my name from Ryley Kay to California, I actually had a pretty difficult time deciding what name I wanted, and that's because it's important to us that you have an identity that is not only unique, but also says something about you.) There are often twists on original spellings (i.e. Wynter, Ryver, and Justys are pretty popular ones.).

***Pasten-Vagabonds have some strange, strict rules: you cannot promise (though I met a Vagabond named Promise once. . .hmm. . .); you cannot swear; you cannot curse; you cannot wear clothing that exposes your stomache; you cannot be engaged (you're either married or dating.); kissing is extremly special to us; sex only after marriage; words like 'sexxy' and 'sexual' and even 'hot' (when you're refering to someone) cannot be used-- and there are probably a million more rules like that, but I'm not go into them-- you'd be here all day.

(3) The chapter song I give at each chapter will be very important, so I suggest listening to it.

(4) I can go into extreme detail about the smallest things, sorry.

(5) Unless I state that I will not be able to do so in the author's note at the bottom of each chapter, I will update every Saturday.

(6) Yes, I spell it C-O-L-O-U-R. Get over it.

(7) This story is told in flashbacks leading up to the end. The end will be amazing, trust me.

(8) Enjoy!


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