Trade Mistakes

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Careless in November

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



Chapter 2: Careless in November

Chapter song: "Careless in November" by Thriving Ivory


I've never particularly found myself good looking. I guess I look okay, with black hair that sticks out widly in every direction and stormy grey eyes, but I'm not good looking, and I'm fat. I'm terribly fat. I guess I'm the reason the train seems to be moving so slowly, or maybe it's the fact that Coffee's eyes are glued to me the entire way. He looks like he's sizing me up. How hard would it be to take down that fat kid?

Really, I don't care what he thinks, not like his judgement will matter.

You know that unbearable happiness you get sometimes, like when you see something absolutely beautiful and you just want to shout your name from the top of a skyscraper so that everyone knows it? That's how I feel the minute the train stops. Finally, I'll be getting away from Coffee.

I make sure that I'm the first one out of the train car and out of the train station. However, much to my dismay, as I'm walking next to the road trying to find out where I'm going, Coffee shows up behind me.

"Where are you headed?" he asks. I shrug my shoulders, not wanting to be bothered with such trivial matters. "Mind if I come?" He asks after I don't answer for a while.

"Yes, I do mind!" I say, getting exasperated. Sure, Coffee is absolutely gorgeous, and that's exactly why I'm trying to avoid him. You see, I'll get attached and he won't feel the same way. It'll be my mum's story all over again; they met at a party, had sex, went out a few times, nothing sparked for him, she became obsessed, and when I came along, he disowned me. Well, minus the getting pregnant part, that's what's bound to happen. Love doesn't really exist, people just fool themselves into thinking that it does. "Come if you want, but I still mind."

He smiles and follows me. See, this is what being raised as a Pasten-Vagabond does to you! You get all open-minded and accepting, then people get to you and then they leave you when you really need them.



Sorry for such a short chapter, I didn't want to give away too much of the next one. Be prepared for the unexpected! >:)

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