Story1/ The child who chased lost voices:

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hardened by her past 15 year old Yuki struggles to find salvation and a comfortable and easy life she can live in. its her against the world, all alone. But will that all change when some one new comes into the picture?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Story1/ The child who chased lost voices:

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013




 Rain.Rain.Rain…… that was all she could think about... all Yuki could think about. Thoughts of running away some day, out of the tension that surrounds her life and into the rain; washing away all the bad and agonizing things, leaving a blank white canvas ready to be painted for the first time again with fresh new colors.

Chapter One:

  At the age of one, Yuki had a carefree life with loving parents, just as any other child; but that all had changed just two years later. Yuki was three and the death of her parents almost didn't seem real. She had been shaken back into reality, violently and quickly when her neglective and abusive grandparents had sole custody of her. She lived for the next 10 years of her life in an unhealthy state of life, where she would have to starve for days and sleep outside in the rain and have to do many difficult chores and if she didn't do as she was told she would have the beating of a life time. All of this mixed together and she had herself a hard shell of a human being. Her heart had rotted, her eyes were cold as dry ice and her face looked lifeless, expressionless... almost dead. She no longer moved her mouth, didn't utter a single word, soon even she herself would no longer remember the sound of her own voice. She no longer smiled, because she was afraid that it would be that distorted, twisted, sarcastic and sinister smile that she sees her grandparents wear on their faces. What will become of me?  is a question that she asked herself constantly and she did not know this then, but it would soon be answered.

Chapter two:

she kept thinking, "why do my grandparents hate me so much? Is it because of the way I look?" The truth  is actually there was nothing wrong with Yuki's appearance, the real reason her grandparents hated her is because they believe her birth is the reason their son left them but its was really just to get away for them. Her apperance acctualy wasnt that bad at all. The matter was hard for her to understand.

Yuki was always a tomboy and wore her hair up and had a black hood on that covered her face well also she had long baggy cami pants with lots of pokets. At age 13 she decided that she would run away for home. she lived on the streets and saw the worst things and got even tougher than she already was. she kept her distance from everyone and never got involved in anything out in the street. she did master alot of combat sports though but didnt really do much with the ability though besides go to a certian gym that was ment for combat sport practice, she whent offen and became really good at the sports and decided to sign up for a membership. Of course it wasnt free and she did need to feed herself do she decided to take up a part time job. So she could pay for the membership and food and she did sleep in a subway station so shee didnt have to pay for rent. they're times when people pick a fight with her and she clearly wins and they're times where she will stand up for the weak but other than that her job the gym and sleeping she is also a full time high school student.

chapter three:(comming soon)


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