Halo Sky: Vendetta

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In yet another story in the Halo Sky collection you'll follow an innocent sixteen year old boy who loses everything dear to him and embraces Vehemence to take matters into his own hands.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Halo Sky: Vendetta

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



Chapter One


“Alexander! Alita! Alexa! Come on inside so you can eat dinner,” mom calls from within our little mountainside home.

“Aww mom, five more minutes,” Alita, my youngest sister begs.

“Five more minutes and then you guys come in. Your food will get cold,” mom agrees, looking at us from the front door to make sure we understand.

“Okay mom, we’ll be in,” I assure her with a wink and a smile.

She nods and smiles back before vanishing into the depths of the house. I turn back to my sisters with my sword at the ready.

“Alright girls, swords up,” I instruct as I raise my sword.

“Swords up,” the girls imitate.

Our swords Batair, Donahue, and Donovan glisten brilliantly in the evening sunset shining just over the trees.

“One,” I shout.

“Ha,” the three of us respond as we move into our first previously practiced position.


“Ha!” Position two.



Together we move in sync, our swords creating a beautiful symphony that echoes back from the mountains.

“Six…Seven…Eight…Nine,” I continue on beat.

The grass rustles along with every step taken; it knows our routine by heart…


Our swords clash on point, we stand there frozen as statues. Our eyes close…we breathe as one…we are connected…. We listen as the wind blows a mellow tune, stretching gracefully across the land. It feels as though we are in a totally different universe, somewhere caught between somewhere and nowhere. I can feel their heartbeats, reverberating ever so soundly. The sunlight touches my skin so gently, the earth beneath my feet grows into me…Nature’s Serenade…isn’t it such a beautiful sound?

“That was amazing…” Alexa practically whispers as we all open our eyes.

“Did you see that big brother? Did you see,” Alita asks excitedly as she jumps up and down.

“Yes, I did,” I tell her with a smile.

“Can we do it again,” Alexa asks curiously as she lowers her sword and walks over to me.

“Oh pwease, can we,” Alita begs, flashing a toothy grin.

“Maybe tomorrow…it’s getting dark and we have to go in and eat,” I tell them as we walk up to the house together.


… … … ……

I sigh as I lay in the dark alone. I turn onto my right side and look out of my window at the crescent moon. I get up, walk over to my window, and open it. The cool breeze rushes by me as I look at the moon so curiously. “Moon, you have a shade of blue tonight –Is it something that you saw or heard? Only yesterday, your tone was proud and bright. Yellow silver, full, and so assured…” I say as I tap my finger gently on the window sill, “Moon, despite the clarity of sky, metaphors of cloud that fluff with grey drift across your rounded face to spy. Feeding back, there's awfully much to say…” I turn to my dresser; take out a pair of jean pants and a t-shirt, and slip them on. I don’t bother to put on my socks or shoes, but I slip into one of my hoodies and creep into the early morning coolness.

My feet are dampened by morning dew as I walk across the grass to the path leading down into the village. I take a deep breath of air and breathe back a tiny puff of white smoke. It’s warmer than usual out here; surely spring is on its way now. The only sound made is the sound of the dirt crushing beneath my feet as I get farther away from my comfy little home. I start to hum a little tune whose name I cannot place but stays stuck in my head all the time.

“Alex,” a familiar voice calls from above me as I walk past a house.

I look up to see my friend Sofie waving to my from atop the house.

“Morning Sofie,” I say politely as I wave back.

“Hiya, where are ya headed this early in the mornin’? The suns not up yet old friend,” Sofie says as she rocks sways gently with the wind.

“I just decided to go for a walk, I couldn’t stay asleep,” I tell her as I stand there watching her uncomfortably, “uhm, could you please come down from there? You might fall and hurt yourself.”

“Sure, catch me,” Sofie implies as she stands up and prepares to jump.

Before I can tell her that its not a good idea to do so, she jumps off of the two story house. Luckily I react in time to catch her or else she would’ve been in serious trouble.

“What a rush!”

“Don’t ever do that again Sofie…” I say as I stand her on her feet.

“Did I scare ya? I’m sorry,” Sofie says as she looks up at me with sincerity.

“It’s okay…you could seriously get hurt though. I hate to think about one of my friends being hurt,” I say as we start walking together.

“Okay, okay. I won’t do it again, stop worryin’ ya head. That’s what gives ya headaches,” Sofie tells me as she pokes the left side of my head.

I can’t help but smile and swat her away.

“I was trying to be serious Sofie, you’re killing it.”

“I know, it’s my job to make ya smile isn’t it? What kind of friend would I be if I let ya stay serious and worried and angry all the time huh,” Sofie asks as she starts to poke my stomach, knowing that I’m ticklish in that particular spot.

“No, Sofie no. Stop it.”

“Why? Because you’re…TICKLISH,” Sofie asks as she tackles me to the ground and tickles me to death.

“Sofie-Sofie why?! I thought we were better than this,” I say between laughs.

“Mwahahahaha! No one is here to save ya now,” Sofie jokes as she continues her reign of terror.

“Never fear! I will save you,” another familiar voice cries out.

Suddenly Sofie is on the ground beside me laughing as she’s tickled by my best friend Magnus.

“Your reign of terror is over little sister! Ha ha! Justice is served,” Magnus says as he does a triumphant pose before laughing.

The three of us laugh as he helps us up.

“Hey Magnus, what are you doing up so early? You usually sleep late on weekends,” I say as I dust the dirt off of my clothes.

“I don’t know, I just had the urge to get up. I couldn’t go back to sleep, something wouldn’t let me even though I laid there for about an hour.”

“Same here. Maybe something important is going to happen today.”

“Maybe, it’d be cool if somethin’ excitin’ would happen,” Sofie says as the three of us start walking again.

“Yeah it really would, the parade last week was really fun. Maybe we can have another soon,” Magnus says as he flips his short brown and yellow hair out of his face.

“Hmm…you guys want to go to the outlook,” I suggest.

“Oooo yeah! Race ya guys there,” Sofie says as she takes off toward the exit of the village.

“Hey! No fair,” Magnus yells as he takes off after her.

“Guys wait,” I say as I start after Magnus.

Surely I’m going to lose this race!


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