The Princess' Prince

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I'm Kylie Sophia Morales, a 16 year old teenager. I just want a normal life but I know that I will never have it. Why? because I am a princess. And how did I met my prince charming? Read this....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Princess' Prince

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013





I'm Kylie Sophia Smith / Princess Sophia IV, I'm 17 years old teenager trying to have a simple life. When I was born, my parents decided to let me have a simple life. They will keep my true identity until I turned 18. I Live in the palace but I secretly going to a Private and rich school. I have two body guards but they are following me secretly. I act normal like others. I'm not spoiled, I'm pretty and smart. My mom always saying that I should stay being humble because I will becoming the next queen someday. Now, I'm in the first year of college. New school, classmates and new friends.

"Rise and shine my Princess! It's you first day of school! Get up now!"

I heard my mom's waking me up. I get up and fix my self already. I'm so excited to go to school.

At school...

I'm on the way to my classroom and... BOOGGSSHH!!!!

I bumped someone.


"Oh! I'm so sorry."- Me

"Why did you hit me?"

"I didn't mean it and I already said sorry right?"

"Sorry is not enough." He look into my eyes seriously. And I look at my watch.

"Oh I have to go. I'm already late. Sorry again. Bye!" I run fast. So glad that our Professor is not yet here. I sit beside the window then I heardour professor greeted us.

"Good Morning everyone!"

"Good Morning Sir!" We all greeted him.

"Ok Class. We will have a special student in this school. He's one of the most important person in our neighbor country. You should treat him nicely okay?"

"Yes Sir!" All

"Okay. That's good. Let me introduce to all of you, the prince of ******* country, Prince Xyvier V."

I was shocked when the prince entered the room. He is the boy who bumped me. He is looking at me with an evil smile. Oh God! what will I do?


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