New Shay, New Couple, And A Creapy School Filled With Zombies

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - New Shay, New Couple, And A Creepy School Filled With Zombies

Submitted: July 02, 2010

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Submitted: July 02, 2010



Shay Fields was shy and never understood why, because when she was in her old town she wasn’t. She had to move because her dad’s job got moved to Texas. But once she moved she turned shy and was scared when she walked in her first period class. She almost felt sick. She hands her slip to her teacher while looking at the floor while her legs shook with nervousness.

“Go sit down by Roy Ryder.” The teacher says pointing to a boy who’s face was looking down at his book but his eyes were glaring at Shay. Shay’s brown hair flung side to side while she walked toward him and her blue eyes looked at the dirty carpet. She slipped her skinny body onto a chair and dropped her bag. Roy passed her a book slowly then moved his hand and laid it on his book.

“Mr. Ryder, please read chapter one.” The teacher tells Roy. “Sir..” Roy said silently. “Read.” The teacher barks. “Yes, yes sir.” Roy says silently and reads aloud. His voice was shaky and he kept patting his leg. Weird habit?

Once he finished he wiped his forehead and took a deep breath. “Now, talk with your partners about what happened in this chapter.” What did we read about? I wasn’t paying attention. Shay thought.

“I-” Shay said silently. “What was that Shay?” The teacher says. “N-nothing sir.” Shay says. “Good…”

Shay looks at the teachers desk he had a name plate: Mr. Dean.

Shay turns slowly toward Roy and Roy looks at her with scared eyes. “H-hello” He says silently tapping on his leg. “Hi.” Shay says silently. “D-do you know what happened? I-in this chapter?” Roy says looking at Shay slightly. “S-sorry, but I wasn’t paying attention.” Shay says looking back at the book and reading the chapter quickly. “It was about Earth.” Roy says looking at Shy. “Earth, the planet we live on. Why are we learning about that?” Shy says rolling her eyes. “We have to learn.” Roy says looking at Shay again. He was looking her over. He smiled slightly when she saw him eyeing her.

“Sorry, I’m very shy. My name is Roy Ryder. And your name is?” Roy says. “Shay Fields.” Shay says putting her hand out, Roy takes it and shakes it nodding. “Is Mr. Dean always that mean?” Shay asks. Roy let’s go of her hand late and blushes. “Yea, some people say that he used to be in the army.” Roy says silently. Mr. Dean passes them and nods.

“Want to sit with me at lunch?” Roy asks. “Uh, sure.” Shay nods with a smile. Shay looked at Roy while he was reading. His hair was in a surfers cut, and his eyes were a deep blue; Shay thought that they where the most beautiful things ever. His body was skinny but slightly muscular.

The bell rang five minutes later and Roy looks at Shay; “Can I see your Schedule?” He asks. Shay hands it over, there fingers brush slightly and they look at each other and smile. “You have the same classes as me. I can walk you.” Roy says. Shay nods and they walk over to there next class. Shay’s and Roy’s hand brush each others and Roy looks at Shay and they blush. “Sorry.” They say at the same time. They laugh silently and walk into the classroom. I think he likes me. Shay thinks.

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