Sweet Devil

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



Sweet Devil: Chapter Two



Tanner Haugten became the school brainiac when he first came to us at the end of last year's school year. He also stole the heart of every girl in the school with his sweet charms, boyish grins and funny personality. Hearts were swooning when they laid eyes on him and some coughed up the nerves to draw closer to Tanner but there was one problem.

He was bi-sexual.

He'd mentioned it the first week after his arrival just to make himself clear. He divulged that he had no clue what gender he'd really fall hard for. This kept the girls and boys on the edge and only drew them more attracted to him.

Tanner Haugten intrigued me the more I studied him from a distance but I never dug up the confidence to go make friends with him or even speak to him!

That is until today.

Tanner has stole a glimpse of my precious writing and left me wondering if I've gone mad!

"Mmm, I love the way you lick your lips, you do it a lot in class when you're thinking, you're even sexier when you think, ya know?"

I mean, who tells someone that? It's even worse hearing it come from Tanner Haugten. He's supposed to be the generous, smart, handsome guy who plays football with his brothers, helps his mother bake cakes and stuff like that. Not go around telling people..how..how sexier they look when they think.

But...I did..get called sexy right?

"Hello. Hello! Earth to Ivan. Ivan, the space shuttle from your planet has landed back on Earth!" My friend and probably my only friend, Jazz, yanks me from my private thoughts. I stare into her eyes from across the lunch table. The noisy cafeteria has engulfed the high pitch yells and laughs around me and I press my fingers to my ear trying to block out the noise.

I hate noise. It's the worse thing ever. I'd rather be in a quiet hole...yes hole...with a mini lamp and my journal, writing about any and everything.

Jazz giggles as she's watching me. She shakes her head in something like disapproval before shoving a chicken nugget into her mouth. "That's not going to work" She says with a mouth full. She knows how much that annoys me.

"Chew your food before speaking to me, would you?" I slide my hands onto my journal and I flip it open to my lastest work.

"You've been day dreaming all day. Tell me your secrets" Jazz persuades.

"I have no secrets to hide from you and you know that" I answer without looking up. It was true.

Jazz and I knew each other since we were in diapers. She was my next door neighbor and all. We made a vow that we'd never hide anything from each other and we've never gone a minute without keeping that promise.

"Then what or should I say who are you day dreaming about?"

A blush crepts up my neck sending my hairs to stand up. I let out a healthy cough and glance up from my journal. Jazz has her perfect brow arched and there's a amall smile on her plump lips. I take a moment like this to really study her beauty. Over the years Jazz had really became a mature teenager and so has her looks. I remember it like yesterday when she was the whiny voiced eight year old with messy pig tails, big eyes and missing teeth. Now, she's seventeen years old with big chunks of thick, black as night hair, big dark brown eyes and skin the color of milk and honey in a sweet mixture. Her teeth were white and pure and her smile got her almost anything she wanted. Well, from me it would.

"No one in particular" I let my eyes fall onto my untouched tray. The fruit cup was very fruity looking today.

"I thought we'd never keep secrets from each other" She reminded.

"It's not a secret"

"Then why aren't you telling me anything?"

"I...ugh...what is it that you want to know so bad?" I focused my eyes on hers. She pushed her tray away after finishing the last of her green tea.

"I heard that Tanner Haugten had a quick chat with you earlier" She cracked a smile. "Is that true?"

My stomach churned. "Yeah..something like that"

"Aww, Ivy, why didn't I get to hear it from your own lips?" Her voice filled with sadness and her eyes fell onto the white table.

"Jazzy,it wasn't important, he just so happened to sneak a peek at my poem" I shrugged.

"Is that all he sneaked a peek at?" She glanced at me giving me a mischievous grin. Another one of Jazz and her negative fantasies. I shook my head but I had gotten used to it over the years.

The bell to end lunch rung and people started to abandon their tables. I grabbed Jazz's tray and mine and headed for the garbage can before she could protest. She hated when I did things for her. She said as her best 'gay' friend that it was a bit weird that I took her tray and opened the door and stuff for her. I told her just because I was gay didn't mean I had to stop doing things a gentlemen should do for a girl.

I dropped the trays into the black garbage bag and turned around just to bump into someone's chest. I apologized without looking up and passed by them in a rush. Jazz stood with her stuff in her hands waiting for me. I picked up my book bag and slung it over my shoulder. Before we could reach the exit doors I realized I was missing something. I stopped and checked my book bag. Jazz gave me a baffled expression.

I glanced back at our table which was now being wiped clean by a lunch lady. It wasn't there. Oh...oh my god. I'm gonna have a PANIC ATTACK.

"Jazz" I choked.

"What's the matter?" She asked regonizing my tone.

"I lost my journal" I frowned.

"You sure you didn't take it with you when you dumped the trays?" She grabbed my book bag and searched through it but I already did that. My journal wasn't in there.

"I...what if I dropped it in the trash can with the trays!" I gasp. Jazz zips my book bag up and looks at me. "You better haven't, I know how precious your poems are. Did you drop it or something?"

I groaned. "I probably did when I bumped into that person"

She sighed. "I'm sorry Ivy, but I'll try to search for it. Right now, we need to get to health class before the tardy bell rings"

I nod in agreement and search the empty cafeteria once more. My journal with my personal poems is missing and someone's hands and eyes are probably searching through it, laughing at every word of my work.

A heavy burden settled in my chest as Jazz led me to our next class.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


To be continued!

Hey guys, I'm so enjoying writing this story and I hope you enjoy reading it. Next chapter will be Tanner's POV. *evil laugh*

Comment and tell me how it so far. ?








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