Sweet Devil

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



Sweet Devil: Chapter Three


Tanner's POV:


I sat in my regular seat beside Evan after finally getting rid of the crowd that seemed to follow me everywhere. Could I even breathe my own air for a minute or so? I sighed and turned to a smiling Evan.

"Had fun, yes?" His voice is smooth with sarcasm. I feel the urge to grab him by his locks of ebony hair and slam his face repeatedly into his desk. I can't even as bad as I really want to. Instead I return a playful grin.

"If I hadn't known any better I'd say you were jealous"

He snorts because in some way it's true. "But you know better"

"Don't be sure of it" I smile innocently before resting my head on the coldness of the desk. I closed my eyes and yawned. It was another boring day at school as usual and the teacher was late.

When the hell were they gonna fire that lady?

I soon discovered myself falling into a peaceful slumber thinking about how cute Ivan was earlier. I had been watching him from a distance for a very long time now and he's a pretty funny sight.And the more I studied him the more I wanted him to be mine. That's probably one reason I approached him this morning.

Suddenly a roar of anonymous laughter awakes me and I start to leave it alone but then I hear Evan's voice.

"Let me caress you" He started and paused followed by heavy laughter. "Make you laugh, show you something new, you're my beautiful craft" He ends it with his own laughter and struggles to speak his next words. "Who...wrote this cheesy bullshit?"

My head rises and so does my body as I am now standing in front of his desk. At least three of his friends are standing with him flipping through pages of a certain journal I recongize.

"Where'd you get that from?" I ask trying to hide the growing anger in my tone.

"I found it" Heath answers and I look up at his red face. Tears are at the corner of his eyes and he takes the book from Evan's hands. "This is some funny crap. Who would honestly think something like this will get them money?"

"Hand it over" I extend my hand out waiting patiently.

Evan arches his eyebrows and pulls a stupid smirk across his face. "What are you gonna do, return it to it's rightful owner like the sweet little boy you are?"

His friends fall into a fit of hysterical snorts and snickers. I ignored Evan because I was too far from doing something to the poor guy. I locked my gaze on Heath. "Give it to me"

"Or what?" Heath asked.

"What will you do Mr. Tanner, Sir?" Evan's annoying voice chimed in as he took the journal from Heath. I paused for a moment and turned my back on them.

"Hmph, I thought so." He retorted. "Guys check this one out-"

I turned around and grabbed Evan by his locks of hair and yanked him from his seat. He squirmed in my grip trying to land a punch on my face but I pushed him against his desk and slammed his face into the wooden pattern. There were a few horrific yelps as I seemed to repeatedly force his face to say hello to the desk. I lift his head up and leaned past his ear. "Are you going to hand the journal over or shall I continue to mutilate your despicable face?" I snarled in question.

His voice shivered as he spoke. "Take the stupid journal"

I untangled my fingers from his hair and snatched the journal away from him. I patted his shoulder and smiled warmly. "Thank you"

He leaned up, his face swollen and covered in smeared blood. He backed away from me both him and his friends. The classroom was silent with hushed whispers when the teacher walked in and saw Evan's face.

"Oh dear" She placed both of her hands on her cheeks and stared in horror. "Who did this to you?" She shrieked.

Evan glanced at me and I kept my smile on my face, my eyes daring him to say anything. His lips parted to reply but I snapped my fingers once casting a spell over everyone in the room.

His eyes became cloudy and he raised a hand to catch the falling blood from his nose. "W-what happened?"

"What happened to your face?" Heath's eyes widened.

"I...I" He paused and looked at me with a baffled expression.

I cleared my throat. "You must've fell very hard" I shrugged.

"You must go to the nurse" The teacher started to write a pass. "Everyone return to your seats"

I took my seat and started running my fingers across Ivan's Journal. I had this urge to open it and explore how precious his words were to him but I forbid myself to.

Only for now.

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