Living Fantasy

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Living Fantasy. The legendary rare RPG that sent game developer Trihard into liquidation because of it's bizzare plot, hyperrealisitic characters and odd development choices. But little is known about the first 6 copies of the game which got sent out a week early. Lucas and his friends were the ones to get these copies, but little did they know this game would be much more then It seemed...It was now up to Lucas, wielding his reflex hammer 'Kneecapper' and a mug with a picture of his best friend topless on it, and his friend to somehow save the land of Tabilon from a great evil and somehow return home. Lucas couldn't help but find this ever so slightly Cliché.
This is the tale of how a group of losers, misfits and perverts end up becoming Tablions greatest heroes.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Midnight Release

Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013



Chapter 1: Midnight release
When Lucas Thomas woke up, all he could remember was a mug. A white mug. With a picture of his friend posing topless on it. Quite literally everything else, name, age, all of it was absent apart from this confusing mental image. Of all the memories to regain after what he guessed was amnesia, even he, in his amnesiac state, knew that this was a pretty crappy one. He didn’t want to have to wander into a random town, ask for help and when they ask “Well what do you remember?” Lucas would be forced to reply
“A white mug with a picture of my best friend topless on it. I don’t know how I knew the person was my best friend, or why that cup was the last thing I saw, or why such a cup ever exists”. Well, to be honest, I don’t think anyone wants to say that to the police, or any living human ever, so it’s fairly understandable. He gritted his teeth, and used all his strength to force open his eyes. The first thing he noticed wasn’t that he was flat on his back. Or that the grass he was laying on was red. Or even that the tree above him had purple leaves which is not normally normal. Or, and this he really should have picked up on, the fact that the texture of the universe looked worriedly like CGI, and that really wasn‘t normal. No, the thing, or things, he noticed first, were the someone’s large breasts hovering just in his line of site. So both his last and first memories were cups, but of a different sort, he thought somewhat diligently. Somehow suppressing his manly desires to be a pervert and ogle the large bosoms, he managed to force his gaze up and away from the chest in front of him, and continued up till he reached the face. The girl was cute. Real cute. Raven black hair down to her waist, and cat green eyes that made you think she should belong in a feral jungle. It was only when the girl breathed a sigh of a relief, got off of him and exclaimed
“Thank god, you’re alive. You gave me quite the scare there, bro. I thought you might be, y‘know. Dead.” the somewhat harsh British voice sighed and suddenly all of Luke’s memories come flooding back to him like someone opened the floodgates, and he proceeded to take a good 45 minutes of self loathing to forgive himself for having those horrible, horrible thoughts about his own twin sister. Oh well, But we’re kinda throwing you in at the deep end here, what with red grass, CGI everything and the first hero in our tale ogling his sisters boobies. Yes, In fact I think we should go back to the beginning, before our protagonists even began on there journey to becoming Hero’s, although one might argue this was there destiny and hence forth this would mean that we’d have to go back to before they were born. But we don’t. We simply need to go back when they were just a bunch of wayward misfits, A drabble of Losers, Weirdo’s and Perverts who had no idea they would go on to do the great things they would. This is the true tale of the legendary rare RPG “Living Fantasy”, with it’s tagline ‘Live the Fantasy; Be the hero’, it was due to be a hit, but the game’s infamous for sending one of the worlds most popular games company’s into liquidation due to several major factors. For instance, the removal of the online multiplayer, which players we’re both confused and disappointed to see not there. The game was just released, well, without it, despite all information leading to it being there. Also how, discovered by those who actually persevered to complete the game, some of the characters don’t have there VA’s listed, and in fact a search reveals that they are in fact not known anywhere at all. For all intensive purpose’s, the main characters should be silent. And speaking of the characters, the fact that there costume designs were much more grounded in reality despite being a fantasy RPG, of them even wearing what can only be tracksuit bottoms and an oversized T-shirt. (Which admittedly made them much easier to cosplay, but that’s beside the point) and having bizarre starting skills such as ’Procrastination’, ’Blog’ and ’flirt.’ Add in the factor that they’re self aware, this made them the most unique characters existing in an RPG to this date, and this is a genre that contains a pink haired catgirl samurai with a fear of bats, But most importantly, the thing that sealed the game (and company’s) fate was the nonsensical story line, frequently pointing out the flaws in it to the player, it was not the story of a fantasy RPG. Or rather, it was one, but that was the problem. Because it WAS the story of a fantasy RPG, but not in the sense you might think I mean. People still wonder how this game got made, however, the one redeeming quality is the calibre of the characters, who, as said in a world famous review of the game by Richard Baker, the only one to say anything remotely positive, are “The most well developed characters ever seen in any video game to this day. You could almost believe they were real, and the voice acting and facial animation was amazing. It was just a shame that they were in a game where they just don’t belong, where they feel genuinely out of place. But perhaps,” and this is the line that made the review famous, “That was the point all along.”
But you see, there is a horrifying truth about the game, which is amazingly does the impossible and makes the bizarre story true. The theory which everyone shrugs of as a creepy pasta or urban myth may not actually be as mythological as one might think. This isn’t just the story of Living Fantasy. It’s the real story. And believe me, it explains a lot.
Lucas Thomas was known for being a rather lazy child. It was one of the few things he was good at, along with sleeping, procrastinating, self-loathing and playing video games. Some people may think it’s easy to be good at those things; But Luke had surprised everyone for waking up at 12 midnight, just to go to the local game store to pick up his brand new copy of “Living Fantasy”. Upon arrival, 3 things struck him as odd. The first was that despite the fact this was the brand new Living Fantasy, rumoured to be one of the best RPG’s to ever exist, well, ever, there was absolutely no other human being in sight but him. The second was that despite it being midnight release, the store looked worryingly dark inside, and thirdly, and probably most importantly, was the big vinyl sticker pushed against the window, exclaiming in big bold blue lettering “LIVING FANTASY MIDNIGHT RELEASE! 21.08.13”. Lucas read these words a good 5 times before actually getting out his phone and checking what date it was today. He felt his heart do a cute little flutter before falling into the fiery hell pits that were his stomach. The date that his phone read was none other than the 15/08/13. The midnight release wasn’t till next week. He let out a groan on anguish and smacked his head against the store window a good five times, and then added a sixth for good measure. He heard about starting to queue early, but even Lucas thought that a week before was just a little bit too extreme. Plus he didn’t even have a tent. Not that he was considering it. Maybe he was considering it. As the downtrodden Lucas began his trek home, he still didn’t understand how it could have been a week. He was just online with Fox and the gang, and they had all received their copies midnight last night, so it made no sense that it wouldn’t be-A memory suddenly hit Lucas like a wet fish. He ordered it from the same company as the others, at the same time. In fact, upon reviewing the facts, a forgotten one came up that would have been pretty useful knowledge to remember before he ventured outside the sacred sanctity of his bedroom, but that’s life, and life is always going to be hard. The memory in question was actually quite an easy one to forget. At 7am, his sister called up to him that a parcel had arrived. But what with being Lucas, 7am may as well have been the middle of the night, and he let out a murbled cat cry of a response and promptly fell back to sleep. Now that he had time to think about it he realized that due to the fact everyone else got there’s delivered, then that package might have been the game. He had never heard of a system like this, but despite so it seemed somewhat likely. Finally, he could see his front door, and hurried in with a grumble.
“So, did you get it?” A voice chirped, and Lucas looked up to see his sister eagerly waiting on the stairs. She was a pretty girl, similar to her brother in both hair and face shape. Both had Raven black hair, although where Lilly’s was wavy, Lucas’s was straight and Slicked back, similar to an 80’s style greaser. His father had always insisted on this, that it was cool, and had been styling his hair like this since he was in year 1. Lucas was pretty sure his dad was just taking out the frustration over the fact that during his school day’s his grandma insisted that he wore his hair bowl style and wore tweed. Taking this into consideration, wanting your son’s hair to be cool was quite understandable. Lucas just wished his father knew that now the 80’s greaser look was about as cool as the bowl, but he hadn’t the heart to tell him. They were both quite defined in Jaw and chin, although where Lucas’s widened Lilly’s pointed, and whist Lilly had Cat green eyes which she got from her mother, Lucas inherited his fathers sapphire blue ones. Lucas pointed to the box, and let out an angry growl.
“…You’re kidding me.” Lilly moaned, rolling her head back in annoyance. “It was in there the whole time? I could have had first go!” The hair on the back of Lucas‘s neck. The idea of his sister starting this game before him…He quickly shook his head to get rid of that horrible thought. She was the artist. She drew art based on things she liked from the game when he played them, along with shipping art for the characters. He was the gamer, progressing in the game to provide further inspiration for her art. Upsetting this agreement would go against the rules of the universe, or at least Lucas’s. He motioned upstairs with his head, and his sister eagerly bounded to his room. He couldn’t wait to just open the box and get the Living Fantasy goodness that sat inside with only a few mere pieces of flimsy cardboard between them….But, as much as it shocked even himself to think, gaming could wait. First, he needed to gather up his crew, who like him had been waiting all day to play this wonderful spectacle. Living the fantasy, baby.

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