Things change

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Abbey hates to admit it. She hated it more than anything. that she was scared. The truth was, yes.. she was really, really scared. But she never wanted to admit it for anyone. Not even for herself. But for what? For what was she so scared of? well, basically everything.

After Abbey going through a rough time when she was younger, she finally thought that it will get better now when she lived with her grandpa in L.A. But did it get better?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Things change

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013




Before you guys start to read my new novel, i want you to read this first.
So basically, this is my first novel in english. So i'm really sorry if spelled something wrong or if my grammar is bad. I'm swedish and never wrote a novel in english before. When you read this, there will be a sequel, which was before the things that happens in chapter one starts. If you have any questions, tweet me at @avonssecret. 
- alma

His eyes was dark. I could feel him breathing heavily, he was mad. Again. But this time he was really, really mad. And was I scared? Yes. Really scared. He scared the shit out of me. I hated to admit it, but i really was scared. He keept getting closer to me. "Fucking say it louder" i started to shake even more. "say it louder fucking bitch, i can't hear you." i could feel the smell of beer. "i...i...i..." i couldn't talk. Instead of doing what he told me to do, i cried. But as soon as he saw me crying, he got even more mad. "ha ha ha" he laughed sarcastically. "aww, so now you are crying?" he was rolling his fingers through my brown hair, giving me a sarcastic smile. I looked away, i didn't want to look into his eyes. His eyes scared me. 

Chapter one - Don't leave me alone 
My heart was pounding faster and faster for every second i saw him there, lying in that bed with a worried face. He was in pain, and I hated seeing him in pain. Seeing the person who i loved the most, the person who is the only one who cares about me, lying in that bed with pain, made me in pain too. I wad running with the doctors by his side of the bed, looking at him and could feel the tears rolling down at my cheeks. After all these years, when i finally thought It was going to get better, i was wrong. Because here i was, trying my best not to cry. I was scared, again. But this was a  different thing. Slowly, i whispered to him. "Don't leave me alone, grandpa. Please." And with that, the doctors took me away to an another room. 
With anger, sadness I started to punch the doors, the walls. Everything in this stupid room. I couldn't control my anger. And this, this was also sadness. I was scared, again. The tears didn't stop rolling down at my cheeks. I stopped punching the door. That's when i realised what was really going on. I was crying. For the first time ever since i was 14. Which was 3 years ago. This proved how really scared i was. I was terrified. Terrified of being alone, again. My grandpa was the only one i could be myself with. The only one i could feel the love from, the only one who cared about me. He was my hero. After going trough a rough time, he was the one who helped me. 3 years ago i was living a hell life. I hated everything, and if my grandpa left me, all alone here in this shitty world, i wouldn't be able to live anymore. Without him, i was nothing. 
Again, i started to punch the door. "fucking assholes" i screamed. "let me go out of this stincky room!" i punched the door even harder this time. "take me to my grandpa!" I took a step back when i heard someone trying to open the door. It was a women. She looked like a fucking model. She had green eyes, long legs. Her lips had a perfect form. She had black high heels, skinny jeans and a white top. "What?!" i said. "take me to my grandpa" I said while trying to get out of the room. But the security behind her didn't let me go. "Abbey, I want you to calm down and sit down at that chair." I laughed sarcastically. "are you fucking serious? You can't fucking tell me what to do, i don't even know you." i said while trying to take the securitys away from me. "If you calm down i can explain to you who i am." she answered me and tried to sound nice. I shaked my head. "I don't want to hear you explain about who the fuck you are. Let me go to my grandpa, now!" she shook her head. "That's why i'm here to talk with you, about your grandpa."


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