Blind with hurt

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - What the f

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?chapter 4?

"omg i cant beleive this!" Said Whittli as she rushed out.

  "What you cant handle how my life has been since i was born." I said stubborly

  "No its not that well you have been abused all your life and i dont know if i feel comtiforble with that." She looked at the ground and i could tell the fear in her eyes.

  "Whittli see why i never told you i never wanted to lose you your the only good thing in my life well and dork wad over there." I said looking at kaylen.

Kaylen had more tears in his eyes then me or Whittli. We started laughing and knew this was the start of a good friendship. I smiled and hugged my friends.


The puff of smoke flew up into my noise as my dad forced me to breathe it in. The Jack burned down my throat as my dad forced me to drink it. He was a fag and a perv he should have gone to jail when i turned 5. Now im 15 dealt with 10 years of this and not anymore. My hands tied behind my back as he pulled my pants off. He was trying to do it with me.

The cops kicked it in and ran to me. They cuffed his hands and pulled him to the floor. They untied my hands and i pulled my delapidated clothes back on.

"Mam do you know this man." They asked me

"Yes he is my father!" I didnt want to admit it.

"WHAT YOU FATHER WAS RAPING YOU?" He screamed at  me out of shock.

"Yes for 10 years now ever since my mother died!"

The cop pulled a blanket around me and we left for the station. He drove quickly but safe. We got there a one in the morn. I yawned and he forced me onto a chair. I watched all the people rushing and running with papers flying out of there hands. No way this could be at one in the morning.

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