Those Three Words

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Kale is one of the outgoing and stubborn guys. While Alexander is actually more of a guy with a soft hard and sweet words, though rude thoughts. Polar opposites, right? Kale feels pity for Alexander, the little homosexual boy who tries to stay calm though he wants to break down. But, pity can easily turn into more... Maybe it wasn't ever pity. Alexander doesn't feel a thing for Kale; he assumes at least. "Though the more Kale tries, the way he never gives up..." Are always Alex's words. Can Alexander honestly say no if Kale asks him for those three words?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Those Three Words

Submitted: July 14, 2014

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Submitted: July 14, 2014






"Oh my dear, if you want to see the stars with me, do it. If you don't just tell me, alright?" I sighed, as usual my alarm sung a soft tune of my favorite song. I peeked my eyes open at the brightly shining sunlight, as usual it was blaring into my rather dull room. I sat up, my messy red hair dangled in front of my face. I combed it to the side with my long skinny fingers, looking around my empty room. There where plenty of band posters of the walls, a shaggy rug in the middle of the decent sized room. There was a bookcase next to my window, with a chair next to it. But my favorite part was the soft smell of sugar cookies, not the over powering sweet smell. But a soft one. I stood up, walking across the cold hardwood floor, sighing thankfully when I got to the rug. I stretched out my limbs, opening the closet door I then pulled out a Hinder band shirt, and some black skinny jeans. Though it took me a moment to pick between my checkered Vans or plain black Converse, I ended up with the Vans. 

Once I finished with my usual thing, I rubbed my eyes and put my glasses on. I took my ipod from my bedside table, and pulled it free from the charger. I plugged my earbuds in with a snap, and pushed it into my back pocket. Happy with the first song that played, I closed my eyes and softly hummed with Better Than Me by Hinder. His voice was always so... Calming. I opened my eyes again and looked at the time, it was six forty-five. So I had about an hour and a half just to relax before going to high school. It had been summer break, so I was going to be heading back to the old school I had grown to hate last year. Being seventeen, this would be my second year. So,  I had a few friends. What? Everyone at least has one friend, even if they only lasted like two seconds. Though I wasn't looking forward to returning to the school I came out at, but at least people know. So, maybe it wont be so bad. Everyone claimed me to be homosexual, but their wrong. I like boys and girls, but this generation does read between the lines or color outside of them. They're too focused on twerking for their crushes that don't even know they're alive.

But hey, I'd do it too if I had a nice butt. Kidding, kidding. I let out another yawn as I walked out of my room, with a creak from the door as I closed it. I leaned back against the door and took a deep breath, closing my eyes. "It'll be okay Alie!" I heard my sweet little cousin Anna say softly to me. Her short little frame, blonde hair, and green eyes. She was like a living doll, so cute, so perfect. I'm glad she'll have at least an easier time fitting in with the popular crew. "Well Anna, now that you've said that, I think I'm all better!" I said happily, smiling at her. Anna giggled at my words, hugging my leg. Anna and I both had the bright green eyes from our grandmother. Though they suited Anna much better then myself, she had the perfect skin color for them. A very soft tan, with an ivory shading. 

"Anna, I've gotta go now." "Mkay, bye bye Alie!" Anna cooed. She can't say my name yet, so she always calls me Alie. Though I feel like at her age of six, she could now. But we've both just gotten used to it, so why change it now? I walked into the Victorian style living room, waving good bye to my brown haired blue eyed mother. I walked out of the house and closed the door behind myself, taking a deep breath. "First day, is the worst day. If I live past today, I'm good." I muttered to myself, walking down the empty roads. It was a cloudy day, with the smell of rain nearing; so most people either rode the buss, drove themselves, or got someone to drive them to school. I was that one kid who just wanted to walk, I dislike cars and such. I feel like I can't get out of them, if anything bad happened. But that's not a bad thing... Is it?

I ignored my thoughts, and simply continued to walk. Once I got to the heavy metal doors, I knew there was no turning back. I wasn't late, but everyone hurried inside with the light sprinkling clouds. I opened the doors, and walked inside. The fuss of all the people talking at once was utter chaos, but the sound of one voice was welcoming. "Alex!" I heard Hanna squeal as she ran over to me and hugged me tightly. Hanna had been my best friend for the past three years, she's a very hyper and happy girl. "Yo, Alexander!" I heard the 'cool' Dylan say as he walked over and hugged both Hanna and I. Dylan, Hanna, and I have been the best three of friends possible. We've kept it a vow there was no dating within the family allowed, as I call them family at least. That way, we'd all stay close friends til the end. 

But I still wasn't sure, 
am I honestly read to face the guy who has always pitied me?
Can I honestly face Kale without feeling like a puppy who's lost it's home?
A/N: Please note that non of these people used for my characters are actually the chacters. If any problems are seen with the PROVEN people in the photos, I will remove them.

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