Those Three Words

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: July 14, 2014

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Submitted: July 14, 2014





Dylan, Hanna, Kale, and I all walked up to the get our tickets. Just so it was believable Dylan grabbed my hand tightly, and laced our fingers. The girl who gave out the tickets cooed. "Oh my god, they're so cute together!" She smiled wide. I noticed Kale tense, but I didn't think much of it... To be honest, I didn't care at the moment. "Come on Alex." Dylan said softly, walking with me into the theater he let my hand go softly. I followed them all threw the glass doors. The large building smelt of butter, the carpet had a confetti designee on it, the walls where an icky green color, with the concession stand in the middle of the two hallways of rooms for the movies, and to top it off there where games that coast a dollar each and a large flat screen TV showing ads for all the shows that would soon be joining the theater's options. 

I was quite excited, seeing all this. My heart seemed to pound in my chest as I gripped tightly on Dylan's wrist. "Nervous?" He asked, looking back at me. "Not at all, I'm rather excited." I whispered, walking very close to him in the large crowd. We had chosen a scary movie, Hanna's choice. She loved them, they where like a drug for her. I personally don't care for them, but they always have nice plots to them; I'm just kinda a woos so I get scared easily. I followed the three other's down a dark hall, where we walked threw the doors with "6" on them. I looked around, there had to have been over fifty empty seats. Maybe two people where in there? It was perfect though, we had dibs on any seats we wanted. So we ended up going to the two side by side seats rolls since they where close to the speakers. 

"Dylan, sit next to me please?" Hanna cooed, Dylan agreed and sat next to her. I instantly knew what was happening. They hoped Kale and I would become friends, so I wouldn't be snapping at him like I had earlier that day. I growled under my breath and sat down next to the wall, and Kale sat next to me; with Hanna and Dylan above us about two rows. The two where close enough to see what we where doing, but far enough that they wouldn't get caught talking about how they think it was going. I have to admit, they got me. "So you know the plan, don't you?" Kale asked, looking at me. "Yeah, they want me to like your douche ass so I wont snap at you. I'm fine with you dating Hanna, but that doesn't mean I have to like you." I hissed. 

"That- Well, I see where you're coming from... But I'm not pitying you, Alexander. I'm just telling you the truth, I'm not the type to judge the LGBT people. I have no right to." "And why is it you say that?" "Because, Alex. I'm actually pansexual." "Y-you're into boys?" "Anyone I like, honestly. I don't judge a girl by if she has tits and a vag, I don't judge boys if they have a member. Easy as that." I nodded at his words, looking down at my hands. "Why don't you come out then?" "Don't need to." "Oh, I get it. You're such a liar. Jeez, why did I even believe you!?" I whisper yelled at him as the lights dimmed. "I'm not lying, Alexander. I'm a proud Pansexual, and I'm just trying to support you. I know you get a lot of shit thrown your way because of it and it's unfair." He said, staying calm. "Just shut up, don't even speak a word until at least thirty minuets of the movie is over." I grumbled. Kale sighed, and looked forward.

The first ten minuets of the movie where rather peaceful, but my eyes grew wide at the sudden flashing lights as they entered a rave type scene. The different colors blared across the screen, My heart rate instantly sped up. I need to look away, I need to look away... I thought, feel my head getting light. I felt blood running down from my nose, and soon felt a hand covering my eyes as the darkness covered the lights. I relaxed, closing my eyes. I allowed the hand to stay until the end of the scene, as my heart beat calmed and slowed down. "Alexander, are you okay now?" "F-fine... Thanks." I mumbled, realizing it was Kale's hand. He pulled his hand away from me, and looked at my nose. 

"It's dripped all over your white shirt, damn." Kale bit his lip. "Come on, let's get you to the bathroom so I can clean that up." I seen him stand up and tell Dylan and Hanna he'd be right back. I followed him when he grabbed my wrist and walked with me out of the dark room and into the bright large part of the building. We walked into the guy's bathroom, and I was lead into one of the stalls. Kale closed the door and locked it, then puled a bunch of tissues out of his pocket. "These'll be softer then the stuff here. I keep them in my pocket because of-" "Hana's allergies?" "Yeah, bingo." Kale smiled at me, he pressed his fingers on my chin and lifted my head as he pressed on of them against my nose. Why he tried to clean the blood stream down my lips and jaw off, we had already given up on my shirt. 

I held the tissue against my nose and looked at Kale. "Thanks... But I still don't like you, I know what you where doing!" "What was I doing, Alex?" He sighed, leaning back against the wall of the large stall. "Y-you where clearly just trying to make yourself look good for Hanna, by helping me out since I'm her friend." I snapped. He just rolled his eyes and walked out of the stall, and out of the bathroom. I grunted, walking outside I instead waited there for him. 

Once they finally got their asses back out as the movie ended I sighed softly. "What took you all so long?" "We watched the movie! I thought you'd come back, but you never did!" Hanna whined, an unhappy look on her face. "Oh calm down, Hanna. It was just a movie." "But it was our double daaaate! But nothing more then you and Dylan pretending." She said sternly. "I know. It's nothing more, we all made that promise and I personally don't intend to break it." I said. Dylan sadly nodded. I knew he'd get over me soon, he's the popular guy who fits in with the click. The 'swag' guy, the one that ladies throw themselves at. No not the jocks, the ones who rule over the jocks. The popular guys with all the looks, popularity, smarts, and money. Like a 'nerd', 'hipster',  and jock all made into one cool dude classified as the 'swag' type. So I wasn't worried about him bouncing back, even though he and I both aren't looking for any relationships.

Dear Diary, 

"Dylan, he cool down?" I asked, a soft frown covering my face. "Yeah, he's chill now. We've gotta get him to calm down around Kale." "Yeah, I feel bad for causing a scene." Kale said. Sighing as he rested his chin on his hand, which was supported with his elbow being on the table. I grinned as the perfect idea came to mind. "Isn't it clear what to do? There's a horror movie coming up, with a rave scene! There's couple seats in the theater, since they have date discounts. We'll make him think he's going to sit next to Dylan, but I'll ask you to sit with me instead!" "But Hanna, the rave scene can really hurt him." "Well, only if he sees it for too long, Kale you've gotta cover his eyes within five seconds, got it? He's not too bad with it, but if it goes on too long he might seizure. So cover his eyes or I'll kill you!" "Got it, got it. So continue your plans?" "Well, after you cover his eyes I want you to take him outside or somewhere you can talk with the least amount of people... Then, hopefully he'll see how nice you are and stop being mean!"

"But what about the issue with Alexander thinking I'm pitying him for being gay?" "Just say you're pansexual, it's a sexuality that means you only love for personality. It's kinda true, though you're not into boys." "Yeah, but lying to him will just make it worse, wont it?" "Well that's what ever, he wont know it's a lie!" "I guess..." "Hanna, really we shouldn't lie to him." Dylan looked at me with worry in his eyes. "Calm down, I know you like him a lot, but remember your promise Dylan. No, and I mean NO dating within our group. Or else... You'll just break us all apart. I don't want to be torn on which side if you two don't work out. I don't want either of you to hate each other or me!" I snapped. It seemed I always had to remind Dylan... He was always so hopeful for something to happen with the two of them. But sadly, I can't let that happen. 

I wont allow Dylan to ruin our friendship! And yeah, I also know that Kale is only using me like some toy to get to Alexander... But I agreed to it, in the first place. Kale and I have actually been friends a lot longer then Alexander and I have, though Alex doesn't know that. Kale told me at the end of last year that he really, really liked how Alexander was always so nice to people, and he liked his personality though they hadn't talked much. I was okay with what it was he was falling for, I mean come on! Alexander is a little cutie pie! I'm not hurt by Kale's choices, hell I don't even love him. I just cried when he so called 'cheated' on me because I felt he was more so cheating on Alexander, but that did play perfectly in my favor!

So sure... It's mean that I haven't told Alexander, or Dylan about it. But I can't, if I tell Dylan he'll tell Alexander. And if he tells Alexander, Alexander will hate me. So I gotta look like the girl who got her heart broken by her boyfriend going to her best friend, but end up getting over it fast. Seem's like an okay idea... But I know Kale wont even be friends with Alexander until summer, might I mind you this is the first day. How do I know this? Because Alexander is a stubborn boy, and holds one hell of a grudge. So no, I doubt they'll be together any time soon. But, the sooner we start getting them to that point, the sooner they start to fall in love! 

Alexander might never fall for Kale... To be honest, even I don't know if he will. But I really hope he does, they'd be so cute together. I mean seriously. Kale is the bad ass guy who's quite caring but very owning, Alexander is the boy who's stubborn and a little flirty, though actually he's very innocent. They'd just have the perfect mix, like it where right out of a storybook! I love it, I honestly do. Jeez, I can't wait! They might start dating the beginning of next school year, or in the middle of summer... But no time soon, not in a week, not in a month, not in six months. Because Kale's gotta earn Alexander's trust before he can get any booty.

I'm so sorry, that was immature of me to say. No it wasn't! HAHAHA! 

-Love Hanna.

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