Chapter 1: The True Prince

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 300

The day before " that day " there was a meeting where the king will pick the new king out of all of us princes.

" Ahh.. Welcome my dear princes " said the old king.

" It's good to meet you again my lord " said all the prince

" So as you guys know today I will pick the next king " said the old king.

" and who would that be " asked all the prince.

" I came up with a final decision last night. The next king of Narmai will be Hawls the first prince " the old king annouced.

" Congratulation big brother " said all the prince with a disgust tone of voice. Ofcourse non of them likes me.

" Thank you thank you " I replied nervously.

" So you all can go back to your room now " the king said and walked away.

So we all went back to our room and about 30 minutes later. It is when 2 of my brother come.

" I came here give you a congratulation presents " both of my brother said.

" Thank you very much " I replied. I wasn't expecting anything good from them. and probably never will again because as soon as I open the gift. A funny smell gases came out of it.

" Im sorry my dear brother but WE can't let you be the next king " both of my brother said and walk out.

Unfortunately, The gases that came out is a paralyze gases use for assassinating. THIS BROTHER OF MINE... AS SOON AS I GET UNPARALYZE I'LL .. I didn't even get to finish my though when an assassin came in and killed me. But before I died, I saw a clothes that the assasin wore. It's a royal clothes that only my brother have. Just wait m..

" Whew I though I died " I said to myself once I wake up.

" You did mai friend. You are now officially a ghost " said a stranger who came up from behind me.

" h-h-h-h ow did u get in? " I ask him.

" I'm just a wandering spirit and spirit can go through a wall you know " he reply with a smile.

" O.M.G how am I suppose to get my brother back now? " I ask with a little hope for a good answer.

" If you want you can reborn with all your memory at the white holes right there bu " He answer but I cut him off.

" Thank you stranger, I'll repay you one day " I tell him and dash to the white hole above me.

Woosh-Woosh-Woosh. The white holes make a weird sound as I dash into it. It isn't half as bad though, I thought to myself. Okay so I should be reborn in 5 sec if the sign is right. 5-4-3-2-1. and I don't remember much of what happend to me.

" Ahh am I alive now " I moan. How come my voice is high?, I thought to myself.

" Look like I'm pretty short now for a guy " I think out loud to myself. Because of my curiousity, I walk myself to a puddle of water to see my reflection.

" Ahh so wha.... .WHAT THE FUCK " I yell as loud as I could. " HOW DID I TURN INTO A DOG? " I ask myself. That bastard stranger. He must've tricked me.

" I was trying to warn you that you might end up in another body that isn't human " the stranger said " But it's weird though that you still have your amulet with you".

" How come I can see you? " I ask. I want to beat him up but since I'm a dog and he's a ghost. It doesn't work that way.

" Because I'm now your guardian. I have to watch over you so you won't be able to do something stupid " He said. " I got to go now. A human is coming ".

" W-w-w-wait don't jus " I said but got cut off by a guy and a girl right infront of me.

" What a cute doggie. Can we keep him? " a girl ask.

" If he doesn't slow us down then yes " the guy reply.

" I'm not just a dog you know " I yell out as loud as I could. That was the worst thing I think I've ever done in my whole life.

" Ohhhh he's a talking dog. Hi doggie I'm Sarah and that's my brother Taren " Sarah said.

" 1. I'm not just a talking dog, I'm Narmai's first prince Hawls. As you can see I have a prove. Look at my amulet that hang around my neck " I said it out loud as I could. It's not my fault I got turn into a dog and now my voice is horrible.

" Let me check " Taren said and rush over to me, grab my amulet and take a good look at it.

" He's the first prince. that's for sure. but how did you get turn into a dog? " Taren ask.

So I told him what happend and sure enough they didn't even feel bad for me at all.

" So you are here to get a revenge back on your brothers? " both Taren and Sarah ask.

" Pretty much " I reply.

" Not alone in a dog form right? " said Sarah who want to keep me so much.

" That is why I need you guys to help me get a revenge back on them " I reply, Hope that they would help me.

" But why should we help you? " Taren ask.

" Because we're friend right? " I reply with my best try of making a cute voice and a puppy face.

" Please " Sarah ask Taren. She totally did fall for my face.

" Okok but if we fail, Don't blame us for that ok? " said Taren who didn't want his sister to be disappoint in him.

" Then let's go " I said. And that's how it all begin.


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Submitted: April 10, 2012

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