Chapter 2: Outsider

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 215

After I, the first prince of Narmai who is now a dog met a brother and sister on an adventure. I decide to go with them so I could get a revenge back on my brothers who killed me.

" Can one of you guys carry me " I ask with a puppy face.

" I will when you grow a pair of wings " Taren reply. Taren is Sarah's brother. One of the two people who found me after I reborn as a dog,

" I would but I'm too tired right now " Sarah said.

" You guys don't know how much it hurt when you walk barefoot on a rocky trail do you? " I ask them grumpily. My paws hurt like hell. These rocks are pretty sharp.

" Not like I care " reply Taren. Fuck you, I though to myself.

" Then go burn in hell for all I care " I said and then bite Taren in the leg. I think I got him pretty good.

" YOU BASTARD " Taren yell and kick me in the stomach.

" AKJSDHASD " I yell back and start fighting.

" Stop it you guys. Don't you a movement coming this way? " said Sarah who look pretty worried.

" I'll try to listen to the sound. I might be able to tell what's coming this way from that " I said and start listening carefully.

Gub-gub-gub. The fuck?, I ask myself. Not a human footstep is for sure. Don't think it's a litter either. But I remember thi...

" DUCK DOWN GUYS AND HIDE " I yell as fast as I could to Taren and Sarah. " It's the horserider hunter. They hunt down the criminal on horse and they're pretty darn good at tracking someone location " I half yell half whisper to them.

And the horserider finally got to our hiding spot. We overheard them talking about something. Sure enough, It's not something good.

" So what should we do with this girl? " ask horserider A

" She looks pretty cute you know " said horserider B

" Don't touch me " screamed the girl.

" NO ONE can help you out here you know " both horserider said.

I give Taren and Sarah a go-help-her signal.

" You sure? " Taren said from behind the horserider back.

" Where di. " both horserider said but got knock out by Sarah before they get to finish to sentence.

" Thank you for helping me out. My name is Raelin and I'm a huntress. I got caught while I was hunting for a rabbit for my family " said Raelin who is being untie by Taren.

" No problem " I reply.

" H-h-h-how can this dog talk? " Raelin stuttered.

So we tell her the whole story of what happend to me and stuff.

" So what are you going to do now " Taren ask Raelin.

" I don't know. I can't go back to my villages now that I'm on a wanted list. " Raelin reply sullenly.

" You can come with us if you want " I offer.

" I CAN? " Raelin ask happily.

" Yeah, You should be alot less trouble than a dog so I'm good " Taren reply.

" Then let's go. To Narmai city " Sarah said.

Submitted: April 12, 2012

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