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Violet White is perseved as a shy and silent type to people around her but inside is a witty sarcastic teenager. Someone just has to go in and pull her out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rochambeau

Submitted: April 30, 2008

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Submitted: April 30, 2008



I shoved the window in my room with a slam and pulled the ugly pink curtains closed as the temperature outside crept down. Slowly and without noise, I glided toward my bed to sit and think. I didn’t want to disturb anyone else in my new home so I flicked off the lamp that just sat there, taunting me, as if it just said I can easily be turned on and off and yet you can’t.I had a slight problem with sleeping; my thoughts will just not cease leaving me with only about four hours of sleep in a day, and not always in a row.I looked around and inspected my new abode, in such a dim lighting it didn’t look so bad but I knew it was just a trick.In regular sunlight it was so dank and dull, I must admit it was quaint but it still had a feel of an omniscient presence.It is small, just big enough for the bed, night stand, and closet, but it was warm somehow.The wall was painted a hideous peach color and the carpet a matching shade of tan.The only window in the room was beside the bed facing a lonely pasture.
“Why did I have to come to this solitary confinement, where the people hear all?” I ranted to myself.
I just laid in bed unraveling my thoughts one by one while picking out shapes from the ceiling pattern.I began to settle in earlier this afternoon unpacking all I possessed and placing everything where I thought the previous owner’s might have wanted them put.I got up from the bed and headed over toward the small closet. It opened with a slight screech and it didn’t go much far but I was able to take out my sweats so that at least I would be able to sleep comfortably.As I shuffled back to the bed I noticed a date and a single word inscribed on the floor near the window. 1918 Running.I paid almost no attention to it so I swung my whole body so I would face away from it.After a while of inspecting my new domain I noticed the uniqueness of it.It was so carefully built and well preserved.
“Wow you must be really old.”I spoke admirably at the home while I looked up and down at the room.
“I guess you’re not that ugly.”
“As a matter fact I think with a little paint you could beautiful.”
“I think I’m going to leave it up to myself to fix you up and make you look as the builders saw you, a work of art.”
I did little circuits around the small space of the room almost falling over my own two feet.
“I must be mental just talking to inanimate objects, no matter how grand I think of them, ah well, no one is around to hear my madness and besides I really in need of someone totalk to even if that someone is a something.”
“I would even be perfectly content in talking to myself but I don’t because I know that Iwould soon begin to argue with, well, myself.” I giggled lightly at my small joke but I grew even sadder with it being said because I had just grown even lonelier.
The hours went by as I thought of the things the house might say if it were able to speak back to me. I picked up the small little alarm clock I had placed next to the lamp, it read 3:52. I settled in bed and listened to the light snores hovering from my older sister’s room. The noise lead me to soft dream state.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
“Sunday cartoons!” squealed my younger brother from below.
He was loud enough to scare me straight out of slumber.I picked up the clock once again to see that it was seven in the morning.Then I noticed my surroundings and let out a loud groan as I remembered where I was.Yesterday morning my sister loaded my brother and I into the rusty sedan with old rotten boxes filled with all that we owned.We had to drive for nine long, miserable silent hours until we reached out destination, a shabby two story house in a small town by the name of Stones Fall.The house was a muddy red color and it looked run down, but at one time it must have looked great, that time is long gone.As quickly as I begun to remember the night before, I began to think of the day to come.Tomorrow I will have to face a new school, with new surroundings, and new people. I’m a sixteen year old junior and I will be entering the dreadful school during the late third quarter.It’s hard enough to make friends by self but now it will be even more of a challenge.My stomach began to growl so I lazily threw my feet over the side of my bed.Even though my bedroom was at one side of the hall and the stairs were at the other, the distance was very short and it consisted of two other bedrooms and a bathroom.I went down the stairs and plopped myself in one of the broken seats in the kitchen.My sister was already in the chair opposite me nibbling on a piece of toast.My family is very small and it only consists of Laura, my sister, Anton, my brother, and me, Violet.Laura is twenty-nine year old certified nurse, and has taken care of us since she was eighteen. Our parents Jean and Julius White died together in a plane crash ten years ago.Laura has a beautiful thin figure that makes me wonder if we came from the same parents.The only thing we have in common is our light tan skin color and wavy ink black hair.Laura picked up a piece of toast and threw it toward my direction. When it landed on the kitchen table a few inches from my hand I gently picked it up and started to inspect it as if it contained poison.
“Toast?” she said between bites.
“Depends . . . your got peanut butter?” was all I felt like saying back.
“In the cupboard.” she replied.
We hardly said a thing until Anton appeared at the kitchen making popping noises with his mouth.He is eleven and has our color skin but his hair was a pretty shade of brown. He was very tall for his age but as immature as ever.He stood there starring at me in his pajamas. I felt like yelling get away from me you little thing, but I decided it was a bit too harsh so I just kept my mouth shut.
“What’s up Violent White Noise,” he said in a mocking tone.
“Eh.” I wasn’t going to spare any words on him.
“Is that all you’re going to give me?” the tone was still as rude as ever.
“Chaaa . . .”
We went back and forth like that for a solid five minutes until I got bored with his little games.I fumbled out of my seat to go back upstairs.I headed for the only bathroom in the entire house which I soon discovered was a very bad thing to share with a younger sibling.Dirty socks with holes in the heel were already there hanging from the facet.Once I flicked them to the floor, I peered at myself thru the small mirror.Looking back was someone who I didn’t recognize; she had her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail and light honey eyes, they would very beautiful if it weren’t for the dark purple circles under them.I had never put on makeup to hide behind and I don’t plan to anywhere in the near future so hiding the shadows of my eyes was nearly impossible.
“You get paler and paler everyday” I mumbled as the reflection mimicked.
“Where is the fierce independent teen that is supposed to burst out like they do on TV?”
“Who are you?” I slowly said.
Instead of thinking of an answer to that I ducked my head, turned on the facet, and splashed water in my face.I grabbed the band in my hair and pulled it out while shuffled through the strange drawers under the sink until I found a comb.A couple of yanks through my hair made the wild mess it had been into a neat pile of what I like to call fluff.I got out of that small stuffy bathroom and into the hall and went towards my room when I realized how fast we had unpacked everything. Do we really have so little possessions? Once in my room I threw on a blank light green tee, dark jeans, and a white jacket.The plan for today is to wander aimlessly through town until I find a peaceful location to unravel my mind and maybe by then I would be tired enough to sleep. I ran down the stairs and straight into Laura.
“Whoa! Where do you think you’re going munchkin?” she found a way yell at my ear while staring blankly at my face.
“Don’t call me that.” I stated.
When I was younger my parents had called me by that name and I didn’t need any more gloomy reminders of that time.There was a short uncomfortable pause but I soon filled it with a question that I was sure she was to refuse.
“Can I borrow the car?” I muttered as fast as possible.
“The keys are on the table” she said slowly as she gave me an odd look.
There was probably some sort of desolation in my expression because she normally never lets me borrow the car “You wreck it even more than it all ready is.” She’d always tell me.I went on my way to the kitchen and picked up the keys and shoved an orange into my jacket’s pocket.I went outside and patted my pockets.Good. I have some money just in case.While on the road I noticed there where hardly any cars on the road.I guess this town wakes up pretty late.I looked over to the dashboard, 10:34.I lifted my hand off the steering wheel to rotate knobs and push buttons.I turned up the heater and flicked on the radio. I think I’m starting to enjoy the cold.It has a refreshing feel that makes you want to snuggle somewhere in a corner.After around thirty minutes of driving around, I realized I had no idea where I was going.I pulled over to get out and travel by foot.The air had a slight dense feel to it.I zipped up my jacket and began to walk toward a park I had seen when I first entered this miniature town.

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