Interviewing the future LEGENDS OF BOOKSIE

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Interview of dynamic12

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Interview of dynamic12
His work "A dream within a dream" was published in the online magazine Reflextion W & R
His works are
Despair And Hope (Haiku)
Elegant Dance
Don't Keep Me Waiting
*An Angel In My Life
*Will You Be My Valentine?
Unbearable Absence
*A Dream Within A Dream
A Quagmire Called Love
Dimpled Smile
The Real Freedom
The Battle Within Me
Best Of Good Luck
Thanks For Sweet Memories
Stirrings of Love
Birthday Wishes
Strangulated Feeling
And many more
To go to his page ,the link is
ME: I wanted to ask you from day one why did you choose dynamic12 asyour pen name??

Dynamic12:I’m not sure about it but I think I can change according to the givensituation and take the decisions in pragmatic manner. I’m not stubbornexcept about the principles. I find hard to go against certain
principles. In other things I’m absolutely dynamic.

Secondly about number 12 with dynamic. I wanted to use number 11 for
some religious purpose but that was already taken. So next was number
12 which was incidentally the number of my previous house and also
available username at Booksie.

ME: How did you come to know about Booksie???

Dynamic12:I joined Booksie in 2008. It has been a long time. The only reasonI could remember is that I wanted someone to read and review my poemso that I get to know whether my poems are worthy of being read orjust a trash. Then I googled and found Booksie which proved to be a
perfect place for my need.

ME: How did you feel when your poem"A Dream within a Dream" was
published in an online magazine Reflection W & R????

Dynamic12:In fact my poem “A Dream within a Dream” is a second poem which gotpublished in Reflection W & R magazine. The first one which gotpublished in January issue was “To Remember You Is My Destiny”.

As for my feeling about “A Dream Within A Dream”, I was actuallysurprised to see this one being published. I submitted two poems one
was this and the other was “The Real Freedom”. I expected “The RealFreedom” be published because it was based on social issues. The one
which got published was romantic and truly heartfelt. So I thoughtheart won over brain at last. It’s all because of encouragement of my
mentor “Ashi17”. She also deserves a lot of credit for my success.

ME: What is your idea of a mid night crazy snack??

Dynamic12:If the snack is something spicy then I would happily accept that anytime.

ME: Who according to you is the sweetest actress in showbiz???

Now this one is real toughie. You asked me about “the sweetest” andnot favourite so I’d give answer sticking to your question. I find
Cameron Diaz the sweetest actress in the whole world. She has got thesweetest looks and adorable smile with mesmerizing blue eyes.

ME: If you were given a chance to travel the world in 30 days where
would you go???

Dynamic12:30 days would to a too little time to travel around the whole world.
I’d not be able to visit and enjoy the beautiful places. But I wouldtravel in a jiffy at the following places:

Firstly I would go to Masai Mara, Kenya to see the wildlife there.It’s really fabulous. So far I’ve watched it on Discovery Channel. So
it would be a dream come true for me.

Then I would visit the whole of Africa, Brazil, the Apulco city in Mexico, Australia for its wildlife and country life avoiding all the
major cities, Russia and when returning back to India I would visit Agra for Taj Mahal.

ME: If television was not named as television, what would you have named it???

Dynamic12:Hmmm…..I’ll have to think….”Magicbox” would have been appropriate at
the time of its invention.

ME: If someone wakes you up from deep sleep, what would you do???

Dynamic12:Hahaha….that happened just last night when my dad woke me up and my reaction was: I asked him, “What happened?” When he persisted, I said,
“why me..?” Then I got up and saw that my brother was not feeling well.

ME: If you were granted 5 wishes what would they be???

Dynamic12:First, I want the world be corruption free.

Secondly, good health or well-being of my whole family.

Thirdly, I want the discrimination of all types whether based onlanguage, race, religion etc to end from the whole world.

Fourth, War or conflicts should end in such a manner that there ispeace and harmony all around.

Fifth, a good, beautiful, understanding, educated and cultured bridefor my brother.

ME: What is your favourite quote in urdu/hindi???

Dynamic12:Well…even if I try hard to remember such quote I can get it. But from
Salman Khan movie, I remember one dialogue, “Ghutka khane ka itna hishokh hai to ek dost aur banaa kaandha dene ke kaam aayega.”

(If you have the habit of chewing ghutka ,then you should befriend one more person as he will come in handy to carry you when you are dead)

ME: Which action hero would you like to clone???

Dynamic12:Undoubtedly Salman khan because he is not only an action hero but also a good human being. If I had to choose from Hollywood, then Bruce Willis.

ME: Any words/suggetions for me???

Dynamic12:Just stay as you are. You are not only a good writer but also awonderful person with friendly and kind personality which now-a-daysis rare, so preserve and nourish it. Your writing skills are awesomeand your poems are very beautiful. Keep writing, dear!! Thanks for
considering me worthy of your interview. Good Luck!

Thank you so much "Dynamic12" for sparing someof your valuable time with and sharing your feelings with us today,really do appreciate from my heart for this interview it means the world to me....I hope all yourwishes come true and you head towards a very bright future....Thank you once again...Good luck...

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