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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Interview of Raquelita15

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Interview of Raquelita15
Her work are:
A Coffee House Love
The Marks
Inspiration, anything.
The way you act when nobody else is around.
Come back.......
the end into flames...
Hope for the depressed.
The inner thoughts in my mind
You're the one who has it all.
Burning in the flame.
The old me has fallen asleep.
Poisoned Kiss.
Your name is haunting......
Who Is She??
Without you...I die.
There goes his life...
And many more
To go to her page,this is the link

ME:Why did you chhose your pen name as Raquelita15??

Raquelita: Well, my nickname is Raquelita and I was 15 when I made my booksie account so I thought it was fitting.

ME: What is the most romantic movie that you have seen so far???

Raquelita: Well I honestly have two. The Young Victoria and Pride and Prejudice. I can't decide which is the most romantic.

ME: What is the craziest stuff that you have done when you are alone apart from dancing and singing???

Raquelita: Well, when my family was gone shopping, I dyed my hair royal blue because I was boredand when they came back, they were suprised.

I say that is crazy.

ME: What is your idea of an ideal evening snack???

Raquelita: In the winter it is, Hot chocolate with big marshmellows and a candy bar. In the summer it is Watermelon.

The rest of the time is whatever sounds good to me.

ME: If I rented a horror movie and a romantic movie,which one would you choose???

Raquelita: Most likely Horror. I love the feeling I get from watching those.

ME: What are your favourite phrases in hawaii and chinese???

Raquelita: My favorite Hawaii phrase is Aloha au ia ‘oe, it means I love you. My dad used to say that all the time. Even though I have chinese in me, I don't really understand it, so I don't really know my favorite phrase in that language.

ME: If you turn invisible what would you do???

Raquelita: I would probably carry food and float them around in thin air, and maybe go inside celebritites homes. haha, it sounds fun.

ME: What is the colour that rules your wardrope??

Raquelita: Black and blue over take my wardrope.

ME; Who inspired you to write romantic and horror novels???

Raquelita: Well, ever since I was little I have loved writing romantic poems and then eventually I carried them onto some books and started writing novels, but just recently I have been writing horror novels, after I wrote one just for fun a lot of people liked my work so I continued on from there with the Horror genre.

ME: When you enter the mall what is the first showroom do you enter??

Raquelita: I have to always go to Forever 21, Wetseal, and then I have to make my way to Hot Topic.

ME: If bell had not named telephone as telephone,what would you name it???

Raquelita: Honestly...I have no idea. Maybe "Voice system" or something. But I'm glad I didn't have to be the one to name it first.

Thank you so much " " for sparing some of your valuable time with and sharing your feelings with us today,really do appreciate from my heart for this interview it means the world to me....I hope all your wishes come true and you head towards a very bright future....Thank you once again...Good luck...

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