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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Interview of SGAuthor

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Interview of SGAuthor
Her work
Silvia Grey
A Poem About Success...
to go to her page,this is the link

ME: Why did you choose SGAuthor as your pen name???is it connected to your main character silvia Gray????

SGAuthor: I called myself SGAuthor because of my novel "Silvia Grey". If people liked it I would want them to recognise the Author name by seeing the initals "SG" so they know who I am.

ME: If you were offered to play someones sister in Big bang theory,whose sister would you play????

SGAuthor: I would play Penny's Tomboy sister who would hang around with the four Boys. I chose Penny because you don't really get to know about her family life in the series except her Dad.

ME: Does any of Rihannas songs relate to your life??if any which one???

SGAuthor: Hmmm... A Rihanna song that relates to my life? Disturbia is probably the closest. Mainly because of the lyrics "Am I scaring you tonight?" and "It's a Thief in the night to come and grab you" My friends say that I get scary when I'm angry and I'm a real sneaky person but I wouldn't do anything bad.

ME: I read your profile for a girl so young you are matured in your mind......who inspires you????

SGAuthor: Inspires me? It seems silly but most Video Game characters do. Characters like Rouge the Bat for instance. I am a Tomboy but Rouge is a mature character and she is amongst my role models. My Auntie also teaches me a few things about life and I take to that. I am just me really.

ME: Where do you see yourself after 5 years in life???

SGAuthor: I see myself studying and becoming a Marine Biologist becasue that is my dream job. I love Animals and know a lot about them but Marine Animals are my specialty.

ME: What is your idea of a midnight snack???

My midnight snack would be a packet of Doritos Chilli Heatwave. Yum! Yum! :D

ME: What is the worst punishment your mom has given you so far???
Worst punishment so far by Mum? Don't really know but I recall her trying to take my laptop and X-Box away D:

ME:If you get a chance to invent something what would it be????

SGAuthor: I would defiantely go for a Hoverboard. I've always wanted to have one and design one myself.

ME: If you get shoes with power,what kind of power do you want in your shoes???
I would want shoes to make me be able to teleport from one place to another. That would be so cool!

ME: If one day an animal comes and talks to in human language,what would you do????

SGAuthor: If an Animal talked to me in English I would not panic. I would talk back. It actually might be good company! ^-^

ME: Which water animal do you like the most???

SGAuthor: My favourite water Animal would be a Shark. My favourite Shark is the Thresher. They're so elegant and magnificent fish with beautiful long tails.

Thank you so much " SGAuthor " for sparing some of your valuable time with and sharing your feelings with us today,really do appreciate from my heart for this interview it means the world to me....I hope all your wishes come true and you head towards a very bright future....Thank you once again...Good luck...

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