Interviewing the future LEGENDS OF BOOKSIE

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this a book consisting of a very precious interviews of future Authors and Poets who will be legends and well known to the world...

Chapter18 (v.1) - Interview of Anon Amous:

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 08, 2013



Interview of Anon Amous:
Anon Amous works
Jago: The Millennium Galaxy Race
summary of the novel:
Tags: action, adventure, sci fi, cool weapons, space, epic, race, comedy, romance, dark
Vo: The ultimate power in the galaxy. The wielder possesses the strength to rule the entire galaxy, and shape it to their will. With Vo's current wielder the galaxy has been at peace for a thousand years, and it’s about to end. One can only wield Vo for a millennium before it is split into four smaller stones and sent across space. A grand race is held to determine who will be the next wielder of Vo, and become the new ruler of the galaxy.
The bounty hunting ship Jago and her crew are reluctant to participate in the race, but someone strong and vicious has been eyeing them. It doesn't help that aboard their ship is the most powerful of the fighting species, an Eyes of Blue, and they soon become a target as a lust for more power. There is no better opportunity than to claim the title of the greatest fighter and ruler of the galaxy, than with the Millennium Galaxy Race.
to get to Anon's page,the link is

ME: Why did you choose you pen name as Anon Amous???

Anon Amous: I took it from the wordanonymous. I thought it was witty to make it into a name, but that could be just me lol. I made that up when I was 13 and I decided to keep it because I still like it.

ME: Is you profile picture of the cartoon characters "teletubbie"???

Anon Amous: This question made me chuckle quite a lot. It's actually from an anime called Ano Natsu de Matteru. It's name is Rinon. I downloaded the picture for a friend and decided to use it because I thought it was cute.

ME: What is latest joke that you have thought/heard of today???

Anon Amous: This is a hard question to answer because I just woke up. I usually count anything that makes me laugh as a joke, so I would say the last time I laughed was at question 2. Rinon does resemble ateletubbie.

ME: Ohh now iam a bit embarrassed....hmmm.....What is your latest and craziest imagination???

Anon Amous: I love inventing things and I can fix almost anything. One of the best things I invented would have to be my Pringles quiver (I do archery and not because of Hunger Games). There was a lot of talk about my unique quiver at the tournament I just went to last weekend.

ME: If you were in two places at once, which two places would you like to be in???

Anon Amous: One of me would be in Japan. The other one would switch between Alaska and California about every year or so.

ME: What is your favourite sport and why???

Anon Amous: To play: lacrosse and archery. Because I love the time I spent playing both.

To watch: Any form of martial arts because I love watching cool moves.

ME: What is idea of sack when you are on a break in between your game??

Anon Amous: If I'm playing a sport, Gatorade and oranges.

If I'm playing a video game, ice cream!

ME: Which anime did you watch recently??

Anon Amous: I switch between Gintama and Fairytales. I love funny and action anime.

ME: If I give you aerated drink or a protein shake which one would you choose??

Anon Amous: It would depend on what I'm about to do if I'm buying it. Right now if you handed me a free drink I would choose the protein shake. Chocolate :)

ME: If I granted you one wish, what would it be???

Anon Amous: I'd cure cancer. I do want fame and fortune but it wouldn't feel as good if I didn't achieve it myself.

ME: That is a modest answer we have here, isn’t it readers??........If someone demands you to do something when you are in mood of lazing around, how would you react????

Anon Amous: I'd pretend to be asleep or groan with despair and maybe I'd do it depending on who asks.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” - Bill Gates

Thank you so much " Anon Amous: " for sparing some of your valuable time with and sharing your feelings with us today, really do appreciate from my heart for this interview it means the world to me....I hope all your wishes come true and you head towards a very bright future....Thank you once again...Good luck...

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Interviewing the future LEGENDS OF BOOKSIE

Status: Finished

Genre: Editorial and Opinion



Status: Finished

Genre: Editorial and Opinion



this a book consisting of a very precious interviews of future Authors and Poets who will be legends and well known to the world...
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