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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Interview of Banitt

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



Interview of Banitt
welcome to
His works
The Helldivers
Adils Ketilson #2
Short story
The Man With No Mercy
Adils Ketilson
To go to his page,this is the link

ME: tell us wat do you like the most about Minnesota???

Austin: What i like most about Minnesota would have to be the longsnowmobilingseason, or ice fishing.

ME: tell us something about Jabal sachett???

Austin: Jubal Sackett is a western novel written by Louis L'amour. It is a story about Jubal Sackett and his quest to find new unexplored land in the New World, and along the way he runs into trouble with indians, and wild animals and the spanish. It's a very good book.

ME: what do think of the colour Brown???

Austin: Well, i wear a lot ofcamouflage so i guess i like the color brown! It's not too shabby of a color.

ME: what is you favourite olympic game???

Austin: My favorite olympic game too watch would have to be swimming. My favorite olympic game to play would have to be beach volleyball.

ME: who inspired you to write "helldivers"???

Austin: I guess i inspired myself to write Helldivers; the idea just kind of popped into my head one day while i was shoveling snow.

ME: which do you like more squid or crab???

Austin: I haven't eaten much crab or squid, but i do like crawfish!

ME: if I placed an apple pie and a banana pie,which would you choose???

Austin: I have actually never had, or heard of abanana pie lol so i'm going to have to go with the apple pie.

ME: if I gifted you a star from the sky,what would you want to name it????

Austin: I would have to name a starClydesdalebecause i really want a Clydesdale horse!

ME: who is your favourite action hero???

Austin: Myfavorite action hero is Batman. I wish i had a voice like his!

ME: how do you spend you holidays???

Austin: I usually spend my holidays at my grandparents farm and help them with their cattle and pigs. Then the family comes down to have a big get together.

ME; what is your favourite icon on your computer screen????

Austin: My personal favorite icon on the computer screen isdefinitelyword, because that's the one that i use the most!

Thank you so much " Austin " for sparing some of your valuable time with and sharing your feelings with us today, really do appreciate from my heart for this interview it means the world to me....I hope all your wishes come true and you head towards a very bright future....Thank you once again...Good luck...

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