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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Interview of Lee Hall

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Interview of Lee Hall
his work
Clark Thorn and The Warrior Project
to get to his page the link is

ME: What is the meaning of your name “Lee” iam very curious to know that.

Lee: Well I don’t actually know, first off it is my real name. I have used it on booksie because that’s what I want to be known as professionally and personally. I do remember having a conversation once with my mum about my name. Much like my brother’s name Sean, it’s short and nothing can be added to it or shortened. I do like that it’s shared with the one and only Bruce Lee so that’s pretty cool. According to dictionary it means shelter from the wind. Plus it can be seen on a lot of people’s backsides from their brand of jeans.

ME: Who is the hottest/sexiest actress in Hollywood?

Lee: I’m going to say Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss Everdeen from a well-known film. I did prefer her in x men first class as she was blonde and didn’t wear much most of the time. Even with her skin colour being blue wasn’t a problem for me. Reason being because she seems quite natural in her looks and figure which is what I like.

ME: What are the three things you can’t leave without home when you go out?

Lee: Definitely my phone is one thing I am attached to. I can keep up with Facebook which I am constantly on (like my author page found on my booksie profile) which is the main thing I use it for. I text message my girlfriend a lot with it too.

Secondly my wallet, this is the source for my money which I need for buying stuff and food, simple really but essential.

Lastly, recently with writing my novel and spending more time looking at a computer screen my eyesight has got worse. So I near enough constantly wear my glasses. Life in High definition for me.

ME: What is that one food dish you can travel anywhere just to grab a bite of it?

Lee: I’m a big fan of food and many types but it would have to be KFC. The colonel is a genius with his finger licking good chicken. Nothing beats a boneless banquet or a 14 piece bucket with a side of gravy. I spent two weeks in France last year in the summer, the first thing I did an hour after getting back to the UK was go to KFC. True story.

ME: If you get one million pounds what would you do with it?

Lee: I would invest it heavily in tuition for acting. It has been my ambition since childhood to be an actor. Either on stage or screen I would go to a good drama academy and learn how to act. Although writing is my first passion I would much prefer to get my book published by someone who would pay to advertise and market it properly so it sells.

I would also pay for all my friends and family to go on an epic holiday to either Las Vegas or New York City. Or even both. See you there!!!

Then with the rest of the money I would buy a castle quite simply. And there would be a bat cave like place.

ME: If you turn invisible what will you do?

Lee: Get up to a lot of mischief, nothing that bad but I would do things that you couldn’t normally do. I would probably go to a theatre and see a show; I would have the best seat in the house by sitting on stage as no one could see me. I would also drive my car around town just to see people’s reaction to a ghost car.

ME:Which automobile would you possesses/own in your future?

Lee: I would much like a convertible sports car. Something like a Mazda MX5. Red in colour and it would run on ‘thermotricity’ a renewable source of energy found in my sci fi novel. So it wouldn’t damage the environment.

ME:If you were granted three wishes what will they be?

Lee: First wish would be to have my book published and made into a film.

Secondly would be to see the soccer team that I follow QPR become champions of the premier league. That would be a dream for me as I have been watching and following them all my life. I would probably cry if this actually happened.

Third one I wouldn’t need, everything else in my life is good and I would ask whoever granted me that wish to use it responsibly and give it to someone truly in need of a wish

ME: What do you value the most in your life that you can’t think of living without it?

Lee: That would be my friends. Without doubt they have given me the confidence to be who I want to be. Without them I would have no self-esteem, anywhere to go and no one to use my stupid jokes on. They have given me the support to carry on and finish my novel which I am so proud of and do not stop talking about. I want them to know that they will all be getting signed first editions if my book ever makes it big time. That also includes you Thumblina

ME: Which is your favourite ice cream?

Lee: Mint choc chip without doubt, this includes sprinkles and warm fudge sauce on a nice sunny day at the beach. Don’t forget the cup of tea with it.

ME:Any words/suggestions to Thumblina?

Lee: Keep going with what you are doing, your poetry is fantastic and so is your support to all of your booksie friends. You give a real community feel to this site which is what it should have. It doesn’t matter if we are only talking over the web the respect and friendship should still be the same. This was an awesome idea to interview fellow aspiring authors.

I would just like to add and invite all who read this to have a look at my novel. Clark Thorn and The Warrior Project is my life’s work. The characters have been living in my imagination since I was 12 years old. It does sound fantasy and might not be to your liking but give it a chance, it isn’t what it sounds like. Never judge a book by its name or cover, there’s romance/action/crime/robots and a bit of darkness. A character for everyone awaits.

If you’re on Facebook so am I look me up and tell me what you think of my book. Like my author page.

Thanks to everyone who has read my stuff, if your American, Indian or even living in New Zealand Thanks.

Keep up the good work Thumblina and thank you for reading and commenting on my novel.

Thank you so much "Lee Hall " for sparing someof your valuable time with and sharing your feelings with us today,really do appreciate from my heart for this interview it means the world to me....I hope all your wishes come true and you head towards a very bright future....Thank you once again...Good luck...

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