All is Fair in Love and War

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



Chapter Three
17 years later…
Kellie McIntyre

Teachers these days were completely clueless.I mean, we are seniors, are we not?They should have gotten to the safe sex orientation in our freshman year, when we first entered high school, rather than waiting until it was too late for most of us here.But no.Instead of letting us off as bad jobs, they hauled our lazy butts into the auditorium for that orientation, which was going to be given by some middle-aged dope with no hair and probably only lives on theory.

My best friend, Amanda, was thinking along the same lines.

The classes tramped down the stairs loudly, each step resounding with a bang.Amanda and I walked arm in arm down towards the breezeway, laughing the entire way.Amanda Reed was a big laugher.Her laughs were what you’d expect of a rather large lunch lady but Amanda, a stick figure, could produce those belly laughs by the bunches.As we walked, the breeze made her long blond locks to blow into her face and she grew annoyed at her lack of a hair band she kept going on about the clueless nature of the teachers at Oakland Heights High School.

“You would think they could figure out that more than half of the student population at this school has had sex before,” Amanda said, not even bothering to keep her voice low.You would think she would keep it to a whisper considering that we were passing by teachers every few seconds.

“You would think,” I agreed.

“This is going to be so boring,” Amanda moaned, tipping her head back in annoyance.“And you’ll probably have to keep me awake.”

“If it means kicking you, I have no problem,” I joked, chuckling under my breath as Amanda threw me a dirty glare.

“You would,” she mumbled.

Our auditorium was a pitiful excuse for a room.The lighting was awful and the floor desperately needing a wax.Iron and very uncomfortable looking chairs were facing the wooden and cracked stage, half of them already filled with talking students.Amanda and I sat with our class and began to talk about the seedy looking man shuffling papers at the stand on the stage.He looked way too old to be telling us about why not to have sex.

I was giggling uncontrollably about something Amanda had said when she broke off quite suddenly and looked past my shoulder.I turned to look what she was staring at but I immediately wished that I hadn’t.Mark Jamison was slumped in the seat right next to me, his black cap pulled down to cover his eyes.You see, I hated Mark Jamison because in the summer before my fifth grade, he called me a whore in front of Patrick Simmons, who I had adored when I was ten.Ever since, we’ve hated each other.

I sucked in breath sharply and turned to the front, straight faced and stiff backed.Amanda squeezed my arm but I ignored her.What did I do to get my enemy station right next to me for the next hour?Is this because I scored an eight-six on my last Geometry quiz?Surely that didn’t deserve this?

The orientation started at that moment and the lights were cut off so that slides could be put on.I couldn’t pay attention due to the angry electric energy flowing between me and the guy sitting next to me, looking like he was sleeping.I know it sounds totally crazy, and I’m a crazy person, but it’s true.Something was making me stiff and was making him slouch.

The orientation seemed to drag on forever but I never relaxed.I’m sure that no one but Amanda would notice because my back was firmly against my chair but I was probably the only person in the room not slouching.I think it was a reflex reaction to his presence because I couldn’t stand the guy anymore then I could stand it when my dog barks at two o’clock in the morning.

I must admit that I had never actually reacted like this before but I knew that I wasn’t supposed to get to know this guy.It’s not because he called me a whore, because I could get over that, but for some reason I hated his guts.I couldn’t stand him and every time I reminded myself that he was sitting less than a foot away, my skin crawled.

Finally, at two o’clock precisely, the orientation let out.I hadn’t paid attention to a word that was said but I highly doubt that it would matter to me.I’ve never even had a boyfriend before and there weren’t any guys in Oakland Heights High that I thought were appealing or halfway decent.

“My God, Kellie, what is your problem?” Amanda exploded as we left the auditorium.I was on Kellie’s opposite side as Mark Jamison passed her, luckily not looking at me or saying anything hurtful.He simply made his way, more gracefully than I could imagine, towards the front of the crowd.

“You know full well what my problem is,” I said, rubbing my arms to get the goose bumps to go away.“I can’t believe that I had to sit next to that creep.”

“He isn’t that bad,” Amanda said in a mild tone.

“What?” I gasped.“Are you kidding me?Whenever he speaks, something hurtful comes out of his mouth.He’s anything but nice and I can’t stand him.”

“Why?” Amanda demanded.“I mean, all this hurtful stuff coming out of his mouth is total bullshit, Kellie.He hasn’t said anything to you since he called you a whore.He barely talks to anyone at all!”

“I simply can’t stand him,” I muttered, my hands balling into fists.

Amanda and I sat in our trailer classroom, packing up and waiting for the principal to dismiss the seniors first since it was Friday.A few of the students were doing homework, some doing nothing, but all the rest were talking loudly about the end of the summer, which was drawing ever nearer.

“I can’t believe that school is almost over,” I moaned.I was excited but also dreading the moment that school ended because it would leave me with absolutely nothing to do.I didn’t do a lot in my free time except getting on the computer or running with my dog in the mornings.School was great for one reason: it took up time.

“You should be rejoicing!” Amanda said.She suddenly threw her hands into the air and moved her upper body and danced in her seat.“I cannot wait to get to the pool.I’m a life guard there, you know?”

My eyes grew a little wide.“I completely forgot.You can sneak me in!” I joked, laughing at the thought.

“Yeah, we can hold your birthday party there,” she said, gesturing at my face.

At the mention of this fact, which I had completely forgotten, I gasped excitedly.“That’s right!I’m turning eighteen!” I let out a squeal of excitement.

“I’m still trying to figure out what to get you,” Amanda said, tipping her head back and looking up at the ceiling, which meant that she was thinking.

“Come off it, you don’t have to get me anything,” I tried, but she waved her hand in my face to shut me up.

She opened her mouth to say something, but the afternoon announcements came on and she was cut off before air even left her mouth.

“We now dismiss the senior car riders.” Principal Newman had a nasal voice that suggested she was getting over a cold, when she really wasn’t.Her nickname was ‘Wheezy’ and that’s speaks for itself.

“Are you coming over to my house tomorrow?” I asked Amanda as we trekked around the school and towards the long line of cars where anxious parents were waiting.I immediately spotted my mom’s shiny red truck and Amanda’s father’s blue Sedan.

“I think so,” Amanda said uncertainly, looking warily at her father’s car.She didn’t have a great relationship with her dad, who used to be a general in one of the wars.I called him General Reed whenever I went over his house and I always saluted him.I thought it was hilarious but Amanda found it embarrassing to have an officer for a father.

“Well, I can ask your dad now if you like,” I said.Amanda was terrified of asking her father anything.I was usually the one to set up sleepovers and outings between us.

“I’ll talk to him about it later,” Amanda said fretfully.

“Okay,” I said slowly.“But call me if he gets on you about it.I’ll work it out.”

“Thanks, Kellie,” Amanda said, giving me a hug before going off through the tide of students towards her dad, who waved from his seat.I waved back and started off in the opposite direction, towards the front of the line, where my mom was waiting.One car in front of us, I saw Mark Jamison getting into a charcoal black Mercedes.

My mom and I looked absolutely nothing alike.She had caramel brown hair that she always kept tucked away in her garden hat, the ones with the wide brims, and her eyes were hazel too.She had a rather round nose and a rounder face than mine, but she said that we were one in spirits.

“Hey gal!” she greeted as I got into the truck.She always greeted me the same way.It was either ‘gal’ or ‘sweetheart’ or ‘lass’.She was very old fashioned in more ways than one.She waited for me to put on my seatbelt before peeling out of the lot.

We went through the typical ‘how was school’ conversation before I told her about the sex orientation and how I had to sit next to Mark Jamison.I told my mom practically everything.I think she knows me better than I know myself.To her, I was like an open book.She knew of my dislike towards Mark Jamison and how I couldn’t explain the annoyed feelings I had whenever he was mentioned.

“You better smile before your face sticks that way,” Mom warned, looking at me sternly.

By looking in the side mirror, I saw that I was grimacing.I quickly rearranged my face so that my mouth was merely straight and tightly shut.My chest felt like someone had taken my skin and stretched it over the bones.I growled quietly and folded my arms, still glancing in the mirror every now and then to make sure my mouth was still straight and no lines showed in my forehead.

As we drove towards home, we passed fancy brick buildings and neighborhoods with freshly manicured lawns and nicely paved streets.I quickly grimaced at each one of them.I couldn’t stand the way these other people lived.Their houses gave the impression of snotty people and fussy little kids.The place didn’t look like home real people would live in.

Luckily, a few minutes later, we pulled into my neighborhood.Now my neighborhood looked homey.Bird feeders and gardens were placed in the front yards and many of the lawns had brown spots.Our house was sort of shabby.Some of the shudders were either faded green or mismatched.The house desperately needed repainting and the lawn needed to be mowed but I couldn’t care less.We had a big white porch, like the kind you would see in an old movie.Our house was kind of Victorian-like because of its turret like shingles.

As my mom parked the car and got out, I heard the booming barks from inside the house.I laughed.We had a huge golden retriever named Boomer, who we had raised since he was a pup.I heard him scratching at the door and barking some more and he bounded out as soon as Mom had opened the front door.

“Hiya Boomer!” I said happily, patting him affectionately on the head and back.I moved him aside with my legs and proceeded into the house.As Boomer went off after my mother, probably begging for a treat, I threw my backpack on the stairs and kicked off my shoes.

Our house was really too big for just two people (I never knew my father because he left when my mom was still pregnant with me).When I was younger I would get freaked out from being in such a huge house alone, but I eventually got over that as I got older.

Mom had painted each room in the house a different color.Our kitchen was sunshine yellow with white trim and mahogany wood surfaces.Our living room, which was in the back of the house like the kitchen, was painted pitch black and with little silver stars painted on as wallpaper.Mom says it’s the perfect room if you’re a movie person.

Each of the bedrooms, except for the guest room, was made especially for the person residing in it.Mom’s room was basically a rainbow of colors and mismatched furniture.I always thought that I could never be bored in her room because there were so many things to look at.

“Kellie!” Mom called from the kitchen where she was getting something to eat.“Bring this mut up to your room with you.”

I chuckled.“Boomer!” I called.I immediately raced up the stairs as the huge retriever came charging into the hallway where I had been standing.I cackled with laughter, trying not to go weak at the knees as I pounded down the hallway and burst into my room where I threw myself onto my bed.I waited probably half a second before Boomer leapt onto my bed after me, immediately taking a liking to licking my face.

“Ew, Boomer, gross!” I squealed, swatting at him.He walked in a circle a few times on the middle of my bed and then lay down heavily, looking at me with his head on his paws.

I rolled my eyes and got off my bed, going over to my computer desk a few feet away and turning on my computer.As it hummed to life, I went over to my huge bay window and opened it.I had a window where no screen stopped you from sticking your head out the window, which I did most cheerfully.I tried to reach out to the big oak tree that separated my house and Mark Jamison’s but the limbs were just beyond my reach, as usual.

Mark Jamison’s window was just like mine.I’m pretty sure he had a cushion below it just like I did, but I almost never saw his room through his window because he kept his curtains drawn most of the time.Occasionally, I’ll hear the soft squeak late at night, which meant that he was opening his window up but it was always at night when I was too tired to get up to look.

My computer chime made me look away from Jamison’s window and go back to my computer.

My room was a normal size.I had a full sized bed in the middle of it, where Boomer now lay, snoozing happily on my lilac quilt.A painted white dresser sat on the opposite wall, across from it.All across the surface were pictures of my mom and I or of Amanda and I.Some were of Boomer when he was just a pup while there were a few of me playing in the backyard with the hose, running away from Boomer, or simply leaping in the air with pleasure.

My computer desk was on one side of my bed.The only available space on my desk was littered with pieces of paper, most of them featuring old school assignments.

Above my bed was where I hung all my awards.From best citizenship to straight A’s, I kept them there.I also put more pictures of Mom, Amanda and I up there.I liked the constant reminder that I have friends and family that love me.

As soon as my computer booted up, I logged onto my messenger and searched my buddy list to see if anyone was online.Almost immediately I spotted Amanda’s screen name.I doubled clicked it and wrote:

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:Howdy stranger

It took a few seconds for Amanda to respond but her response was what I expected.Amanda never greeted me back but dived into the conversation, simply skipping the ‘what’s up’s’.

Thehappymelon273:My dad wants to take me to see a college tomorrow

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:School hasn’t even ended yet
Thehappymelon273:I know!

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:Want me to call and ask if you can postpone the trip?

Thehappymelon273:I suppose.Like I really want to go in the first place

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:I’ll call after dinner, k?
Thehappymelon273:Thanks, Kellie
Thehappymelon273:You’re such a great person.

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:thanks.Just don’t tell anyone else.I have a reputation to protect.:P


Thehappymelon273:Jamison was staring at you after that orientation

My stomach dropped onto the floor, squirming.

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:Do you want to run that by me again?I think there might be something wrong with the messenger.

Thehappymelon273:Mark Jamison was looking at you the entire time after the sex orientation.

I frowned at the computer screen.

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:what kind of stare was it?And how do you know he was looking at me?

Thehappymelon273:because, stupid, I know these things and it was a curious stare.

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:you’re going to give me nightmares
Thehappymelon273:just making sure you’re informed.:P
Cool_Kellie_Cat78:I like the comfort of being ignorant.
Thehappymelon273:too late now.
Cool_Kellie_Cat78:whatever.I’ll call later
Thehappymelon273:say hi to your mom and Boomer for me :P

I rolled my eyes.It was just like Amanda to say that.I turned around, just to humor her and honestly say I did it, and said to the dog, “Boomer, Amanda says hi.”I felt extremely foolish.

Cool_Kellie_Cat78:consider it passed on.C ya later friend


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