The Fallen Prince- part two of the Royal Nights series

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Amsi

Submitted: October 25, 2010

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Submitted: October 25, 2010




I sat high atop an oak tree, lounging lazily on its thick branches as I peered into Xeth Devlyn’s window. “I hate shifters” I thought to myself as I watched him his finger up and down Amunet’s nude back. Amunet. MY Amunet! I’ve been after her since she was created over four thousand years ago and she falls in love with a cat she’s known for five minutes! I’ve shown her love and devotion damn it! All I got out of it was a massive headache and two scars across my wrists where Sekhmet had to reattach my hands. Ugh! Xeth suddenly stood up and pulled her to her feet causing her to giggle. I love her laugh. I couldn’t count the amount of times I had thought about her laugh over the last four thousand years.

“I don’t want to kill you, Amunet.” I said out loud to myself, “Hopefully you won’t make me-” All of a sudden, Xeth dropped to one knee and (I assumed) pledged himself to her. I immediately jumped to my feet, balancing precariously on one of the tree’s thinner branches. My blood boiled and my heart pounded hard in my ears as I fought hard with myself to keep from going in there and slaughtering them both. I wanted nothing more than to rip them limb from limb but unfortunately now wasn’t the time. Of course the time would come for me to exact my revenge and I would happily act on it. Right now, however, I needed to regain my strength. I hadn’t eaten since before that Amunet bitch chopped off my hands and in my weakened state I wouldn’t stand a chance.I spun quickly, causing the tiny branch I had been standing on to sway dangerously, and dropped to the ground. Of course I was just one thought away from the ground, but I felt reckless and let’s face it… what could anyone do? The moment someone tried to confront me about anything, they would become dinner. No questions asked.

I had walked for about fifteen minutes before I came across a dark figure about two hundred feet away. A woman. She was staring at the ground, clutching her stomach as she walked, not appearing to take notice of me. She had long black hair slung across her shoulder in a single braid. She had on a black sleeveless top, some tight black pants and black boots with a sharp silver heel. She moved gracefully and silently, her footsteps not making a sound. I sniffed the air casually as to not alarm her. Vampire. It should have been obvious from the way she moved. I walked smoothly towards her, preparing myself to attack, when it suddenly stuck me. There’s something different about this one. Vampires usually appeared to glide or float while their body remained unusually still, where as this woman’s body seemed to sway and twist. I sniffed the air again, more deeply this time. She’s definitely a vampire and whatever was going on with this one, it didn’t matter. I was hungry and she was within striking range. I slowed down, trying to catch the rhythm of her steps and watching every move she made. Our kind were created to be hunters. And great hunters we were. We each had different hunting styles but when we were hungry… our prey didn’t stand a chance. Amunet, for example, always preferred the sneak attack often catching her prey from behind, where as I always preferred to hunt my prey head on. Made more of a challenge.

I was about a hundred feet away from the vampire when she suddenly looks up at me and causing me to stop abruptly. Vampires have black eyes. Eyes like the darkest night, and to be perfectly honest…eyes like mine. But this woman’s eyes were green. A brilliant, pale green… VERY unlike a vampire’s. She tilts her head slightly to the side as if trying to figure me out. I walked towards her again as my stomach muscles started to contract with hunger pains. “She’s not human” I thought to myself as I moved into position for attack. “That’s all that matters.” She stopped walking and looked intensely at me.

It was at that point that everything changed.

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