O'megas. 1 Shall fall.

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Omega's

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



Chapter 2 Chaos Part 1

You never really know what will be tomorrow, you don’t know your future what it will be like. All we do is hope that what mistakes we do won’t mess up our lives. If you could freeze time what would you do? Would you try and change your mistakes? One thing we all wish was that this never happened. We let out a monster. We released hell.

Thirty-Two hours earlier

Soldiers run down the hanger area. Everyone in a hurry I was quite curious what all the rushing was. I made my way down to the armory to pick up supplies for our landing on larbarah.

“Sir Lithos !” One soldier said loudly

I dropped my things as I got startled by his presence.

“Crap you scared him mate. How can I help you Carl?” I said curiously

“Nothing sir just saying hello”

He walked off. I thought it was weird.

I carry my things to the hanger for drop off point

“As soon as we arrive I want these things dropped of immediately” I said demanding

“Larbarah? But sir Why there?” The soldier said frightend.

“Because we are going build an outpost there” I said with a smile.

“Sir Larbarah is no place to build there. Its One of the darkest planets we have in the Cori Solar system.


“Ehh there’s darker ones then this……”

“Besides I don’t know why you guys are so scared. All of you have been acting weird today.”

I walk off to get more supplies. But at the corner of my eye I saw a shadow. I turn back but thought it was nothing. So I continued on.

10 hours later.

We finally reach our destination. I go talk to Matthew my supervisor.

“Matthew! Are we ready?” I asked curiously

“Ah Lithos sir. Indeed we are. Although it’s going take some time getting this stuff off the ship.” he informed

“That’s ok, we have plenty of time. But do you know what’s going on around here? Everyone is acting strange” I asked with concern, I was beginning to wonder.

“Well sir all I know is that….he began to say, *power surge*

“Matthew are you ok!” I yelled out to him

I heard no response from him.

All of the sudden the lights came back on. Matthew was gone.

“What the heck” I said with confusion

Not knowing what was going on I called to the bridge. But there was no answer. At this point I was worried I searched the whole entire ship but everyone was gone. I make my way to Medical Attention Room or it’s also known as [MAR]. When I got there something was not right.

“What is going on here?” I yelled

The lights flickered, Papers were everywhere. I saw men’s uniforms hanging from the ceiling. I heard Whispers from behind me. I turned back just a little bit to see. I saw a trooper in the hall way.

“Oh my god at least someone is here. What is going on here?”

Lights started going off one by one. The soldier then started running at me. I turned back to run but the room had a wall. It just appeared out of nowhere. The trooper came at me closer. At this point I was scared. Just as the trooper was about to touch me all the lights came on. Everyone was on the ship doing their job. My heart was pounding so hard I can hear it. I was frightened. I did not know what was going on I make my way back to the hanger “hopefully This does not happen again” I said to my self

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