O'megas. 1 Shall fall.

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3 Chaos part 2

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Submitted: April 11, 2013




Chaos part 2

“We are what we become, Some become great others with evil.  They say not to let the evil things cloud your path or it will destroy you. This I did. – Miles Wilson.

We finally reached Larbarah The darkened planet of the Cori system. We prepare as the drop ships began to fly out of hanger 332

I kept having flash backs of what happened to me last night. These weird dreams I have been having. But I do not know if they are dreams. I hear whispers calling my name “Lithos Lithos” I hear them.

“Sir?” he asked

The voices just stopped.

“Um, Yes Soldier” i replied

“Your shuttle is ready captain.” he informed to me

“Thank you”

I make my way in to the shuttle.

“Ah Lithos, Welcome.” one trooper greeted me.

“Thank you, everything is in its place?” i asked to make sure

“You bet” He answered me

The pilot began to fly out of hanger 332.

I felt dizzy, fairly quickly, and then out of nowhere I started sweating.  Voices began to get deep, the lights went dim.

“Lithos! Sir! What’s wrong?" I heard a soldier with a low voice.

Everything then went black. I wake up on a medical ship. My legs and arms restrained,  I looked around at my surroundings.

“This is not A Omega ship” I thought to myself, where the heck was I?

The lights began to flick rapidly. One of the doors began to open slowly, along With a Low growl behind it.

I broke free from one of the restraints holding my arms. I quickly grabbed a knife that was lying upon a table, whatever it was behind the door, it didn't sound friendly.

The door then swung open. Behind the door was only but a room filled with darkness but soon after, a beast then stepped out, the beast was ferociously hideious, his greyish skin made him look like a living carcass, he had two large on the sides on his head and if that wasn't ugly enough, his long ears made him look even more disturbing.He began to speak to me with an eerie voice.

“Their not coming for you Lithos." he growled to me as he stepped closer to me, “My master will be pleased to eat your skin.” he kaughed evily.

But the beast didn't stay put, it then let out a loud scream, that pierced my ears and charged at me.

Then everything stopped, once again.  I woke up on Larbarah in one of its medical facility’s.

“He’s awake!” one soldier said with joy.

“Lithos sir, Are you alright? You passed out.”

“I am alright. There’s something about this place. Evil, I’ve been having these dreams. In fact I do not know if they are dreams anymore." I informed them, " Are there any places here that might have any Liyba’s?" I was concerned.

“Not that I know of, Larbarah has been stripped clean of Liyba’s for over 10 years. Why?" Nathan asked with curiosity.

“Well, you better search this planet again. I feel this planet is under great evil.”

“Lithos Libya’s? Really? There can’t possibly be that much of them for you to feel it.”

“Nathan, Is there any places here that the Larbarahians took part in?” I was trying to get more information as to why this was happening.

“The monastery.... that’s the only place I can think of.” he tried to re-call.

“Then gather some of your men and go check it out.” i ordered

“Yes Sir”

When they began to leave I started to do some research about Larbarah to see if there was anything unusual that they so called worshiped. But then again everything is unusual now.

Nathan called me back a couple of hours after he left.

“Nathan, Nathan what do you have?”

“Sir we are at the monastery but there’s nothing here its all abandon. Are you sure..

I quickly interrupted Nathan

“I’m sure, there’s liyba’s here. It’s a monastery look for a lever or something.”

“Lithos this place is over 400 oens old. If there’s a lever here it’s probably broken”

“Nathan please I”

“ Sir? I what?

“Lithos? Lithos! Who’s in there with you? Who is that? Sir!”


To be continued



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