My Crazy Parents Did What????

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My life is crazy and the thing that keeps me going is this band called Tokio Hotel. Their lyrics and songs are what keep me Alyshia Rebecca Stafford together. But,when the oppertunity comes around for me to meet them, i thought i would be jumping for joy and not crying... but then again i can't tell you everything you have to read and find out! What will happen with me?...

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My life is crazy and the 1thing that keeps me going is this band called Tokio Hotel. Their lyrics and songs are what keep

me,Alyshia Rebecca Stafford together. With a mother that runs her own fashion business,that's never around and a father that practically lives in his office to his own law firm, but he could care less. Also, a brother that's in the navy,he really doesn't have a excuse but he writes me all the time!Plus, my older sister who thinks "I'm better then everyone" because she gota rich boyfriend. (WTF).

Then, theirs me!yeah!your gonna get to know me more in the story. But after me thiers my little bro who i love to death.Were very protective of each other.I sometimes just sit in my car and wonder..."How did i make it this far?"I can only tell you that i have no idea! But, thats all abouttochanged on that one afternoon i decided to actually take my time and drive home.

Cause everyday. I'malways rushing to get get home, just to see if my parents had a change of heart, and remembers they have a 17 year old daughter who's at home. Anyways back to the story! Sorry!

----------------------(Present Day)------------------

Try to call, twitter me, text until your fingers bleed.
Oh! The DJ's the only way you*re ever gonna hear from me.
If you're reminiscing, and you're missin me this much, and you really wanna stay in touch.

Well, you can hear me on the radio!
You wanna turn me on, turn on your stereo.
You can sing along, while they're playin' my song. How you done me wrong...
Baby crank it up!
Until you blow the speakers out your Chevy truck.
So listen Romeo, when you're feelin' kinda lonely, let me tell you where to go. Oh
Turn On The Radio!
Turn On The Radio!
Turn On The Radio


Me: Ughhhh!

I stick my hand out from underneath the blankets where its warm, and cozy. To turn off thathorrid thing we call the alarm clock!

Sorry, if i use Birtish Vocabulary its something you do after living in England for 3 yearsbecause mumhad the suddenurge to live there. I guessthe accent just sticked.

It also puts some pizzazz into certain conversations. Well at least I fine so. But i get up anyway because i have to go to this wretched place they call

"SCHOOL". I swear who ever invented the darn placeis aBloody Fool.Anyways,going into the loo(bathroom) to take a shower, &get ready. But before,i make sure that my Ipod is on.

I do love mybrother's presents, he got me the ipod homeand bulit the speakers within the batheroom walls so i can hear iteven louder.So i make sure my ipod is playing one of myfavoritesongs of all time--> From Yesturday by 30 SecondsTo Mars. I love singing to it in the shower!

Now, when i get out of the shower at precisely 6:30am. I still had time, so i brush my long wavy brown hair with nautral highlights.

i put lotion on my caramel colored skin so its nice and moist. Then,I come out of the bathroom and head straight for my closet and pick out my clothes for the day. I pick out an orange halter top and adark pair of jeans witha pair ofpair stilettos. I applied my mascara and eye liner. Truely, and honestly this is the first time i dont have to wear a uniform. Plus, I'M LOVIN' IT.

Everyday since i've been here i've dressed up so people can know the real me. I almost for got my ring, this ring was my grandmas. She gave it to me on my 14th birthday its the only thing besides a few old photos left of her memory. But, this ring is a very special ring it has a silverheart in the middle. My grandma told me that when i found my true love that i had to put the end of the heart towards me. It meant that my heart was taken.But, until thatdayit has to face out towards the world.

With that i was out my bedroom door and heading towards the kitchen, where Isaw

my oldest and dearest friends Mr. & Mrs.Harrison. My maid and bulter. Thier quite the pair if, i do say so myself.


altAlyshia Rebecca Stafford 16 yrs. Junior.(main character)

This is the outfit ALyshia was wearing.


altThats the ring her grandma gave her.

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