Fend on your own

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Rain and Ivy are alone in the forest. A flood separated them from their family. Now they are left to fend on their own. Fend on your own is about the terrible experience these to cats had.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fend on your own

Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Submitted: June 22, 2012



Chapter 1

The flood

Ivys dreams were filled of darknes and mist. Occansionlly a glint showed and a bloodthirsty scream rang. Her head was filled withwails and screams, like a battle never fought. She turned and twitched and yowled in her sleep. She opened her eyes and saw her brother, Rain, sitting up and washing his speckled gray fur. Her other sister, a silver she-cat named Stream was also up and washing. Ivy sat up and started to groom her own sleek black fur. Her mother, a sleek silver tabby, strutted into the den. "Rain, Stream, Ivy," she meowed. "Your father has wishes for us to leave."


Ivy shuddered at those words as if there was more meaning to them than her Mom was letting on. Rain raised his head and stared at his mom. "But why Ma?" he cried, for he loved his home. His mom glanced at him, her eyes burning into his pelt. Ivy and Stream shrank away. "Because me and your father said so!" she snarled. Rain looked in disbelief at his paws. Her eyes softened as she quickly left the den. Stream raced to Rains side and looked in his eyes. They were full of sadness. They comforted Rain and exited the den. A powerful black tom with amber eyes was talking to their mom. They hid in the shadows and pricked their ears so they could hear. "... can't let them know," their mom was saying. "I know River," the tom murmured, laying his tail on her shoulders. "Thanks Night," River meowed. The kids came out of the shadows and casually pretended they were coming out of their den. Night and River were startled. Ivy and Stream pelted over next to their parents. "Are we going?" Stream said. "Yes," Night said. They stood up when the sound of ruhing water stopped them. Rain raced to them as water spilled to them. The family pelted through the forest. The water splashed at their heels and soon they stopped at the edge of a cliff. Stream was a few paces behind and as the family reached the edge the water covered her.


Ivy shrieked. She started to run toward the water but Nights teeth gripped her scruff. "Stop," he growled. "We have time," River said, though she sounded like she hoped it. But as the water propelled them off the cliff, Ivy knew there was no time.

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