Fend on your own

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Memories

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



Chapter 10 Memories

Rain stormed into the cave dragging a rabbit and squirrel behind him. His dark blue eyes were stormy and his claws scratched the cold floor. Ivy padded in calmly and settled down in the corner. Tiger came in after her and layed next to her cleaning her pelt. Rain still heard what he heard when he was spyi-watching them together. "He couldn't belive Ivy was going to have kits! He shook his head. The cave got darker and Tiger stood up to leave. Icvy murmured something to him and he layed back down and they curled up. Rain shook his head, disgusted. He curled up at the opposite corner and closed his eyes slipping into sleep. Something lit up his dream. A gray-and-white she-cat stepped into his dream. "Hello Rain," she purred softly. "Moon!" he cried. Her pelt shone like her warm blue eyes. "I have come to talk about Tiger and Ivy." she meowed. Rain opened his mouth to protest but Moon went on. "I know you don't trust him Rain," she continued. "I will show you the memory so you will remember.What it was that you have forgotten." His dream shifted and he was in the woods watching his young self hunt.

Rain Jr. pounced on a mouse a bit it. He hid it in the ground and started to pad away. A dark figure slipped in front of him and the to collided. Tiger, Rain thought bitterly. The fell to the ground and then Rain Jr. stood up again. "What was that!" he yowled. "Sorry!" The figure apolized. "My names Tiger! I just came to hunt!" Rain Jr. grinned. "Nice name Tiger. Im Rain," Rain Jr. said. The too chatted and and came to a clearing where Stream sat washing. A pang pierced Rains heart. "The others are hunting," Stream meowed. The sky began to darken. "I best be getting home,' Tiger Jr. said. "All right then," Rain Jr. meowed. Tiger Jr. left and his dream shifted back to Moon. Rain was speechless. "You see," Moon purred. "You and Tiger are friends. Respect Ivys decision. And help her when the time comes." Moon started to fade. "Wait Moon!" Rain yowled. His dream became dark and he woke.

Ivy and Tiger were up and washing. "Good morning Ivy," he meowed. He nodded to Tiger and sat and began to wash. "Rain," Ivy mewed hesitantly. "I need to tell you soemthing. Promise you won't be mad!" she added pleading. "I promise," he promised. "Me and Tiger are going to have kits!" she purred. Rain was about to say he new but he didn't. "Thats great!" he meowed. Tigers eyes reflected shock and he exchanged surprised glances with Ivy. "I mean if your mad you can tell us just don't fight," Ivy said. "Ok I would if I was mad," he said. "Thats great that you to are having kits!" He tried to follow Moons words and forced a smile. Ivy looked even more surprised. "Oh Ok," she purred. "Well..um... me and Tiger will be out together."

"I'll be out hunting," Rain replied. Ivy and Tiger padded out their tail entwined. "He's not my friend," Rain muttered. "He's trying to make my sister leave. I won't let that happen." Rain smiles at his word then padded into the woods to hunt.

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