Fend on your own

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - The kits

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Chapter 11 The kits

Ivy was dreaming about the kits. She dreamt of a snowy white she-cat, a dark brown tom, a black she-cat and a pale red she-cat. She knew thse would be her kits by the way they shined. Tiger was close by but she sensed that someone else was coming. A silver she-cat stepped out beside Ivy. "Mom!" she purred. River nodded. "My daughter," River meowed. "Your kits will be beautiful." Ivy nodded. "Yes they will," she said. "They will come soon, Ivy," River meowed. Ivy was shocked. "Wait I'm not ready!" Ivy protested. "I am sorry Ivy," River said. "But there is nothing I can do." Ivy's vision blurred. "Be perpared my child!" River called. "Something worse is coming!" Ivy's vision went black and she woke up. Tiger stirred beside her and she started to wash. She looked at her belly and was shocked at how big it was. She felt a kick. "Tiger there coming today!" she purred. Tiger smiled. "Thats great!" he purred. Rain woke and started to wash not looking at Ivy and Tiger. He soon stalked outside to hunt and Ivy felt another kick. "I think I know what they will look like," Ivy meowed. "A pure white she-cat, a dark brown tom, a black she-cat and a pale red she-cat."

"Thats great Ivy!" Tiger purred. Suddenly Ivy felt a twist of pain. She yowled loudly. Rain sprinted in carrying a squirrel, too rabbits, and a few mice. Ivy twisted in pain. "Shes giving birth!" Tiger yowled. "Good job Captain Obvious," Rain muttered as he pushed a stick in front of Ivy. Ivy convulsed and chomped on the stick. A pure white she-cat popped out and Rain picked it up annd put her next to Ivy to suckle. Next was a black she-cat then a dark brown tom. Finally a weak pale red she-cat. Ivy gasped for breath. Tiger stared down at the kits. "There beautiful Ivy," he murmured licking her ear. Ivy thought she heard a hint of disappointment in his voice. "They are Tiger," Ivy purred. Rain sat staring at the kits. She tried to read his eyes and she thought she saw a glimmer of happiness pass from his eyes. Ivy cleaned her kits. "What are there names?" Rain asked. "Hmm." Ivy thought for a moment. "The white one will be Frost. The dark brown tom will be Bramble. The Black she-cat will be Night," she decided. "Then my little she-cat will be Rose."

"Great names Ivy!" Rain meowed. "Thanks Rain," Ivy purred. She saw Tiger staring a Bramble, Night, and Frost and she saw a glimmer of pride. Rose mewled weakly. "Shes so weak!" Ivy meowed sadly. Rain nodded. "I don't think she'll live Ivy," Rain said. Ivy sighed. She let the kits suckle and stared at Tiger. "We will leave as soon as the kits are strong enough to go," she promised. "Whats this about leaving!" Rain protested. "You can't leave me Ivy!" Tiger stepped up to him. "Your always critizing us," he growled. "So were leaving far from here." Rain hissed. "Ivy please no!" he pleaded. Ivy sighed. "I promised Tiger, Rain," she whispered. Rain let out a strangled yowl and bolted out of the den. Ivy sighed. "Maybe i should stay-" she started. "No you will go," he said firmly. He went out of the den but paused at the front. "And thats that," he added.

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