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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Only us

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Submitted: June 22, 2012



Chapter 2 Only us

Rain free fell to the bottom of the cliff. Ivy was screaming and his parents were screeching. He was silent but his mind was swimming. Stream was dead! Killed by a kiler wave hat swept her off the cliff. His sister who he loved so SO SO much, dead. He flipped to the real world and water sprayed in his eyes. He looked straight down and thought he saw Stream at the bottom. Come on Rain, she murmured in his head. Your strong. Help Ivy live. "What about Ma and Da!" he cried. Silence. A scream hurled through him as the ground got closer. He saw a small lake and twisted his body toward it. He glimpsed Ivy doing the same. River and Night were no where to be seen. He thought about Streams warning. Were his parents about to die? he wondered. But as he was enveloped in water all thoughts were lost as darkness filled his mind. And a deep sleep overtook him.

As he woke his first thought was, Stream. He always talked to Stream when he woke. Then his eyes clouded. He remembered the flood. Only he and Ivy and his parents were left. Then as he took in his surroundings. He was in a moonlit clearing. He soon recognized it as his old home. "Ivy?" he called. "Ma? Da?" A sleek silver cat and a small dark brown kit. He thought it was Stream but then he realized. "Ma," he whispered. "Yes dear son," she meowed softly. Rain looked at the tom. River followed his gaze. "Ah," she said. "I forgot you to never met."

"Rain meet Pine. Pine this is my other son Rain," River said. Rain looked at the small brown tom, his dark blue eyes intent. The tom stared back his amber eyes unmoving. "Pine died when he was born Rain," she explained. "You two are brothers." Rain glanced at River. "Does this mean your dead?" he murmured. She layed her tail on his shoulder. "You'll see little one. Only when you wake up you will know." She took her tail off his shoulder and stared into his eyes. "Always remember that I love you Rain," she purred. Then he woke up. Ivy was wailing. Her searched for her voice and found her eside a great oak. "Ivy whats wro-" he started. Then he looked at what she was staring at. He yowled with such pain and grief the birds stopped singing and the only sound was his horrable wail.


His parents were dead.

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