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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Survive

Submitted: June 23, 2012

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Submitted: June 23, 2012



Chapter 3 Moving out

Ivy was in pieces. When Stream died that was bad enough, but now her parents were dead. Not just one but BOTH! BOTH of her parents gone in the same day! Her wails rang. When Rain had appeared and he had seen the bodies he had howled. Now his nose was buried in Nights fur. She padded to her mom and buried her nose in her fur. She thought she heard River talk. Help Rain. He is strong but you are quick. Be perpared to make difficult choices. she said or it make cost you dearly. Silence. Ivy wondered how she could help Rain. He was always able to hunt and fight on his own. How she was to help him she was lost on. She shook it out of her head and continued to lay next to her mom. Soon moonhigh came and Ivy fell into a dreamless sleep.

She woke to hot sunlight. She sat up and started to wash herself. The first thing she noticed was the bodies were gone. "Rain," she called. "Where are there bodies?" Rain was basking in the sun. "I buried them," he replied. "Why?" Ivy cried. He sat up and looked at her. "I don't want a fox to get them," he snapped. Ivy shrank back and Rain softened. "Sorry,' he apoligized. "I had such confusing dreams."

"Like what?" Ivy comforted. "I don't want to talk about it," he said. Ivy nodded and kept on washing herself. "We need to move," Rain said, pacing. "Ok," Ivy replied. She started to climb the cliff. "Wait!" Rain yelled. She stopped and hopped off. "We don't know where were going yet!" he scolded. "If we go up the cliff we can find it!" Ivy argued. Rain sighed. "Fine."

Ivy smiled and started to climb with Rain at her heels. As she bounded up she thought of what Stream had told her in her head. What difficult choices? she thought. They reached the top of the cliff and padded on in the forest. "We must stop soon," her brother said. Ivy agreed but was to tired to say anything. They soon reached a cave and she collapsed. Rain picked her up and moved her deeper in the cave. "What about food?" she managed to get out as Rain put her down. "It is sunny Ivy," he replied clawing moss of the walls. "Prey will be plentiful!" and as he went to hunt, Ivy fell into a deep sleep with darkness.

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