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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Tiger

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012



Chapter 5 Tiger

Ivy cowered in the corner of the cave. The tom and Rain wrestled on the ground. Finally, Rain threw him off and the tom crashed on the wall. Rain dashed to Ivys side and glanced anxiously in her eyes. She stared at the ground and unsteadily got to her paws. The tom lay crumpled on the cold ground and Ivy cast an uncertain glance at him. As she went to take a piece of prey she heard heavy footsteps get up back where she just was. A gruff voice said something but Ivy was already to far away to hear. She grabbed the sparrow and headed back. The tom was up and he and Rain were talking. As she entered the two toms stopped speaking and Rain went to grab a piece of prey. The tom locked eyes with Ivy. She looked at the sparrow and started to eat.

"Hi," the tom said, his voice deep. Ivy didn't reply. "I'm Tiger," he continued, ignoring her refuse to reply. "I think you are Ivy."

"Yes," she replied. Tiger grinned and layed down. Ivy huffed in annoyance and continued to eat her sparrow. Rain entered the cave with a mouse in his jaws. He stared intently at Tiger and he stared right back. Rain looked at his meal in surprise. Ivy finished and started to wash herself. Tiger was watching her with the utmost intrest. Ivy glanced at him and felt guilt tug at her stomach. Stay focused, she told herself. You have no time for a mate. She stared at him mustering all the hatred she could in her dark green eyes. Tiger looked away and she sensed he was deeply hurt.

Rain went up to Tiger. Ivy couldn't hear everything, but she caught a few sentences. "... Leave Tiger you have no buisness here!" she caught Rain say. Tiger snarled. He said something else. "... You can't deny everything Rain!" Tiger growled. "I love her!" Ivy stumbled into the wall and fell down. Tiger looked at her in shock, realizing that she had heard. Tiger shot one last look of hatred at Rain and padded over to Ivy. "Meet me at midnight at the hills," he said, too low for Rain to hear, Ivy said nothing but cast him a look of longing in agreement. He nodded and left the den. Ivy sighed. A low growl told her Rain had followed him. She sadly put heard head down and closed her eyes when the sound of fighting brought her to her paws. She pelted out the den almost unperpared for what caught her attention. Rain looked at her and snarled. She shrank back but Tiger broke away. They stopped fiighting and Ivy let out a gasp of relief.

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