Fend on your own

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Sneaking out

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Submitted: July 04, 2012



Chapter 7 Sneaking out

Ivy whipped around. Her green eyes blazed. "What were you thinking!" she spat. Rain looked at his paws as if he was the youngest. "He is a dirty scavage," he retorted, lifting his head. Ivys eyes burned with such fire Rain had to look away. "He could help us on our journey," she snarled. "He's strong and clever and the best hunter ever! Don't judge him from his appearence Rain."

"You think he's the perfect cat don't you Ivy," Rain scoffed. "Just wait." Ivy shot one last glare at Rain before settling down in her corner. Ivy breathed as if she was sleeping and then half-opened one eye. Rain was settling down and she soon heard his soft snoring. She silently got up and stealthily crept toward the entrance. Once outside a dark shape caought her eye. It was silently moving toward the hills. She smiled to herself and crept after the shape. She took one last graceful leap and was on the hill behind the shape. "Hello Tiger," she meowed. The shape turned, amber eyes glinting happily. "You came." was his words as he rushed to nuzzle her. She nuzzled him back and they curled their tails together. "Why do you like me?" Ivy finally asked. Tiger looked her in the eye. "You are the most beautiful cat I've ever met," he answered. Ivy decided to change the subject. "How will we see each oher?" she cried. Tiger looked steadily into her eyes. She stared back at him and for a moment Ivy wondered if he was searching her soul. "We will tell Rain," he decided. Ivy gasped in shock. "NO!" she yelped. "He'll claw my fur off for sure!" Tiger laughed softly. "Oh Ivy," he sighed. "Not now! Once were ready!" Ivy breathed a sogh of relief and they stared at the moon for a moment. Tiger stared at Ivys eyes. "Ivy," he said. "Do you love me?"

"I.." she stammered. "I... do." Tigers eyes burned with happiness. As a orangeish pinkish glow settled over them Ivy leaped to her feet. "I have to get back!" she yelped. Tiger looked at the sunrise and murmured, "Stay." Ivy nuzzled him. "I have to," she meowed. She bounded down the hill. Tiger nipping at her heels. She swereved into the cave and plopped down as Rain sleepily lifted his head. Ivy sat up and started washing herself. Rain sat up to and his eyes blazed. "Why were you meeting with him," he asked angrily. Ivy lifted her head inoccently. "Who?" she meowed. "Tiger!" he replied. "Your covered in his scent!" Ivy cursed at herself. "Fine," she said. "I was." Rain growled in annoyance. "WHY!" he yowled. "I have reasons," she meowed cooly. She settled down and fell asleep, Rain still growling.

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