Fend on your own

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Angry

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012



Chapter 8 Angry

Rain yowled in frustation while he hunted. Birds flew off and mice scurried into their burrows. He huffed with annoyance. "Why does she have to be so difficult!" he yelped. "Why can't she listen to me when I tell her he's a retarted fool!" A blue jay was perched on a large oak tree and when he heard the racket he flew off, terrified. Rain growled and soon he found himself at the entrnce of a hole. It dipped downwards into a tunnel. Curious, Rain leaped into the hole and padded along in the tunnel. He came toa large dug out space, where a large bed of moss was placed in the corner. As he admired the clearing he didn't hear heavy footfalls pad up behind him. "Well well well," a voice growled. "What should be the punishment for tresspassing?" Rain whirled around and was face to face with Tiger. His amber eyes shone cooly. "Tiger," Rain snarled, his voice burning with hatred. "Why did you have to take my sister to the hills!" he growled arching his back. "I love her and she loves me back," he replied cooly. Rain growled and leaped. Tiger easily sidestepped and padded out of the cave.

Rain huffed in frustation and shook the sand out of his fur. He snarled and raced after Tiger. He leaped ot out of the tunnel, but there was no sign of Tiger. He cursed and trudged back to the cave. A soft murmuring of voices made him run to the back. "... Ok Ivy," he heard a low voice mumble. "Thanks Tiger," Ivys voice replied. When he entered the back Ivy leaped to her feet, bristling. When she saw Rain she lowered her head and layed down. Tiger got to his paws slowly. "Hi Rain," he meowed coldly. "Why are you here Tiger!" Rain growled. "Ivy invited me," he answered calmly. Rain shot a burning gaze at Ivy who lifted her head and gazed right back. "Can't you stop Ivy!" Rain snarled. "No," she growled. Tiger started to pad toward the entrance. "Wait Tiger!" pleaded Ivy. "Stay tonight."

Rain snarled softly but Ivy flicked her tail over his mouth. Tiger turned and sat for a few moments. "I will stay," he decided. Ivy purred and rushed to nuzzle him. Rain spat and snarled. "No!" he yowled. Ivy glared at him. The cave got darker soon and Rain settled down to sleep. He heard them still talking. "Stay calm," Tiger said. "Thanks Tiger," Ivy murmured. The curled up next to each other and were soon asleep. Rain still pondered what ot was that she had to stay calm for as he drifted to sleep. He thought he wasn't going to get visited but he did. River rose from the dark with Night beside her. "Rain," she meowed. "I see that all isnot well." Rain nodded. "Ma she choses Tiger! The most arrogant fool ever!" Night grunted. "You know another cat just like that," she laughed. "Your father. He was the same. But were perfectly happy together. Trust her desicion it will mean great things to you one day."

Night nodded and before Rain could ask anymore questions the sun woke him with blinding rays.

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