Fend on your own

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The news

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



Chapter 9 The news

Ivy padded out of the den and into the sunlight.A dark shape slipped out of the trees. "Tiger!" she purred. She raced to Tiger and nuzzled him. Tiger purred. Rain padded out of the den. He spotted tiger and hissed. He stalked over to us. "Why are you here Tiger," he hissed. "I came to say good morning," he replied cooly. Ivy glared at Rain. "Why do you make everything a fight!" she growled. Rain stepped back his eyes reflecting shock. "Look i'm only protecting you Ivy," he snapped. Ivy recoiled shocked at his tone. Rain stalked off to hunt. Tiger curled their tails together. "I would never hurt you Ivy," he murmured licking her ears. "I know Tiger," she whispered back. "Rain makes me so mad! He think he's the boss just because he's older!"

"I know my love," Tiger purred. Ivy sighed. "I too had an older brother who thought he was better than me at everything," Tiger murmured. Ivy was shocked. "Really?" she asked. "Yes but lets talk about that later," he answered. Ivy sighed. "Ok Tiger." They padded toward the hills and sat together staring at the woods beyond. "Oh Tiger," Ivy whispered. "I wish Rain would stop worrying. You'd never hurt me. Right?" She looked into Tiger amber eyes. "Of course I'd never hurt you Ivy!" Tiger said sounding shocked. "Why would I hurt you!" Ivy sighed. "I don't know Tiger." Tiger entwined their tails and they sat staring at the woods beyond the hills. "Maybe we should leave," Tiger meowed breaking the silence. "What do you mean leave!" Ivy said shocked. "I couldn't leave Rain! We've been best friends forever!"

"I see that my love," Tiger meowed. "Just he doesn't trust me. It would be better for us to leave would it not? No nagging we shouldn't be together. Just us too." He licked her ears. Ivy nodded considering. "A little longer," she pleaded. "Then we can leave." Tiger cocked his head. "Why my sweet?" he asked. "Why not leave now when Rain isn't around to stop us?"

"Just not now," Ivy cried. "One month and we will leave Tiger!" Tiger nodded. "I trust you to keep that in mind Ivy," he said. "Oh thank you Tiger!" Ivy purred. They sat together for a few mor minutes. Then Ivy tackled Tiger to the ground and they rolled around laughing. When finally Tiger pinned Ivy. "Pinned ya," Tiger grinned. Ivy rolled over and pinned Tiger. "You shouldn't be so sure tiger," Ivy purred. Tiger rolled but ivy leaped out of the way and when Tiger was face up again Ivy jumped on him. "Pinned ya again!" Ivy meowed trumphiantly. "Okay Okay I give in," he grumbled. The sat up and Ivy opened her mouth to say something then hesitated. Tiger noticed it and said, "Whats wrong Ivy?"

"Nothing Tiger," Ivy mumbled. "Tell me," Tiger said. Ivy sighed. The she meowed quietly.


"I'm pregnat with your kits."

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