Forgotten Pack

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With a dark path, a dad who doesn't love her, and a mom with no time, Moonpup is having a hard time. Her best friend Sunpup finds a lone wolf as they were playing. What does it mean?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forgotten Pack

Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012



Moonpup scuffed the grund with a silver paw. Sunpup lay next to her in the hot sun. Stormsky went past and Moonpup jumped. "Dad!" she yipped. Stormsky cast a scornful look back and continued on. Moonpup was devastated. Nightrose went past and Moonpup yipped again. "Ma!"

Nightrose glanced back. "Sorry hon," she said. "Shade wants me to do some work." She walked away toward a tan wolf with a dark top and and a dark mask.

Moonpup huffed and plopped down next to Sunpup. "Can this day get worse!" she yelped. Falconshine walked past her and Sunpup and stopped. "Moonpup are you ok?"

Just as she had said that, Moonpup saw Stormsky and Fangpup play fighting. She felt her fur boil with anger and stomped off toward the Nursery. Her amber eyes blazed as she layed down next to Ivyleaf. Ivyleaf looked at her with gentle green eyes. "Are you okay Moonpup?" she asked. Moonpup felt her fur get cooler as she looked at Ivyleaf. "Dad HATES me, and Ma has NO time for me!" she yowled.

Ivyleaf looked at her again more thoughtful. "My dad hated me to," she said quietly. Moonpup looked at her with pure shock. Shade was Ivyleafs father, and Ivyleaf was his favorite daughter. "He just needed some time to get used to me." Moonpup glanced away afrain she would see the fear in her eyes. Ivyleaf nuzzled her. "Soon you'll be a apprentice," she murmured. "You and Sunpup." she smiled then left the den. Moonpup plopped down next to Minnowpup, Blackpup, Leafpup, and Birdpup. Leafpup glanced sypathetically at Moonpup. "It's okay Moonpup," she said. "So you say!" Moonpup growled. "Your gonna be a apperentice at sundown!" Leafpup and Birdpup let out a soft laugh. "That doesn't change that were all kits," Birdpup barked. Shade and Shadow, the two male alphas of the pack, had called a meeting. They bounded out of the den and Moonpup sat down next to Sunpup. Shade glanced at Minnowpup, Blackpup, Leafpup, and Birdpup.

"We have 4 pups ready to begin apprenticeship," Shade barked. "Minnowpup. Blackpup, Leafpup, and Birdpup are ready to begin training. Minnowpup please step forward. Until you recieve your warrior name you will be known as Minnowpaw. Your mentor will be Nightrose." Minnowpaw and Nightrose touched noses and Moonpups pelt burned with jealousy. "Blackpup please step forward. Until you recieve your warrior name, you will be known as Blackpaw. Your mentor will be Sharpclaw." Blackpaw and Sharpclaw touched noses. "Leafpup please stepforward. Until you recieve your warrior name you will be known as Leafpaw. You have chosen to take the path of a medicine cat so your mentor will be Bluestream." Leafpaw and Bluestream touched noses. "Now Birdpup please step forward. Until you recieve your warrior name you will be known as Birdpaw. Your mentor will be Falconshine." Birdpaw and Falconshine touched noses as Shade dismissed the meeting. Moonpup went over to congratulate Ivyleafs pups. Leafpaws eyes shone. with pleasure. "I'm gonna be a medicine cat!" she squeaked. Moonpup and Bluestream laughed. "Hold on there Leafpaw," Bluestream teased. "I need to show you all the herbs first and make sure your up for it." Leafpaw giggled and she and Bluestream made there way to the medicine cat clearing. Fangpup came toward Moonpup and Sunpup. Sunpup cast a scornful glance at him. She tossed her head and left to the nursery. Fangpup watched her go and Moonpup held back a laugh. He glared at her and Moonpup raced after her friend. Ivyleaf gasped as the 3 pups came racing in. Moonpup looked at her and apoligized but then she convulsed. Moonpup felt a sinking feeling mized with a hint of joy. Ivyleaf was having her 2nd litter of kits!

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