Love Stone

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



Clark looked across the small table. "Evening Ruby," he grinned. "Hello Clark," the tall slim blonde replied. He grabbed her in a big hug and touched his lips to hers in a soft kiss. Ruby closed her eyes and ther kiss deepened. She broke away and laughed. "Come on you big oaf," Ruby said. "Lets order dinner."

They both looked at the menu. The waitress, a tall brunette chewing gum, walked over. "Welcome to the Beach Cafe may I take your drink order?" she said in a bored voice like she couldn't care less. "I'll take a margarita," Ruby said. "A Budlight for me," Clark said.The waitress walked away, a smell of mint following her. "Grumpy much," Clark grunted. Ruby laughed, a birght musical laugh that Clark couldn't help but adore.

Her sea blue eyes glinted happily as she laughed. And the way her hair leaped off her shoulders when she threw her head back. Clark was so in love. The waitress came over again and handed out their drinks. "What would you like to eat," she said her voice still bored, smacking her gum. "Hmmm," Clark said pretending to decide. "I'll have...."

"I'll have the Chef salad," Ruby cut in. "And I'll have the largest hamburger you got," Clark said, grinning at Ruby who made gagging motions. The girl left smacking her gum annoyingly. Suddenly Ruby leaned across and kissed him hard and powerful on the lips. Fire ripped into his heart and their kiss was all they felt for the next minute. "Ahem," a voice said. They broke apart, sadly at that. Their food was here. They ate then paid then left. It was in a blur of eating, kiss, pay, kiss, leave. They came into Clarks house and into his room.

They both collapsed on the bed and Clark pulled her over for a long deep kiss. Finally she broke away laughing. "Get off me you big oaf," Ruby said laughing.

Ah love, They both thought. What a wonderful feeling.

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