Star and Coal

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There are to outcast wolves. Star and Coal are brother and sister and there all alone torn from there mother and father. There lost and one day a mysterious visitor may change Stars fate.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Flames

Submitted: August 05, 2012

Reads: 146

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



Chapter 1 The Flames

Star opened her eyes and yawned. She licked her pelt and a pure black he-wolf was sitting beside her. "Morning Coal," Star barked. "Morning Star," Coal replied. A silver she-wolf and a flame colored he-wolf padded in. "Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" Star and Coal yipped. "Morning," their dad and mom said. Star caught them muttering to eachother. "I've sensed fire Silver," the he-wolf said. Silver gasped. "We must move then Fire." Silver barked. Fire nodded. They padded to us. "We're moving out," Fire growled. "What why!" Coal yelped jumping to his feet. "Because I said so!" Fire snapped. Coal recoiled and his yellow eyes widened. Silver murmured in his ear and Fires eyes went softer. "Were leaving because me and you mother decided it's time to move on," Fire barked. Star was silent and only nodded. Coal nodded to. They stood up but a crackling noise stopped them.

"Ma!" Star yelped. "What is that noise!" Fire stepped out to see and when he came in his green eyes were flaring orange. "We must leave quick!" he barked. He nodded to Silver and he picked up Coal. Whats going on! Star thought as Silvr picked her up. The raced outside and Star couldn't believe what she saw. Curling orange and red flame leaped into the air. Star yelped with fear. They ran ahead and the smoke filled Stars lungs and blinded her. A tree cracked and fell right beside Star and Silver. Star screamed. They kept running but silver tripped on a flaming branch and fell. Star fell away from silver. "MA!!!!!!!!!" Star cried. Something bumped next to her. A tree! Star screamed. Silver picked her up again and kept running. She caught up to Fire. Coals eyes were wide with fear and Silver and Fire glanced at eachother. As they were distracted they both tripped. Coal and Star went flying. As Silver and Fire were starting to run toward them a giant tree collapsed betweeen them. "MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Star and Coal screeched. "We will find you Star and Coal!" Silver and Fire yelled. The crackling of the fire muffled the rest of their words. A huge branch collapsed beside Star and Coal and made them run in the opposite direction. Soon the crackling of the fire was behind them. Rain started to fall as Star cried. "This can't be happening!" she sobbed. They walked on sadly and found a small hole. Thye dipped through and covered the hole with a branch. Star collapsed and sobbed. Coal nudged her shoulder gently. "We shoudl get rest," he said softly. Star nodded tears still dripping down her face. She layed down and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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