Three Sisters

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A story of best friends.
Silvermoon a silver wolf with the elemental power. Soul sister to Flameheart and Bluesky
Flameheart a flame colored wolf with elemental power. Soul sister to Silvermoon and Bluesky
Bluesky pale blue wolf with elemental power. Soul sister to Flameheart and Silvermoon.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lost for Life

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Chapter 1 Lost for Life

Silvermoon sat up and yawned. Flameheart and Bluesky woke up right beside her. Flameheart yawned hugely. Silvermoon laughed and Flameheart flicked her with her tail. "It's not funny!" Flameheart barked. Silvermoon stifled a giggle. "Your right it's not funny," Silvermoon let out a small giggle and Flameheart tackled her. Silvermoon bumped into a flame colored tom. He grunted and heaved himself up. "Sorry Fireclaw!" Silvermoon squeaked. "This isn't the nursery you three," Fireclaw barked. Flameheart snickered. She and Bluesky padded out and Silvermoon glared after them. Fireclaw grinned. Silvermoon blushed and walked out with her bffs. Shade was talking with Roseshadow and Stoneclaw. Shade waved Silvermoon, and Flameheart, and Bluesky over with his tail. "Silvermoon, Fireclaw, me and Stoneclaw will takes a hunting patrol. Flameheart, Darksoul, Blueflame, Roseshadow, and Bluesky will take a border patrol."


Fireclaw padded over and he. Silvermoon, shade, and stormsky left. Flameheart got Darksoul and Blueflame and then the 5 went to do the border patrol. Silvermoon sighed as she buried the giant elk she caught. "Why does this have to be difficult!" she murmured. Fireclaw appeared behind her and said, "Is everything ok?" Silvermoon yelped and jumped. "Sorry I scared you," he apolized. "It's ok," Silvermoon replied. "The patrol is coming back and i thought we could go ahead," Fireclaw barked. Silvermoon dug up her prey and Fireclaw helped her carry it with a plump rabbit in his jaws. As they entered camp Silvermoon realized Flameheart and Bluesky weren't back yet. She dug her claws into the ground and she closed her eyes and sighed. While in the forest nFlameheart and Bluesky were having trouble.


Flameheart padded out of camp and Blueflame brushed pelts with her. She blushed and took a step away. A twig snapped and the patrol turned in that direction. "What was that?" Nightrose growled. A dark he-wolf stepped out flanked by a gray she-wolf and a dark red he-wolf. "Hello Nightrose," the dark he-wolf barked slyly. "Blackclaw," Nightrose snarled. "With Grayshade and Scarstrike no less." Blackclaw snapped something and a swarm of wolves came out of the shadows. "Snowpack ATTACK!" Nightrose barked. "Bluesky get help!" Bluesky raced away. A red she-wolf launched at Flameheart and crashed over her. Flameheart clawed at her shoulder. The she-wolf yelped and bit Flamehearts shoulder. Flameheart let her body go limp ten thrust upwhard, throwing the she-wolf off. A swarm of Snowpack warriors came in and Flameheart saw Silvemoon and Bluesky among them. Flameheart launched at Grayshade and and bit his shoulder. Silvermoon came beside her and scraped his shoulder with her claws. Bluesky came behind him and nipped at his hind legs. Grayshade yelped and broke away and ran. Thistleclaw came beside Flameheart. "Thanks goodness your here Thistlefur," she said. She glanced at him and noticed his eyes were stonecold. Shade ran past him and he lunged at him. "No!" Flameheart yelped. He tore at Shades neck and let him lie limp. She screamed.  Bluesky raced over and saw Shades body. Thistlefur yowled for the entire 2 clans to hear. The battle stopped. Volcanopack stepped back and there eyes glinted. "Shade is dead!" he yowled. "I am the new alpha. I declare Volcanopack and Snowpack to unite!" Growls rose threw the clearing. "We have always been enemies why unite!" Flameheart yowled. "Because Flameheart," THistlefur snapped. "I am also the alpha of Volcanopack." Flameheart ran blindly away but Silvermoon and Bluesky \\didn't notice. Flameheart ran until rain started to pour, drenching her flame colored fur.



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