Without a Family

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a white Bengal tiger cub with dark blue eyes. Her mother and father has died and she is left to fend on her own with her brother, Fang.

a white Bengal tiger cub with dark blue eyes. Brother of Lily, he is left to fend off the dark forces that are gathering in their home.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shadows

Submitted: June 21, 2012

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Submitted: June 21, 2012



Chapter 1 Shadows

Lily stared at the water with big eyes. "You expect me to go in there!" she gasped to her brother. Fang grinned. "Yep," he said.She stretched one paw to touch the water. "Eh!" she yelped. She shivered and leaped back. "Scaredy cat!" Fang teased. Pelt boiling with anger, Lily bolted into his side and Fang slid into the water. "YIKES!" he screamed. Lily grinned and stretched out a paw to help him up. He grasped it and instead of going up he pulled her in. Lily slid under the freezing water and caught a glimpse of a salmon. As she bobbed back up she slapped Fang in the snout. He ducked under the water after and was perpared to slap her back, when a large white bengal tiger appeared at the edge. Her blue eyes stared at them. "Come on children," she called. Lily climbed upwards her fur clinging to her skin. Fang was close behind her shaking his fur.

Cold droplets of water landed on Lily and she turned on Fang. "Stop that!" she yelled flinging drops of water on him. He shook his fur again but this time Lily pelted forward next to her Mom. Her mom cocked her head slightly as if amused. Her ears went up and she raced forward. Lily pelted after her with Fang close by her side. Something dark whooshed beside Lily. 'To live would you give up what you love most?' it whispered. 'To live, would you let your parents die?' the voice reached into her soul dark and terrible. 'Your parents will die unless you give up yourself.' Lily swatted it and it shattered into mist. What it had said went through her head. Would she give up her life to save her parents? Would she? Lily shook it outof her head as she entered the den. A huge male was alert and up. Though his eyes were heavy with sleep, his claws were out and he was ready to slice. Their mom explained it to the male in hushed terrified tones. "Faedra!" the male cried, in shock but with a hint of knowing as if he knew this was coming. Faedra was sorrowful.The male stretched to his full height. "Faedra, take the kids to a safe place. I willfight," he declared. Faedra looked like she was about to argue, but her eyes got calmer. "I will take the kids to a safe place,"she decided. "But," she added. "After I will come back and fight beside you." The male took her in the corner and they talked. Fang looked calm and had been silent the whole time, but Lily knew her brother. He was fierce. And. A wimp. Lily nuzzled his cheek and Fang hoarsely purred his thanks. Faedra and the male were arguing. "Faedra there are to many!" the male growled. "If there are to many you'll need me to back you up Faemon," she retorted. Faemon snarled but the battle was won. He leaped out of the den and Faedra grasped Lily and Fang by the scruff and hurled to a cave. No matter how fast she ran a shadow kept her pace. Lily and Fang were thrown in the cave and Faedra whirled around and raised one paw to claw the demon/ shadow creature but never got their. The shadow sliced like the wind and soon Faedra was laying motionless on the ground. The shadow turned into mist and Lily and Fang pelted to their mothers side.

"MA!" Lily shrieked. "MA!" Fand screeched. But their mother didn't move. She was dead. They sat listening to battlehungry yowls of their fathers fight. Then all became quiet. They raced to the battle scene. The shadows were gone. Their father was on the ground, motion less. No matter how much they cried their mother and fathers name they both knew the truth.


Their parents were dead.

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