Chapter 14:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Kara peered around the corner of her street as Erik jumped off the bonnet of his car, pushed his curly auburn hair off his face and unlocked the car door. Taking one last look at the house, he got in and drove slowly down the street in the opposite direction to where Kara stood. As soon as he was out of sight she sprinted straight for her house. She’d just ducked through the side gate when Erik slowly drove passed again. After he drove passed for the third time she was seriously tempted to call the police.
Sighing, she went inside. She closed the front curtains and double checked every lock in the house before dumping her overnight gear in her room and heading for the kitchen.
‘Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta,’ she murmured to herself, trying to decide what to make.
‘Fettuccini,’ she said pulling a packet from the shelf. ‘With… umm, tomato and basil sauce, I think. Yea, that tastes good.’
She rummaged around amounts the cans and jars until she found a tin of diced tomatoes.
‘Onion, garlic, basil and a little bit of sugar,’ she mumbled to herself, lifting the little jars carefully from the spice rack.
She lifted two saucepans from the corner cupboard and placed them on the stove. Quickly and with great ease she prepared the sauce, just as she had done so many times before. But somehow this time it was different. She actually cared about the person who would be eating it and wanted him to like it.
Leaving the sauce to simmer for a while she walked to the dinning room and found a table cloth. She lay it on the table and set the places with the good pasta dishes and cutlery. Kara checked that there were drinks in the fridge before walking throughout the house and making sure everything was in its rightful place and looked neat. She picked up toys and put away ironing.
She went to her own room and tidied her desk and put away her overnight bag and its contents. She smoothed the cover of her bed and checked her DVD racks for good movies.
Heading back out towards the backroom she removed all the DVDs from the DVD racks and replaced them with movies that she liked and thought Corey would enjoy as well. She cleared the coffee table and placed all of the junk around the room into one of the cupboards.
Kara returned to the kitchen and stirred the sauce before placing the lid on top and turning off the burners.
‘I need a shower,’ she mumbled to herself as she went to her room. Her hair felt greasy, she felt really dirty and she thought she probably smelled bad enough to wake the dead.
She still had to decide what to wear and didn’t really know whether to go wear something date sort of dressy or just regular kind of nice. She decided she liked a knee-length brown skirt and pink v-necked t-shirt.
* * *
Kara finished blow drying her hair and tipped her head upside down, letting it hang from the top of her head towards the ground. She gently ran her fingers through it getting rid of the few minor knots it contained before swinging her head back and letting it fall into place.
She walked back to the kitchen and put on her apron, ‘Dessert…What to make now? I know, chocolate pudding!’
She turned the sauce back on low to warm up again and preheated the oven. She chose three of her favourite CDs and placed them in the stereo, pressing play as she revised the recipe in her mind.
* * *
Maybe she’ll be home now, Erik thought, making his way up the front walkway. He didn’t mean to bother her, he was just worried. Her father’s car was in the driveway just as it had been before although he could swear something had changed.
Deep down, he felt kind of jealous. It wasn’t just that he liked Kara, although he did. But rather that he was worried about her, he didn’t want to see her hurt and he knew the type of guy Corey could be, the type of people he sometimes hung out with. Erik didn’t want to have to pick up the broken pieces.
Not that Kara would go to him anyway. His best friend Felix was her brother. Well, not really her brother, but they were so close that they considered each other brother and sister.
Felix had once had Erik’s job on the tech crew at youth group. However, when Erik had started to help out back in year ten, Felix had gotten fed up and quit the team even though he was the best they had.
Erik rang the doorbell and Kara jumped. She glanced at the clock. It read quarter past five. It couldn’t possibly be Corey yet, besides she’d told him to come around the back and let himself in.
It must be Erik back again, Kara thought as she slipped inside the study and peeked around the side of the curtains as Erik rang the bell again.
“Come on Kara,’ he called, leaning on the door frame. ‘Seriously, open up.’
Erik gave up and walked back to his car. He sat on the bonnet with a pack of cards. She watched as he played solitaire out there all alone. She felt kind of guilty watching him. He looked so sad.
She sighed. It was just like her to think of other people first. He was going to ruin her plans for the evening if she didn’t do something fast.
She put the pudding in the oven, turned off the pasta sauce and went back to her room, pulled on a jumper and replaced her skirt for a pair of jeans. She hung her skirt neatly over the back of her chair and headed outside.
She went to the back right hand corner of the yard and climbed on top of the woodshed. It was an old and rusty tin shed that hadn’t been used in years. They hadn’t had a proper wood heater since Kara was about ten years old so there had been no need to house firewood in it for years now.
At one stage, when she was about fourteen Kara had actually lived in the woodshed for about six or seven months because that was how badly she got along with her mum. It was either that, or live on the streets. At least in the woodshed she had food and shelter.
She crawled across the rusty tin roof to the back corner and jumped the fence right in the corner into the park that was diagonally behind their house. She walked along the street and down her road. As she saw Erik she waved. He didn’t see her so she called out to him.
‘Erik! Hey Erik!’ she called as he looked up. ‘What are you doing here?’
‘Oh. My. God. Thank goodness you’re okay,’ he hugged her, not letting go.
‘Umm…Erik…Letting go any time soon would be great. I can’t breathe,’ she gasped.
‘Where were you? I’ve been trying to get hold of you all day,’ Erik let go and stood looking rather sheepish against his car.
‘I was just hanging out with some friends for the day. I'm actually just here for a shower and a quick coffee before I head out again,’ Kara tilted her head to the side and watched him. ‘I’m sorry I snapped at you before but Erik you can’t be controlling my life. I get enough of that from everyone else around here. And don’t you think it’s strange that you wait until I show an interest in someone until you show an interest in me?’
‘I'm not controlling your life. I just care about you. I don’t want to see you get hurt,’ Erik reached for her hand.
Kara pulled back, ‘How hurt am I going to get by going out with a couple of friends? What is it of your business anyway? Why do you even care?’
Erik looked offended, ‘I care about you Katrina. You have no idea how much.’
‘Please Erik,’ she cried walking slowly across the street away from him. ‘Go home. Just go home. And never call me that again.’
‘Kara, Kat. Please. Just wait,’ Erik pleaded.
‘Go home Erik. Don’t let me se you here again or I’ll call the police,’ she turned her back to him and walked back inside.
She watched from the window as he pushed his auburn hair back of his face, rubbed his forehead, got into his car and speed off.
She sighed and walked to her room. She changed her clothes again and went to check on dinner. The pudding was almost cooked. It would take another fifteen or so minutes later on. She turned it off and started the dishes.
* * *
Sitting down on the couch, she decided she was bored. There was nothing to do. She pulled her maths textbook out of her bag and decided she’d better prepare a cheat sheet for Friday’s maths test. Knowing her, she’d get busy in the week and forget it. Or else she’d just put it off all together.
Maths wasn’t her best subject…And she wasn’t really bad at it. Oh no, that would be an understatement. She sucked at it. There was no one in the earth who could be a worse maths student than her. In fact that would explain why she was failing.
Sighing she picked up her pen and began to write.The equations tumbled over her, not making any sense until she had a headache and her wrist hurt from writing for an hour straight.
She leapt up, grabbed the packet of Panadol sitting on the shelf, and filled a glass, taking two from the packet. Ask she drank the water she walk around to the kitchen and turned the sauce back on to warm up. She took the empty saucepan from the stovetop and filled it with water. Placing it back down, she glanced at the clock. It was half past seven. Corey should be here any minute now, she thought.
She went back to the lounge room to wait.

Submitted: October 15, 2009

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