Chapter 15:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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He let himself into the house quietly. He slipped past the low counter that allowed people in the kitchen to see into the family room while Kara’s back was turned. As she faced the stove again, stirring a delicious smelling sauce he slid his arms around his waist and before she could scream whispered in her ear.
‘I love you,’ came the voice behind her as two arms slid around her waist.
‘God, Corey!’ Kara exclaimed spinning around to see him standing behind her grinning. ‘You scared me half to death!’
Corey rolled his eyes and leaned over to gently kiss her forehead. She laughed and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
‘Dinner?’ Kara asked.
‘Mmm, definitely. I'm starved and it smells great,’ Corey said sitting down at the place she pointed to at the kitchen table.
Kara placed to steaming bowls of pasta on the table and put the pudding back in the over for fifteen minutes.
‘Oh. My. God.’ Corey said grinning. ‘You made chocolate pudding? I love chocolate pudding.
Kara laughed and dug her fork into the pasta, ‘As if you could not like chocolate pudding. I mean its chocolate.’
‘Mmm, this is good,’ Corey ate a mouthful of fettuccini, watching her intently. ‘What is it exactly? Pasta and tomato sauce…its good.’
‘Tomato and basil fettuccini,’ Kara replied. ‘You like it?’
‘Yea it’s good. So, have you had any trouble with Erik then?’ Corey asked.
‘No. He’s gone and won’t be coming back. Do you want a drink,’ Kara asked, trying to avoid the subject.
‘Yea,’ Corey said, noticing her discomfort. ‘That would be great. So, how are you?’
She poured a glass of Coke for him and a Sunkist for herself and sat back at the table beside him. He moved ever so slightly, letting his hand gently graze the edge of her knee and fingered the hem of her skirt.
Kara shrugged, ‘Well I guess I'm pretty good. I don’t know. Stuff just got kind of weird with Erik before. But so far there’s no call from my mother so really I'm fine. Besides, you’re here. And that can always make me feel better.’
She grinned and leaned over, kissing him gently.
He nodded slowly, ‘so let me get this straight, you’re mother hasn’t called with more demands, Erik is gone and won’t be coming back and I'm here. And you’re happy?’
He placed their bowls in the sink and stood behind her gently massaging her shoulders.
Kara grinned, ‘Never been better.’
* * *
Tyra reached for the door handle and let Erik inside. He looked utterly miserable. She offered him a coffee as he sat down on the bean bag in the living room of her house.
‘I’ll take it that your excellent plan didn’t go so well huh?’ Tyra said passing him the coffee and sitting on the floor, leaning back against the sofa.
‘I made the mistake of calling her Katrina…’ Erik barely whispered.
‘You did what??’ Tyra knew things could only have gone bad from there. Kara hated anyone calling her Katrina. She absolutely despised the name. And anyone who used the name when addressing her.
‘She told me never to come around again or to call her…She said “Go home Erik. Don’t let me see you around here again or I’ll call the police.” The police, Tyra!’ a tear slid down his cheek as he placed his head in his hands. ‘My best friend, the one girl I really, really like…Calling the police on me.’
‘Oh Erik,’ Tyra leaned over and wrapped her arms around him. ‘It’ll be okay. Just wait. If this is meant to last it will, and you’ll find someone else. But if it’s not meant to be then they will be over soon enough and you’ll have your chance.’
Erik sighed, ‘Yea maybe you’re right. Anyway, thanks Ty but I’d probably better get home. We have some family meeting that I'm now late for.’
Erik hugged Tyra goodbye and left.
* * *
Tyra sighed and sat down in the bean bag Erik had just vacated, letting her mind wonder. Kara was her best friend. The girls had spent hours of their lives planning their futures married to various different guys that they either liked or, in Tyra’s case, were going out with. They could sit around for hours on end sipping Chai Lattes and imagining how their future would pan out. Firstly they would discuss what it would be like in uni when they would both have moved out of hame and be sharing an apartment somewhere near the beach. Followed by, long detailed conversations about their combined wedding with the ten-tiered chocolate cake. And lastly their married lives where they would still see each other all the time and bring their kids up together as a family. They would talk about Sunday lunches where their kids would complain about having to go see the other again but end up enjoying themselves and about the time before their kids when they would meet up for dinner. They would let the boys talk or play video games or watch football after dinner while they had coffee and discussed none other than their husbands. Most of the time the guys varied, depending on not much more than who was hot and who was not, really. However, as of late the two girls had been pretty certain of the guys in their futures; Corey and Sam.
After a strenuous break up with Damien a couple of months earlier Tyra had sworn off guys. Completely sworn off guys.
‘I’ll never love anyone again,’ she had told Kara, who herself had spent the previous couple of months pointing out how wrong Damien was for Tyra, how rude and arrogant and selfish he was. Of course Tyra hadn’t listened and had been forced to discover this the hard way. But now about six months later she’d finally found someone. Someone was Sam. Sam was tall with gorgeous blond hair that constantly fell across his face. He had bright green eyes and a vibrant smile that can from so deep within him that he could make even Kara smile when she was in a bad mood.
Sam went to St. Margaret’s with Tyra, Cassie and Ryan. All four of them were moving to Sunnyside High the coming Monday. Their parents had all wanted them to go to a school with a religious based education however when they reached grade eleven they had all convinced their parents to let them have a say in their education. Things were on edge a bit between Cassie and Ryan so Tyra was completely unsure as to whether either of them would end up moving or not even though Cassie was so eager. She hadn’t really stopped talking about it since the four of them had been accepted to the advanced program at Sunnyside High but no one really knew for sure how much longer her and Ryan would last or whether her parents would go through with letting her move or not. They were a rich-ish Christian family who refused to accept that their daughter could still be a Christian if she didn’t go to a Christian school.
Sam already knew Corey. The two of them had been best friends in primary school and got along really well so that just made Kara and Tyra’s wedding plans seem even more perfect. Their guys were best friends and they were practically sisters.
Tyra was everything Kara had ever envied; tall, thin, popular, talkative, confident, funny, beautiful and smart. She was one of the few people in the world who could make Kara smile or laugh, one of the only people who understood the situation with her mother. Kara didn’t really tell anyone about her mum. They either thought she was over reacting or they didn’t care. No one believed her and then she went from being a responsible, mature girl to an annoying liar in the space of about five seconds.
Tyra picked up the final forms she needed to fill out before Monday for the school. TYRA ANDREWS she printed in the name space.
Her phone rang startling her from her thoughts. Tyra was busy trying to remember every grade she had received since high school began three years beforehand.
‘Hey baby,’ she said glancing at her caller ID before she answered.
‘Tyra, finished filling in those forms yet?’ Sam asked.
‘Am I the only one who has no idea what grade she received for year eight Chemistry?’ Tyra laughed.
‘Probably not. So, any chance we can do something tonight?’ Sam was hopeful. He’d been sick during the week and hadn’t seen Tyra since Wednesday. As it was now Saturday night he was eager to be with her.
‘Well you can always come over if you want to. Or we could go somewhere. I think Kara and Corey are having dinner, we can always go crash just to annoy,’ she joked.
‘It’s been ages since I’ve hung out with Corey,’ Sam replied, being serious unlike Tyra. ‘Maybe we could.’
Tyra rolled her eyes, ‘Uh Sam I think tonight was more for them to hang out and for us to hang out rather than you and Corey ignoring us both while you play some random, stupid video game.’
‘Yea, true. Besides I really want to see you…So should I come and pick you up in half an hour? We can go out for dinner or something,’ Sam suggested.
‘Ok. See you then,’ Tyra hung up the phone and sighed.
She knew Kara really liked Corey. She knew he was one of Sam’s best friends. And when she’d met Corey she quite liked him too but Tyra was worried about Kara going out with Corey. She was worried that maybe it wasn’t the best idea for Kara to be dating someone while she was emotionally unstable. But then she had to admit that Kara was a lot happier now that Corey was in her life than she had been for a long time previously.
* * *
They plonked down on the couch next to each other with their bowls of chocolate pudding. Corey lifted his spoon to his mouth and bit into the moist pudding. Noticing how much richer it was than the one his mum made. Noticing how delicious it was. Noticing how delicate Kara’s grip was on her spoon as broke off a delicate amount of pudding and raised it to her mouth. Noticing how when she truly smiled, her already bright blue eyes sparkled brighter until he couldn’t help smile at how happy she seemed.
‘Honey, that tasted so good,’ he said leaning over to kiss her as he placed his bowl on the table. She grinned and kissed him back. Kara ate the last of her pudding and picked up their bowls.
‘There are DVDs in the holder next to the TV. Choose whichever you want while I stack the dishwasher,’ Kara said, disappearing into the kitchen.
Corey jumped off the couch and scanned the titles, mostly girly movies with a few others thrown in, evidently mostly Kara’s collection. Corey glanced over the counter and caught her watching him.
‘I don’t know,’ he shrugged. ‘You choose.’
She raised her eyebrows, ‘Are you sure you want to do that? That could be a dangerous move…’
‘Ok, ok. Fine, this one will do,’ he said drawing a random DVD from behind his back and holding it up.
She smiled, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding. I love that movie.’
‘Good,’ he grinned. ‘That’s exactly what I was looking for. Something you love.’
‘The DVD player’s plugged in, put in the DVD for me would you?’
Corey turned around to face the TV and pushed the button to open the DVD player as Kara turned on the dishwasher. By the time she had returned to the lounge room Corey had returned to his seat on the couch. Kara came and sat next to him, pushing the play button on the remote.
‘So…’ she said as the opening credits started. ‘Have I told you I love you yet today?’
Corey grinned, ‘Indeed you have.’
‘Hmm. Ok then. Good.’
‘Not that I’d mind hearing it again.’
She grinned and settled back against him, ‘I love you.’
‘I love you too,’ he said playing with her hair.
Kara turned her face towards the movie, pretending to be paying attention even though there was no way she could concentrate, not with him behind her, running his finger through her hair and doing the same thing as her. Pretending to watch a movie neither of them cared about

Submitted: October 15, 2009

© Copyright 2021 TimeTruthHearts. All rights reserved.


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