Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Corey walked up to the door of a house just on the border of Sunnyside and Stormy Hills. He thought the address sounded familiar but he couldn’t for the life of him remember why.
Corey worked on Wednesday nights for his uncle helping him to deliver pizzas. His cousin, Riley would drive him to the house they needed to go to and then he’d deliver the pizza inside and they’d go to the next house. He usually finished at around five thirty so that he could be home with a pizza before his mum got home from work.
They were late reaching this house. It was around five twenty and this pizza had been ordered for around five. It was Corey’s last pizza before he could head home for the night and he was anxious to get home and see if Kara was on MSN. He wanted to make sure she was alright. It might be something that you have had to see or experience for yourself before you notice it in other people but he saw signs of severe depression in her eyes.
He rang the door bell and waited a moment. He saw a figure walk down the passageway of the house and rub her eyes sleepily.
‘Just a second,’ the girl said and he heard a familiar jingle of keys as she opened the door.
‘Thanks, there you-,' The girl broke of in mid sentence and Corey thought he recognised the voice. ‘Corey?’
The girl opened the screen door. Standing before him in daggy brown trackies and a pink jumper with pushed up sleeves, shoulder length red-brown hair a mess, eyes red from crying and dark scars just poking out from the sides of her watch was Kara.
‘Ka-Kara? What are you- Oh right that’s why the address seemed familiar,’ Corey stammered.
Riley beeped the car’s horn, obviously impatient and ready to get going.
‘Do you want to come in?’ Kara asked sniffling.
‘Actually I’d love to. Just give me a sec, okay?’ with that Corey handed her the pizza and raced back down the driveway to the car. Taking out his own wallet he gave Riley the money for both his pizza, which he grabbed out of the heater bag, and Kara’s pizza, which he had forgotten to get the money for and just decided he would pay for anyway.
Handing the money over he said, ‘Thanks Riley but you don’t have to take me home tonight. I have other plans.’
‘Corey what should I tell your mum? You know she expects me to join you for dinner too,’ Riley said as Corey got out of the car.
‘Tell her,’ Corey started. ‘Tell her I’m having dinner with a friend. And if she puts up a fight or seems disappointed tell her it’s a girl but you should stay and have dinner anyway. Mum needs the company and you know she loves seeing you.’
‘Have fun Core. You can walk home from here. You only live two streets over.’
‘I know. See ya later Riley.’ With that Corey picked up his pizza and headed up to Kara’s front door again.
The screen door was closed and Kara seemed to have disappeared again. Corey knocked but he really didn’t need to because Kara was already reaching for the handle.
Corey stepped inside and watched as Kara cautiously closed and locked the doors before leading him down the passageway that he’d see her come from before and into the kitchen.
‘Take a seat,’ Kara said. ‘I’ll be back in a second.’
And with that she left the room and headed further into the house back into her bedroom. She stopped her music and clicked appear offline on the MSN home page before grabbing the jar of Nutella and retuning to the kitchen.
Placing the jar in the cupboard she turned to face Corey who was looking at her strangely.
“What?’ She asked.
‘You are just full of surprises, that’s all. You know I never would have picked you as the type to eat Nutella straight from the jar. You somehow seem like more of a peanut butter person to me.’ Corey laughed.
* * *
Corey picked up another piece of pizza. He wished he knew what to say to Kara. Neither of them seemed to know exactly what to talk about. The entire meal so far had been awkward.
‘So,’ Corey said glancing around. ‘Where is everyone? I thought you had two sisters and a brother…Don’t you?’
At the mention of her family Kara sighed, ‘You know I’m not just invisible at school. I’m also invisible at home. I am very rarely noticed and when they do notice me it’s usually just because they want something. Oh and where are they? Hmm let me think…Well first off mum is always taking them places,’ Kara was starting to get really worked up now. Her face was red and she was raising her voice. Corey laid a hand on her arm and she calmed a little bit before continuing, ‘No joke, I’m left here on my own so often. I come home from school, find the house empty and a note on the bench over there saying: “Katrina I’ve just taken the kids to” whatever place she decides to take them, “have dinner and go to bed. We will be home late” you know, no love mum, nope, nothing like that. That sort of stuff is reserved for my brother and sisters; they are the ones that mum and dad love. They-‘
‘Kara. Stop!’ Corey said as calmly as he could. He didn’t quite know what to say to this. He didn’t know what he could do to make her realise that surely her family loved her.
‘They do love you. Nothing you say is going to change that. I mean I already know enough about your family to know that I shouldn’t be here. But I’m here aren’t I? What does that tell you about what I think of your parent’s rules?’ Pausing Corey took a deep breath. ‘So they went shopping you say?’
‘Well yea. That’s what the letter said…’ Kara replied getting up, placing the empty pizza boxes in the recycling and putting the kettle on. ‘Coffee, tea, hot chocolate?’
‘I’ll have a hot chocolate thanks’ Corey responded.
‘Although, I guess I can’t be sure,’ Kara said getting out the drinking chocolate, milk and sugar.
‘Don’t be like that,’ Corey said, almost shocked that she was so doubting. If Corey’s mum had said she was going shopping Corey would have never questioned it.
‘Like what?’ Kara poured the hot water and placed everything on the table with teaspoons so that Corey could do his own.
‘The whole Doubting Thomas act,’ Corey retorted.
Kara stirred her hot chocolate, ‘Everyone knows I’m good at doubting people. I’m sorry it’s just what I’ve become over the past few years.’
Curiously Corey asked ‘Do you doubt me?’
‘I don’t know…That’s the most truthful answer I can give you. Very rarely…I don’t know…maybe. Not really,’ Kara rambled not making much sense.
‘Okay,’ Corey said, pausing for a second. ‘But you have doubted me haven’t you?’
Kara was hesitant about how to answer that question but she decided all she could do was tell the truth and hope that Corey wouldn’t react badly, ‘Yea, I guess I have to say I have. But like I said I doubt everybody, it’s just how I am. So don’t take it personally or anything.’
Curiosity got the better of him and he continued questioning, ‘So what have you doubted me on? I mean I’m not blaming you or anything like that, I’m just interested to know.’
Kara looked up. She wasn’t sure what to say. Gazing into Corey’s eyes she knew he wasn’t trying to pick on her, he was just curious but somehow she just had no idea what to say. Sighing, Kara took a deep breath and continued to answer the questions being fired her way, ‘I guess it’s just the fact that you actually seem to care. It’s kind of freaky. See there I go again with the “seem to’s” There’s no stopping me.’
Corey leaned over and gave her a hug, ‘Surely you must realise that I care about you. If you ever believe anything in your life, believe that.’
Tears formed once more in Kara’s eyes as she stood up, taking all the dishes and heading to the sink, ‘You know you don’t have to say that. I’ll be fine without your pity.’
‘Gosh Kara, what am I going to have to do to prove I’m telling the truth? Why can’t you just for once in your life believe what someone says to you?’ As Kara crumpled and began bawling her eyes out yet again Corey continued, ‘I care about you so, so much Kara, but you’ve been blind to it for so long. Do you want to know the reason people are blind to you? It’s because you are blind to love. It’s because you’ve had some crappy experiences in your life time and you just can’t seem to open your eyes, open your heart to what it’s like to be cared about. Come on Kara, try and find it in your heart to believe me.’
‘I just need time,’ Kara said shakily. ‘Seriously I think it’s about time you left. I’ll see you in homeroom tomorrow. I guess we could always talk at lunch time again.’
Corey looked into her eyes. He could see that Kara was being dead serious. If he didn’t leave now he would never have a chance. If he didn’t walk straight out that door she would never trust him and if she didn’t start to trust him then he knew her life was as good as over.
‘Alright but call if you need me. I’ll talk to you tomorrow I guess. And Kara, I meant every word I said. I do care about you; I care about you so, so much.’ And with that he stood up and walked out the door.
Kara watched him go. As soon as she heard the door shut she crumpled. She lay crying her eyes out.

Submitted: October 14, 2009

© Copyright 2021 TimeTruthHearts. All rights reserved.


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