Chapter 7:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Corey pulled into her driveway and stopped for a moment wondering for the millionth time if it was stupid to be here but right then he really didn’t care. He needed to know that she was safe. He felt like someone had to be with her, keeping her company and watching out for her.
Corey walked up to the door and knocked twice, turning the knob which he discovered to be unlocked.
‘Kara?’ he peered inside, unsure of whether to just walk in or if he should wait for her to come to the door. ‘Can I come in?’
‘The door is unlocked,’ Came a faint reply from the back end of the house.
Corey stepped inside and walked down the hallway. He hadn’t been in the back end of the house before and didn’t really know where he was heading but he finally found Kara, curled up on the couch in the very back room of the house with a book lying open on the ground where it had clearly been dropped.
Taking off his jacket and placing it neatly over the arm of a chair he walked towards her. He sat down at the other end of the couch just watching her to see what she’d do. Corey didn’t know why exactly but he couldn’t speak. There was nothing he could say to Kara right now, nothing to fix things, nothing to make them even slightly better. She was fading faster than he could save her.
After ten minutes of just sitting there Kara looked up, as if noticing for the first time that he was there. Slightly unravelling herself from the blanket she’d been curled up in, she crawled across the couch and into Corey’s lap.
‘Thank you,’ Kara whispered, glancing up at him with tears running down her cheeks. Still he didn’t say anything. He merely pulled the blanket up over her to keep her warm and wrapped his arms around her, holding her safe and close.
During the early hours of the morning he watched as she fell asleep in his arms. He couldn’t sleep. There was no way that he felt tired. It was as though he was mesmerized, watching her, running his fingers gently through her hair.
Pity filled his heart and he felt sorry that he couldn’t do more for her. If only there was some way that he could save her from the demons hiding in her closet, or so to speak.
* * *
In the early hours of the morning Kara woke up. She felt strange, different. Different. Something was different. It didn’t strike her until she went to stand up and found herself being held by two strong arms.
‘Last night,’ she whispered, looking behind her to where Corey sat, asleep in the corner of the couch. She gently pulled his arms off her and climbed out of his grasp. She stopped in her room, grabbed clothes for the day and had a shower.
Emerging from the bathroom ten minutes later she pulled her hair into a neat pony tail and walked into the kitchen. Looking over the bench she could see Corey still asleep in the lounge room. Kara shook her head, how anyone could sleep to such hours of the morning was well and truly beyond her.
As she got out the ingredients for pancakes she glanced at the clock on the oven, 7:15. It was LATE. Kara didn’t know whether to wake Corey up or not. Do you wake up the person who came over to stay with you at one in the morning?
She simply decided to let him sleep and set to work making pancake stacks, blueberry and chocolate chip.
Once she’d finished cooking she divided the pancakes and took them into the lounge room along with maple syrup and sugar. She placed the plates on the living room table and poured maple syrup over hers.
Corey shifted beside her. ‘Mmm,’ he mumbled. ‘Something smells good.’
He sat up and Kara passed him a plate. He accepted it gratefully, pushing the blanket off his lap and moving so that he was sitting next to her.
They both began eating in comfortable silence except for Corey’s occasional comments on how nice the food tasted. Kara simply brushed these comments off with a shrug but inside it wade her feel really happy, like for once somebody actually appreciated what she was doing, somebody cared about her efforts.
They did the dishes and Kara grabbed her bag as they walked out the front door. Kara locked the door and Corey walked over to his car.
He looked at her, gave her his infamous heart-melting smile and said, ‘You wanna drive?’
She looked at him like he was mad (which he probably was letting her behind the wheel of a car…and not just any car either – HIS car), ‘You want me to drive? Your car?’
He simply laughed, nodding, ‘If you want to.’
‘I haven’t driven in months,’ she protested.
He threw the keys at her, ‘Come on then, I want to see you try.’
He laughed as she gave him a sceptical look and threw the keys back at him, ‘No way, not on your life.’
And with that she opened the passenger door and got in. Corey laughed as he put the keys in the ignition and started the car. Kara snuck a look at him out of the corner of her eye before changing the radio station. He gave her a look of mock disgust when she turned to her favourite radio station, the only Christian radio station in the city.
It was halfway through playing what was apparently one of her favourite songs and she started singing along under her breath.
Corey watched her out of the corner of his eyes as she sang the words that she’d heard and pondered over so many times.
We watch her struggle as she faces a new pain everyday. We sit in silence coz we don’t know what to say. Can we make it better or are we just making it worse? Will she make it out alive? Will she tell us where it hurts?
Kara turned away from him, pressing the side of her face against the cool glass of the window and watching as her familiar neighbourhood flashed before her eyes.
There’s pain in her life that no one could find, the small family that loved her have left her behind.
Corey listened as her voice caught on the next words of the song, knowing that this was something that she truly felt from the bottom of her heart.
She may seem to hate the world but most she hates herself for not being able to pick up the pieces when she fell.
As they drew closer to the school Corey watched as she crumpled again, not crying this time but almost hiding. Not wanting to be seen and payed out for the millionth time in her life. Just wanting to go back to the safeness she felt not long before.
As the pulled into the student car park he reached for her hand and listened as the song ended softly in the background.
What secrets lie behind the scars across her wrists? How long can she go on like this? What other things about her have we missed?
He felt the tears caught in his eyes as he realised just how true this song was for her. He realised for the first time just how much Kara needed him and he felt really grateful that he was the one who got to hold her, comfort her, love her.
The got out and Corey met her at the front of the car, pulling her into a hug.
‘It’s going to be okay,’ he whispered in her ear. ‘I'm not going anywhere.’
And for once in her life Kara believed that everything really would be okay.
* * *
When they entered their homeroom class that day the class went quiet, if you could call constant whispers and glances quiet that is.
‘What the hell is going on between them?’ Hana whispered to Sara.
‘I don’t know,’ Sara whined. ‘It’s not fair though.’
Ellie and Kris waved them over to sit with them at their four person desk. Corey glanced at Kara for approval of the seating arrangement. She just shrugged and followed him as he pulled her over to sit with them.
At the back of the room there were cries of ‘oo-la-la’ and ‘Keep it in the pants, kiddies,’ from Aaron, Samantha and Rachel.
Kara dropped her bag, sat down next to Corey and shrunk down in her seat. Miss Katherine entered and told Aaron, Jason and Max to ‘Get your butts off the tables and onto those chairs immediately.’ They laughed and threw a series of paper planes at her.
She simply laughed and said, ‘Sit on the desks for all I care but if you boys don’t stop harassing the poor girls sitting behind you I will have no choice but to move you to the floor at the front.’ At this point Samantha, Rachel and Anna all began to blush uncontrollably while the rest of the class laughed. The boys stopped straddling their legs over the girls’ chairs and slipped into their seats without a word. All six of them slowly sunk down in their seats, faces beetroot red.
But throughout this entire exchange there were two people in the class who made no effort to watch the morning’s excitement let alone participate or even crack a slight smile. Kara sat still as could be, staring at the clock, watching the seconds tick slowly by, aware of a pair of piercing eyes glaring at her head.
Sara sat at the desk behind Kara, Corey, Ellie and Kris, her fierce green eyes flashing angrily at Kara as she whispered furiously to Hana, Kate and Claire. The three girls, though beginning to become bored with the topic of conversation all backed her up saying that it simply wasn’t fair to her that Kara, who nobody knew anything about, could suddenly waltz in to their classroom during their lessons and suddenly have complete reign over all Sara had ever wanted.
The bell finally rang for lesson change overs and Kara grabbed her bag and walked out the door as fast as her legs would carry her. But suddenly there was someone else at her side. She looked to her left as Ellie slipped her arm through Kara’s.
‘So,’ Ellie said. ‘I guess I have a lot of ground to make up with you on the friendship basis, huh?’

Submitted: October 15, 2009

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