Chapter 9:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Kara stood in the doorway to her bedroom. It was four thirty which meant that she had half an hour to get ready before her cousin Andrew would pick her up to get to the church for band rehearsals. She was wearing daggy trackies and an old jumper. Knowing she couldn’t actually go out dressed like that Kara walked through her room to her wardrobe and pushed the sliding doors to one side so that she could survey the choices.
Grabbing her black three-quarter length pants and her purple Little Miss Shy t-shirt she walked into the bathroom and had a quick shower. In disgust she looked at her knotty mass of shoulder length red-brown hair, trying to decide what to do with it.
Returning to her room she turned up the volume on her music and grabbed her brush. After combing the knots out she gently pulled her hair into a loose side braid. The “fringe” that her grandmother had insisted upon cutting into her hair a few years back was still shorter than the rest of her hair and this hug loosely by the side of her face. She sighed, not yet ready to go anywhere with anyone. At that moment all she wanted more than anything was to stay on her own. Just for a few more minutes, that was all she needed.
Kara glanced at the photo frame that always sat on her desk as she pulled on two different socks and put in two different earrings. Pink and purple socks with pink and purple hearts - that had always been her favourite combination.
The photo was old. Kara was about ten in it and Andrew - who was about six month older than her - had had his eleventh birthday just a week before. The photo was taken on Christmas day. Kara was sitting on the ground squirming while Drew tickled her ferociously. They were both laughing and the smiles on their faces were enormous. In the other part of the two-photo frame there was another one of the two of them that had been taken just moments later. They had their arms around each other, fondue sticks in their hands with chocolate coated goodies on the end, chocolate all over their faces and a huge chocolate fondue dish in front of them. This was back in the days when Kara and Drew were best friends. They did everything together…or at least they had up until the accident. Kara’s Uncle was killed in a car accident three days after these photos. Ever since the accident things had been bad. Kara had been so close to her cousins. It hurt so bad to see them going through such horror. She loved Uncle Dave to death. He was crazy and was always doing the funniest, stupidest things. There was the time Drew broke his leg falling off the roof. Uncle Dave, who had taken him to the hospital then proceeded to get a cast put on his leg as well as Drew’s so that he could hobble around on crutches with Drew until his cast had to come off.
He used to juggle glasses despite Auntie Kathryn’s constant protests that he would break them and yet somehow he never did. There were just so many good memories.
Kara had been forced to sit on the sidelines ever since and watch as her five cousins went through all sorts of horrible things. Her aunt became an incurable insomniac. On the rare occasion that Kara would stay over at their house she would often catch her aunt crying her way through house work in the early hours of the morning. Her eldest cousin, Anna had become a real “party girl”, going out to night clubs and getting drunk every night. Sex, drugs and alcohol became her way of life. She had a different boyfriend every time Kara saw her. Michael, who was the next oldest, had become over involved in sports, dropping out of school and training all day everyday as well as playing football, cricket, rugby, soccer, basketball and being involved in track and field events. Drew was the only one really doing okay. He struggled some days, but that was only natural given the circumstances. He was going steady with his girlfriend of three years, Amber who was really nice and got along really well with Kara. After a short amount of time off school he had gone back to continue his studies and was still doing fairly well. Abbey was eight when her dad died, about a year and a half younger than Kara. She was now fifteen and in grade nine and didn’t talk very much, if at all. She and Kara got along well because they could sit around in comfortable silence and never feel like they had to have some huge conversation about things that nobody even cared about. Felix had been just a baby at the time but now at the age of seven he was sulky and always complaining that the other kids got to do things with their dads and how unfair it was that he didn’t have one. You’re telling us buddy, Kara thought. We know how you feel.
A car horn sounded out the front of the house. Kara placed the photo back on her desk, slide on her shoes and grabbed her bag which contained a drink, her wallet, lipgloss, house keys and her mobile phone.
‘Heya kiddo,’ her cousin said as she got into the car. ‘How’s things?’
He was tall, taller than Corey. His scruffy brown curls hung loosely on the top of his head and his blue eyes gazed at her, easily seeing straight through her as he’d always had the ability to do.
‘Kar? What’s going on?’ Drew started the car and they drove down her road.
‘Nothing, nothing. I'm just a bit tired. Are you going out with Amber tonight?’ Kara fiddled with his CD case, trying to find music that she liked and could convince him to listen to. Sighing she decided it wasn’t going to work and put the CD’s back.
‘Yeah, it’s three years today so we thought we’d do something special. Do you need a lift home?’ Drew was like that with Kara. It was a special night for him, for Amber and as much as she knew he’d like to be able to spend it having fun without any responsibilities like getting her home or babysitting he was the kind of guy that couldn’t help asking and if it turned out she needed a ride then he’d cut his plans short or he’d just bring Amber along to pick her up and then the two of them would go some place else afterwards.
‘Nah, it’s your night so have fun and don’t worry about me. If I get really desperate I’ll call okay?’ Kara didn’t want to keep him from enjoying his night and anyway surely Drew and Amber would rather have a night to themselves without worrying about picking her up, not that either of them would mind of course.
‘Sure. Do whatever but give me a call if you need anything,’ Drew glanced over at her for a second and reached up to ruffle her hair.
‘Don’t even think about it,’ Kara laughed grabbing his hand and pulling it away from her head. ‘How is everyone? I haven’t seen the others in ages.’
‘Oh, umm yea they…they are all okay. Which reminds me mum said to tell you to come over for lunch on Sunday if you’re not doing anything else…or are you busy?’
Kara sighed. It’s not like I have anything better to do anyway, she thought
‘Besides Corey’s away this weekend,’ she didn’t realise she’d said this last bit out loud until Drew looked at her funny,
‘Who’s Corey?’ he asked. ‘Oh, Kara’s got a boyfriend.’
‘Shut up Drew,’ she hit him on the arm, not hard just fiercely enough for him to know she meant it.
‘Oh, I'm going to tell mum,’ he said in a sing-song voice.
‘Andrew James Curtis,’ she said ignoring the looks of disgust he gave her for using his full name.
Drew noticed how she stopped for a second and changed her tone. Instead of sounding mean she now sounded sort of sweet. He looked at his cousin that he regarded as a little sister, the only one of his cousins he didn’t hate and also the only one of his cousins that wasn’t a spoilt little brat. The way she looked at him was sweet and innocent.
‘Drew, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’d like him. The two of you are so alike it’s not funny. You’re both kind and funny and gorgeous and-’
‘He sounds cool,’ Drew interrupted. ‘You’ll have to bring him over for dinner sometime. I’d love to meet him and you know how mum adores my friends and your friends because none of the others bring anyone home to meet her. Well, except for maybe one of Anna’s boyfriends.’ He stopped talking and made a gagging sound.
Kara couldn’t help but laugh. She leaned over and kissed her cousin on the cheek, ‘Love you. Have fun with Amber and say hi for me okay?’
‘Will do,’ he said laughing as he leaned over to give her a hug. ‘Have a good time and call me if you need anything.’
Kara nodded and got out of the car. She waved as he drove out of the car park. The first thing Kara did when she stepped inside was go to the kitchen to get a glass of hot water.
‘Helps warm up your vocal chords,’ Alex McKenzie had said once. ‘I hear Bono does it before a performance or recording.’
Macca was the head of the sound and lighting people at youth group. He always had crazy theories about what would help people warm their voice up and help them sing better and whether they worked or not, no one could argue with him.
Kara stood in the kitchen drinking a glass of hot water when she heard voices coming down the hallway. Knowing very well that the only other people in the building at that time of day would be other members of the band or tech teams or someone who was setting up, she placed her glass in the sink and stepped into the hallway.
She couldn’t help laughing as Darren Malacian, a kid she knew from primary school who would be singing with her that night, walked towards her recapping some major event that had happened at his school that day to Erik.
Erik saw Kara standing there and waved her over. Together the three of them walked into the church auditorium. Macca called Erik over to the sound desk and Kara and Darren dawdled down the main aisle to the stage down the front. Kara dumped her drink bottle, wallet and jumper in a pile on the floor where she always sat because she preferred the floor to chairs and then joined the rest of the band up on stage for a sound check.
The introduction to God Above was played by Jimmy on drums and Dan and Andy on guitar as Kara, Darren and the band leader, Kim got ready to sing.
As I look at the world I begin to dream, of the future and what is yet to be. Your love so strong for everyone, You made us all in your image.
The music built up as they came to the pre chorus and Darren began bouncing all over the stage and the floor in front of it.
You came from God above, the Father’s only son, saved my soul, made me new, now I live for You.
Kara looked at Erik signalling him to turn her down in the fold-back as she became distinctly aware of how loud her voice seemed to her. She knew Erik would do it to please her and then gradually change it back anyway but she just needed it done. She couldn’t stand the sound of her own voice, to her she sounded sad and pathetic and it wasn’t something she liked to hear.
The music changed and before she knew it her favourite song, The Stand was being played by the other members of the band. Kara knew that right about now Kim would welcome everyone and then they would sing but since it was only the rehearsals she simply said, ‘you ready?’ and lifted her microphone.
You stood before creation, eternity in Your hands; You spoke the earth into motion, My soul now to stand.
An hour later they were just finishing up rehearsal when the youth pastor, Mark walked through the door. He came up to see what songs were being used and was infinitely pleased with the list, saying it went really well with his talk.
The band, tech team and Mark prayed before dispersing for about fifteen minutes before the service started. Kara took a sip from her drink bottle and caught up with Erik as he headed out the door. Together they went out to the foyer to try and find Cassie, Ryan, Andrei and Tyra.
The four of them weren’t exactly hard to spot. The three girls were standing just inside the front door laughing their heads off at Ryan who had a slightly embarrassed grin on his face. He spotted Kara and Erik and waved them over. Kara hadn’t moved more than three steps before she was suddenly bombarded with hugs.
This was it, her place, the place where she was noticed, the place where she existed, the only thing aside from Corey that gave her any pleasure in life - Youth Group.
It was home to Kara. The place she lived was just a lifeless empty house but this; this church was so much more than that. She’d grown up in the church just as she’d grown up at her house but through it all she’d always felt more involved in the church, more a part of the church than her own family.
Kara laughed catching Tyra as the younger girl leapt into her open arms. Younger maybe, but Tyra was tall (heaps taller than Kara who was in actual fact very, very short) with deep brown hair and thoughtful hazel eyes. Kara had only known her since the start of year eight when they had been “bus buddies” on a camp but she was still one of Kara’s closest, in fact one of Kara’s only friends.
The doors to the church opened and arm in arm Kara and Tyra walked into the main church auditorium, followed by Erik, Andrei, Cassie and Ryan.
* * *
Corey and Ellie climbed out of Corey’s car and looked up at the building to see the inside doors opening and groups of kids from their age down to the little year eights going into another room.
They grabbed their wallets and locked the car, heading slowly up the front steps of the building. They could hear the music before they were even inside. It was loud and upbeat as Ellie and Corey strained to hear what they were singing.
Searching the world the lost will be found, With freedom we live As one we cry out, My God I’ll only ever give my all.
Corey followed Ellie through the door and the two of them looked at the stage. On stage there was a band and three singers.
Ellie was watching the stage. The younger girl and the guy that were up on stage were jumping around as the song came to an end.
Take, take, take it all! Take, take, take it all! Take, take, take it all!
The guy jumped off the stage into the small crowd of kids gathered at the front, the girl stayed where she was.
‘Hey guys. How is everyone tonight?’ the girl spoke
Corey gasped his eyes zoning in on the girl speaking, ‘El, Isn’t that…’ He looked at Ellie.
And together they realised, ‘Kara!’
They watched in amazement as a girl they thought they were beginning to understand turned into someone they didn’t know right in front of their eyes.
‘She’s so…confident,’ Ellie said.
Corey couldn’t take his eyes from the stage. He was coming to the realisation that the girl he knew had other sides to her that he was yet to discover and this one he liked.
As Kara finished the notices the band leader began to speak, ‘Alright guys, that’s all the notices and stuff out the way so let’s jump to our feet and get back into some worship! This song was actually written by one of the members of tonight’s band members so we are so excited to sing it again tonight. Most of you will remember singing it last week so just give it your best and let’s get into it!’
Kara grinned widely when the girl mentioned that someone in the band had written it. Corey and Ellie exchanged a look. They both knew just from the smile on her face that it had been Kara who had written the song.
On stage Kara and the guy looked at one another and nodded. The music started at the exact time that they jumped off the stage and switched sides and then tossed one another their microphones over the worship leader’s head. A group of kids were gathering at the front again. Seats didn’t seem very favourable in this youth group. Sure there were thirty or so kids still in their seat but the group of around twenty that were crammed into the area at the front, jumping around and really getting into it, seemed so much larger some how.
I tried to find the meaning of life, Somebody told me I was looking for you And now I know whatever I find There is nobody who can do what you do, In so many days, In all of those ways When I was looking for the way to your heart But I wouldn’t see, whatever it be Somebody loving you for who you are.
Ellie led Corey into the empty back row of seating and the two of them watched dumb-founded as a new confident Kara stood before them. Her eyes scanned the crowd absent-mindedly as she danced with the other guy and sung the lyrics to the song.
Why does the rain fall down? What causes the sun to rise each morning? Why did it take so long to give you my heart when you gave me the meaning of life?
The guy chucked his microphone at Kara and then did a flip before catching it when she threw it back. The two of them laughed as he stumbled slightly on landing causing people in the crowd to burst into laughter and cheers and screams. Beside him Corey heard Ellie giggle but he couldn’t take his eyes off the girl in front of him.
And deep inside, With all that I have, I'm gonna love you more than ever before. I didn’t know the life that I had Could only show me how I needed you more, In so many days, In all of those ways When I was looking for the way to your heart But I wouldn’t see, whatever it be Somebody loving you for who you are.
The kids burst into the chorus, everyone around Ellie and Corey singing at the tops of their lungs, some raising hands in the air and others linking arms and swaying. It was a crazy atmosphere.
Corey watched in astonishment as the shy, scared girl he’d come to know so well took a step forward and began a solo.
You understand me, You know that I need you, Your love I feel inside And I won’t deny the feeling when I begin to understand the way you feel…About me, yeah.
The music died down until it was just Kara’s voice. That was when Corey saw some of the girl he knew. Her small and vulnerable voice came softly through the speakers.
Because you showed me the meaning of life.
Cheers erupted as the kids began drifting back to their seats. The band placed down their instruments and took up places in either the back or front row. Kara joined a small group of girls that were sitting on the floor right at the front.
Noticing her take up a spot between two girls on the floor he couldn’t help smile. Kara was one of those people who liked to sit on the floor. She felt safer closer to the ground. Kara laughed quietly and leaned her head lightly on her friend’s shoulder before turning her attention to the middle aged man up the front.
* * *
The service moved many people in the room that night. It even got Corey thinking about religion in a different way to how he usually would, not quite so negative but also not in a way that would make him change his mind about it either. Glancing next to him he noticed the silent tears sliding down Ellie’s face. He reached over and put his arm around her. He couldn’t quite understand it himself. Nothing terribly emotional jumped out at him but somehow a lot of people in the room seemed to have been effected emotionally. The band got back up on stage and the song was set as a reflection time. They were to listen to the band and let God’s mercy and grace just was over them.
Corey didn’t know about being seriously effected by sitting there listening to a song for a few minutes but if it meant he could watch the stage, watch Kara sing for just a few minutes then he could sit through it.
The lights dimmed back, really low so that even the band could hardly be seen as the soft music started. From his seat Corey could see both of the girls taking deep breaths and wiping their eyes and suddenly he didn’t want to be sitting where he was anymore. Instead he wanted to be with Kara, comforting her rather than letting her cry alone. As they began to sing the vulnerability in each of the singers’ voices was evident.
You stood before creation,
Eternity in Your hands;
You spoke the earth into motion,
My soul now to stand.
You stood before my failure
And carried the cross for my shame
My sin weighed upon your shoulders
My soul now to stand.
* * *
As the band sang people slowly began to rise to their feet. Corey stayed where he was as Ellie rose beside him. He waited until the song was over and the youth pastor, who’d introduced himself as Mark, sent them out to café.
Kids streamed past them. Kara climbed off the stage and threw her arms around the guy she’d been singing with.
‘We did it! My song! It worked!’ she exclaimed as he lifted her off the ground and swung her around.
He put her down and laughed, ‘I told you it would Kar, I told you.’
He excused himself to go and talk to someone else and Kara made a beeline for the group of girls she’d been sitting with who’d now been joined by two guys, one whom Corey recognised as her friend Erik from school. Kara hung back a bit with a tall, thin girl with perfect brown hair and hazel eyes. They had their arms around each other and that’s when Corey saw the sadness in her again. While her face may have been happy, her eyes gave everything away. He could still see the hurt in her eyes as she laughed at something someone said.
The small group gathered around the counter at the café, purchasing drinks, chocolate and lollies, before heading outside to sit in the middle of the car park.
Kara sat down between Tyra and Andrei and lay back to look at the stars. She loved doing this. She could get completely lost up there. To her it was a whole other world that could take her away, take her to anywhere.
Erik took a sip from his Sunkist and looked up towards the church stairs.
‘Hey Kara,’ he said. ‘Isn’t that Ellie?’
Erik knew Ellie because they’d had a few classes together back in year nine.
‘It is,’ Erik laughed waving her over. ‘And she’s with that guy, the one you’ve been hanging out with so much lately.’
Kara sat up as Ellie and another guy appeared behind Erik. She squinted but couldn’t see who it was.
‘Hey there,’ the guy said sitting down next to her. Kara realising the guy next to her was Corey mumbled something incomprehensible and crawled over so that she was under his arm using his leg as a pillow as she resumed her star-gazing position. He gently ran his hands through her hair and watched her as she watched the sky.
Kara sat up and whispered in his ear.
‘I was just thinking about you,’ she whispered wiping her eyes as she yawned.
Corey smiled slightly and allowed her to lean back against him.
‘Oh yeah?’ He asked. ‘And why would that be?’
‘Just acoz…’ she mumbled through a yawn. ‘This weekend is going to be horrible with out yo- Hold it.’
She sat up and looked at him, ‘Aren’t you supposed to be at your dad’s?’
He tilted his head on the side and looked at her, ‘I'm here aren’t I?’
Kara leaned against him again, ‘Yea, yea you are… But why?’
‘Well because I was going to miss you so I didn’t go and dad and Sharayia are on a business trip so I couldn’t stay with them anyw-’ Corey was cut-off by a deliberate cough on the other side of the circle.
Tyra eyed him almost guiltily. ‘So Kara, aren’t you going to introduce us to…’ She trailed off gesturing at Corey.
Kara laughed slightly, ‘Oh…right, umm, everyone this is Corey and Corey this is everyone.’
Corey pushed her away in mock disgust, ‘Well, I can see your introduction skills could use some work. “Everyone” is sooooo descriptive.’
Tyra giggled, ‘I'm Tyra. This is Andrei, Erik, Cassie and Ryan.’ She laughed again and looked at Kara, ‘See? At least I have social skills.’
Kara laughed, ‘And for those of you who haven’t met her, that’s Ellie. See? I do have social skills.’
Everyone laughed and questions were fired back and forth between Corey, Ellie and the rest of Kara’s friends for the next ten minutes. Kara leaned back against Corey listening as her friends, new and old became one. As her two lives met one another.
‘Kara?’ Erik was watching her. Suddenly right by her side he seemed to have asked her something. Corey was watching her and the two of them were obviously waiting for an answer of some form from her.
‘Huh? Sorry, what?’ Kara asked wiping her eyes once more as she sat up.
‘Nothing major,’ Erik said sitting down and fiddling with her abandoned shoes. ‘Just wanted to know if you had a ride home, I was going to head off in a minute but I was wondering if you had a ride home. I didn’t want to leave if you didn’t have one so yeah…’
‘Oh umm…I did mean to ask someone that actually,’ Kara said looking around the group trying to work out where her jacket had gone.
‘Actually I was going to ask you the same thing. See… I might have accidentally mentioned you to my mum…And now basically she wants to meet you. It’s only nine thirty now. I could still have you home by ten or whenever. She makes awesome hot chocolate,’ Corey shrugged as if hot chocolate were enough to convince most people of anything. He glanced at Ellie who was watching him, wondering exactly how she was supposed to get home.
‘And El, before you start, Erik could give you a lift home. He has to drive past your house to get home anyway. That is if you don’t min-‘
‘Of course not. If you need a ride I’ll happily give you one. Just say the word,’ Erik said quickly gathering his thing.
Ellie shrugged, ‘As long as it’s not too much trouble that would be great.’
The two of them collected their belongings and began to walk towards Erik’s bright orange Nissan 350Z which he’d saved up for from the age of about four.
Corey gently pushed Kara off his lap and began to stand. She gathered her scattered belongings and was just standing and giving Tyra a hug goodbye when her phone rang in her bag, sitting at her feet. She scrambled to find it amongst all the junk.
‘Hey Drew,’ she answered, quickly checking the caller ID.
A light tingly laugh came from the other end. ‘Oh, Amber…I'm sorry. How was dinner?’
‘Yea it was great, thanks Kar. Look umm, Drew and I were just going to go and catch a late movie before heading home but we just wanted to make sure you had a ride home first. You know how paranoid your Auntie Kathryn gets about you walking home in the dark,’ Amber giggled again.
Kara laughed. She liked Amber, in fact was beginning to love Amber. There was no one more perfect for her cousin and her laugh was contagious. It didn’t matter how much of a bad mood you were in, Amber could get you out of it in seconds.
‘I'm all good. Corey can drop me home. You guys have fun,’ Kara grinned mischievously. ‘But you know…Not too much fun.’
Amber burst into a steady stream of laughter at that, ‘We’ll try to behave.’
There was the sound of someone talking on the other end.
‘Oh and Kara,’ Amber said, trying not to laugh.
‘Yea?’ Kara sighed and looked at her watch. In a minute Corey would begin getting really fed up with her. She picked up her bag and tilted her head towards his car. They began to walk towards it slowly as Kara waited for Amber to finish what she was saying.
‘Drew says not to forget lunch on Sunday,’ Amber laughed as Drew said something in the background. ‘He’s being really mean Kara, you’d slap him if you were here…Oh and he said Corey’s free to come if he wants to, just let him know by tomorrow night.’
Kara glanced sideways at Corey, ‘We’ll see. I should go. Have fun at your movie. Give Drew a kiss for me.’
‘Night Kar.’
Kara hung up, groaned and shoved her phone back into her bag. Corey turned to face her.
‘I’ve been wanting to do this all night,’ he said as he pulled her into a tight hug.
Kara smiled and hugged him back, leaning on him for support as she felt the weight of her insane family life coming back in as it always did when she was about to head home.
As they broke apart Kara glanced at her watch. 9:37.
‘Would your mum still be awake?’ she asked.
‘Yea, she won’t sleep until I'm home so that means she’ll still be wide awake,’ Corey unlocked the car and got in. Moving his sunglasses into the glove box he put the car in gear as Kara clicked in her seat belt.
As they drove up the road towards Corey’s house he remembered Kara had said something about giving “Drew” a kiss for her.
‘So,’ he started, drawing her attention back from the sky outside. ‘Who’s Drew?’
She laughed and leaned closer to him, placing a hand on his knee, ‘Drew’s my cousin.’
‘Oh,’ Corey could feel his skin starting to go slightly red as Kara tried to restrain from giggling.
‘He’s about six months older than me, the only one of my cousins that didn’t go completely off the rails when my uncle died. We’ve always been really close. We used to do everything together,’ she glanced up at his face just as he looked down at her. She giggled mischievously. ‘Keep your eyes on the road. Anyway I'm going over to their house for lunch on Sunday…’
Kara trailed off not sure of where to go with that.
‘And…’ Corey prompted.
‘And…’ Kara started looking up at him again. ‘I was sort of wondering if you wanted to come…I mean it would just be small. My auntie, Drew, his girlfriend Amber, you and me…and it wouldn’t be any pressure or anything. Just a calm relaxing Sunday lunch which tends to lead to dinner and…’ She trailed off aware of the fact that she was rambling.
Corey smiled, ‘Well, I’d have to think about that… Sounds great… As long as it wouldn’t be any trouble. Should I bring somethi-?’
‘Nope. No. Just don’t even suggest it,’ Kara laughed as she cut him off mid-sentence. ‘Not when Auntie Kathy’s cooking. It just doesn’t happen. She cooks way too much and I end up taking half of it home for my lunches for the next week. And just no. We don’t need any more food, trust me.’
‘Okay, I trust you. So don’t bring anything. Not even a drink?’ Corey couldn’t help laughing. From the sound of Kara’s voice these family lunches were one of the only things about her family that she actually enjoyed.
‘Not even a drink,’ she laughed leaning over slightly closer to him.

Submitted: October 15, 2009

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