Chapter 1: Freak or not a freak?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Tisa was a regular 16 year old, high school girl. She was just starting 10th grade. But this isn't about 10th grade, it was about 9th grade. She lived at home with her mom and step-dad but she was very poor. She was emo as I need to mention. If I didn't that would change the entire story. Anyway...

Tisa was walking down the cluttered hallway of VCHS. It was three months into the year and she has already made 1 friend and lost it. Her name was Katherine Meller. Her and Tisa hated each other after Kat slept with her ex boyfriend. Tisa often day dreamed about killing her painfully after Nathaniel left Tisa for Kat. Anyway, Tisa was walking down the hallway and ran into Kat. Kat knocked all her books in the floor. "Sorry, Poser!" Kat said giggling with her slutty friends Kim and Miranda. Kim...How would you describe her? Mini-mini blue jean skirt, slightly faded black tank top that was see-through enough to show she was wearing no bra, black expensive eyeliner circling around her dark chocolate eyes, bright ruby red lipstick, and her black shimmering hair with bleach blonde tips. Now Miranda was a different story, tight black pants with her bright pink thong showing, high-heeled black leather knee high boots stretched over her pants, a dark brown torn shirt with the writing "I'm The Best" on the front, long flowing brown hair, with black eyeliner overcoming her eye with mystery. But then there was string yet curly shoulder length hair, bright clover green eyes smothered in black eyeliner, black bell-bottom jeans, and black see-through velvet looking top showing a pure red tank top underneath. As far as Tisa was concerned she was the prettiest of them all.
Tisa lowered herself to the ground to pick up her books. Her ketchup red hair fell slightly to the side of her face and curled perfectly outlining her face. Her blue eyes glistened underneath the hot UV ray school lights. Her ripped faded blue jeans tightened around her thighs and hips as she bent down. Her black v-neck tank top slightly slide down her chest as she bent revealing a tiny peek of her cleavage. Her black converses hid beneath the rim of her jeans, while a silver pendant in the shape of a cross with a ruby in the middle shined in light tied around her neck. The out of the blue the sex god, Nathaniel walks up. Nathaniel was amazingly perfect. His black shaggy hair with red streak glistened and bounced across his pale face while he walked. He was wearing Tisa jacket that she had given him for his birthday, a purple and black striped jacket. His black converses scraped the hallway floor leaving marks as he pranced down the hall. His bright grass green eyes shined so perfectly beneath his pitch black hair. His smile burn a hole in her heart every time she saw it. The out of the blue, breaking her concentration, Kat ran up to him. As her lips touched his, Tisa's heart broke. Her head started to spin.
?They kissed for what it seemed like hours and Tisa couldn't look away. Her heart broke into a million pieces. "Oh, Look who's on the floor, bowing to us Kat." Nathaniel said looking down at Tisa's big blue eyes, "Tisa the Tissue. So pathetic.". {Quick Fact: That's what everyone called her.} "Oh God." Tisa thought to herself. The tears started to come. They slowly crawl down her cheeks. Nathaniel's eyes started to look sympathetic, "Come on Kat. Let's leave this freak alone." His words tore through her like a sword cutting her in half. "Bye Dork!" Kim and Miranda yelled back to her together. Tisa looks down at the ground and sobs. Then running footsteps start running up behind her. "Tisa? Are you ok?" A voice says with a hand on her shoulder. Tisa looks up with pitifulblue eyes. There stand Colin. The weird gothic dude that follows Tisa everywhere. He may be weird but he's not that bad looking. Colin has dark mysterious brown eyes. His curly yet shaggy brown hair covers them so perfectly. His bleach white smile, shines just like the sun does on a cold day. His black pants look so tight that it showed EVERY crease of his legs and butt. His black KoRn shirt fit him perfectly showing off his abs. His converse blood red shoes just slightly reached the edge of his pants legs which you could see his white socks. "I'm fine Colin." Tisa muttered out with a fake yet relieved smile on her face that it was him.
When Tisa got home she found her mom and dad fighting. She ran to her tiny room of the run down, messy trailer. Her walls covered in ruby red paint, her window covered with a pitch black curtain which made the room an eerie dark. She ran over to her bed and laid her head down on her soft velvet red pillow and listened to the piercingwords of her mom and step-dad. She waited impatiently for the scream that her mom screamed after her step-dad had slapped her. That was her cue to grab her baseball bat and save the day. Her mom screamed bloody murder. She grabbed her 2 foot long stainless steel bat that had a few dents in it from a few weeks ago fight. She walked out her door and saw her step-dad on top of her mom choking her. Tisa ran up behind him and swung towards her step-dads head. "Not this time, you little whore." Her step-dad scowled with the breath of a 60 year old who has drunk his entire life. He tore the bat out of her hands and threw it across the room. He got off her mom and her mom took a deep breath. He tackled Tisa and held her up against the wall by the neck maybe about 3-4 inches off the ground. "I......can't.......breathe....." Tisa said in gulpedbreaths. He drug her to the floor and started beating her head against the floor. She felt every bounce of her head as it smashed into the floor. Blood started to come out her nose. She could feel her forehead split. Blood started to fill her eyes. Soon all she could see was red. The carpet beneath her had turned from green to red. She couldn't cry. She couldn't scream. She couldn't move. He stopped for just a few minutes and while he disappeared in the hallway. Tisa caught her breath. She looked over at her mom who was unconscious. She looked up at the ceiling and watched the ceiling fan go around and around. She thanked god for those few moment she had. He head was throbbing like your thumb would after you hit it with a hammer but 10 times worse. Then all of sudden her step-dad staggered back into the room. He had went into her room. In his left hand he held the sharp dagger that Tisa used to shape candles with. He kneeled beside her. He ran his hand through her hair and said, "I'm finally gonna get what I've been waiting for." Tisa grunted as he raised one of her arms. He took the blade to her wrists. The cold blade slid through her skin easily. Like a butter knife cutting butter. He did this to the other arm too.She shrieked in pain. He grabs her feet and drags her into her room. He throws her on the bed. He unbuttons her pants and slides them down her legs to the ground. She grunts. He takes off her underwear and strips himself. He starts to rape her. And succeeds too. She cries and screams but no one could hear her.

Submitted: April 27, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Tisha666reborn. All rights reserved.


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Secret World of Reality

OMG !!! This is sooo good ! KMU :)

Fri, April 27th, 2012 2:48pm


Thank you so very much. There is more coming up so be sure to read on.

Fri, April 27th, 2012 11:50am


Update soon?

Fri, August 17th, 2012 4:48am

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