Runaway To College

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Aurelia runs away from the horrid orphanage to seek a whole new life.Wealthy Roanna 'adopted' Aurelia and got her everything a teenager would ever wanted.She then enrols both her son,Matthew and Aurelia to college.They both then fight for new challenges.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Runaway To College

Submitted: March 25, 2011

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Submitted: March 25, 2011



I ran as quick I can from the 'dumping ground'. It was raining cats and dogs right now, but I didn't care. I wanted to run away. My feet were aching in my tight Toms. I had to stop in an empty underground train station. Thank goodness no one was there. I curled up in a corner, tears still running down my face. I haven't got a home. I might become one of the beggars. My luck changed when this woman with Swedish blonde hair and pure hazel eyes found me the next early morning.

''Are you ok, dear?'' she asked. ''No. I ran away. ''I said looking away. ''Why don't you come home with me?'' she asked. My faces lighten up when I heard it. I nodded and she helped me up. She let me wore her brown leather coat. We rose in a cab all the way back to her house in Maida Vale. Her house was a French blue Victorian Gingerbread house along Clifton Road. I told her that I admired her house.

''So, what is your name, girl? And how old are you? ''she asked as she unlocked the door. ''My name is Aurelia. I'm 16.''I said as I looked at the garden. ''That's a rare name. How would like to come with me to Oxford Street and we'll get you some clothes and stuff. And also, maybe a mobile phone? '' She said. I kept on nodding. ''That's so kind of you. ''I said. ''No problem. Call me Roanna, by the way.''she said as she opened the door and welcomed me. ''We can have some tea first,talk a little bit.I'll let you borrow some of my small clothes first.And then we'll take a bus to Oxford Street.''Roanna added.I nodded again.Roanna was very kind...and wealthy.She had a slim LCD TV,a Blu-Ray player,an iMac.A lot!She told me to have a bath first.After I did,she gently brushed my hair.

''Would you like it styled,Aurelia?''she asked opening a drawer filled with hair equipment. ''Well,I like wavy hair.''I said shyly. ''Waves,then it is.''she said fixing it into waves.

She went to the kitchen while I took a look around the living room.She lend me her Zara knee-high pants and a Nike sweatshirt and black Converse shoes, they fitted perfectly.I then went over to the kitchen.

''Do you have any children,Roanna?''I asked as I leaned on the counter. ''Just one son, Matthew. He's a complete fittie, I tell you. He's the male school idol. ‘‘She said as she reached for something in the fridge. ''So, is he in school or something?’ I asked. ''Yes, he’s in school now. His last week of secondary school in now. He’s also 16.''Said Roanna. ''Aurelia, I was thinking. If possible, I might enrol you to college with him.’ she added. ''Won't it cost a fortune?’ I asked, not wanting to trouble her. ''Nah.Don't worry. I know how to handle money. So, how’d you like it?’ she continued. ''Of course.'' though, I’m still not sure of it.

Roanna served tea with shortcake in the living room.When we're done,she bought me an Oyster Pay-As-You-Go card and took us to Oxford Street in a bus. I know I’ve been in a bus a few times. It took a while to get to Oxford Street but we managed.I've never been here before but I heard about it from the TV.She brought me to 'Jane Norman'. She let me buy all the clothes I liked.She then took me to the Carphone Warehouse and bought me a Nokia ExpressMusic 5800.And a new set of white and red headphones.Next,she took me to 'Wasabi' for lunch. After then,she bought me an 3 Sim card.Then,Waterstone's to buy some books.Last of all,at 'Claire's' she bought some accessories,cute lace gloves and two bags.One big,one small.We were done after that,we took a bus 16 back to her house.

''Roanna,you didn't have to do all this for me.''I said. ''No,please.I don't want such a pretty teenager begging people for money on the streets.''said Roanna.

Back at the house,she used the first guest room as my room.

''Won't you need it?''I asked before I put down all my stuff. ''No.We don't get much guests anyway.''she said helping me unpack my things.She gave me this MINI luggage roller bag. ''Uh,Aurelia.You won't mind it being alone here would you?I need to pick up my son from school.''Roanna said picking up her keys again. ''Sure.Not at all.''I said.

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