Just like a FAIRYTALE

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: October 31, 2010

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Submitted: October 31, 2010



Chapter Two XP

Well you can probaly guess what happened next. I got screamed at a bunch, slapped about and last but not least my forms torn apart and thrown away.

Sometimes i wish Belle and Aurora were my step sisters like in cnderella. They'd be easier to deal with then. I'd never met my mother having kiled and all at birth but I think she must've been a bit loopy naming all her daughters after disney princesses. The funny thing is her judgement on the names couldn't have bben more wrong.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast, therefore you'd except her to be sweet and charitable, well think again. If she ever met the Beast I'd feel totally sorry for him, cause he'd be called every name under the sun and i don't mean the sweet, sparkly ones.

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty another judgement far from the truth. I guess my mother did get one thing about my sisters and their  name choices right, they were both exceptional beauties. Belle had the same brunette hair as me but hers always seemed so lucious compared to mine. Aurora's hair was different as it was more red than brown. We all had the same colour eyes and high cheekbones but that was where the resemblance with my sisters ened.

'Bitch pick up! Bitch pick up!'

I rolled my eyes as my ring tone went off right on time as my best friend Alice thought it'd be funny to record herself screaming at me to pick up my phone and set it as my ring tone.

'Yes Alice'

'Why hello Cindy, Would it kill you to say 'Hey Alice, How are you on this fine morning' My best friend teased down the line

'And would it kill you to stay in bed till seven like normal people and not wake me up with you at 5 in the morning' I groaned stifling a yawn. Though I'd waking up at 5 every morning for as long as I'd know Alice I could never get used to it.

'Yes it would, but you should know that I'm an early bird'

'Well how could i not know it, you've been waking me up at ungodly hours from the time I've known you'

'Oh hush, you know you love me and would never change me' she giggled

'I'm actually having second thoughts about my feeling for you' I joked 'Nway get to the point'

'One word...Connar'

'Alice, you called me at 5 in the morning to talk about a guy, your early birdness is turning you loopy girl. You need some serious Z's'

Alice sighed 'I called cause he's interested in you and he's so damn hot, I mean eye candy.'

'Me, why me and if he's so damn hot why don't you have him'

'Oh don't start that again, you're pretty hot and you know it. Nways I'm off to wake Alison, I'll be round yours at 7 be ready or I'm leaving you'

'You wouldn't leave me, you love me to much' i said as Alice put the phone down.

I knew she wouldn't leave me but i sure as hell would get an earful from her if i was one milli second late. I dragged myself out of bed and got in the shower making sure i washed my hair. I spent some time picking out my outfit if this guy was interested i wanted to make a good impression not that i'd be able to date him anyway. I choose some black skinny jeans and a white sleeveless cami, I threw on my blue babydoll jumper with the lace trim and did my hair in it's usual braid.

I crept out my room and made my way down the stairs, hoping that the devilisters weren't awake yet. No such luck. Belle was sitted at the table nursing a cup of coffee.

'Adrian's coming round tonight, I want dinner ready before he gets here and make sure he thinks i cooked it. I want you to be dressed nicely, no jeans' She said eyeing my jeans with disgust. 'And..' she started but was cut off by Alices horn. 'Got to go' I called grabbing my bag and dashing out the front door like hounds were after me...so not an understatement.

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