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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 17, 2014

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Submitted: April 17, 2014



Screaming was what i hear as woke up that morning. Father and Mother arguing about who knows what, again. I sighed as i sat up and instantly felt like laying back down and never getting up, but at last i must go to school so i can be a functioning individual in society.


Not that it really matter what a 14 year old girl has to say but society is bullshit, like a bunch of people wanting to be different but doing the exact same thing. Yeah, great.


Walking to the bathroom avoiding all contact with living things, i say living things because just across the hall from my door is the ashes of my late grandma, god bless her soul. As i shut the door and lock it i stripped and did a once over in the mirror, scars everywhere (symbols of when i cared), and i jumped under the jet of steaming water. It felt great just to stand there but i soon realized as my mother banged angrily at the door i had been standing there for 10 minutes.


I shut off the taps, dried off and quickly slipped on some clothes. As i emerged from the bathroom i saw my mother do a once over my exposed wrist, checking for any relapse. As i said before when i cared not anymore.


“ Hurry up and get in the bloody car we need to go.” my mother says as she struggles into her blazer of the real estate company she works for.

“ On my way.” I just need to grab my phone and earpieces.


As soon as i got in the car we were off, gunning down the street in a rusty minivan. Romantic. After 20 minutes of silence and me listening to pearl jam on repeat, we arrived at my school. As i got out my mum said a rushed good bye and was gone the next minute.


I looked around the front gate and soon found the exact person i was looking for, Dakota Dempise, my closest thing to a friend. A lot of people couldn’t handle her because of her explosive personality but i found it had become my daily amusement. In fact as i walked towards her she was fighting with a senior because he touched her arm. Now when i saw Dakota is beautiful i mean it because well she is, but her personality ruined any chance with anyone.


I strode up around the group of people who had stopped to watch the confrontation and just watched. It didn’t last long because after the guy had apologized multiple times she spotted me and came bounding and latched on.


i was about to tell her to get off me but she seemed to remember in the last instant that i didn’t like physical and pulled back as fast as she had come.


“ HEY!” she all but practically screamed right in my ear.

“ Hi, thanks for the burst ear drum” i responded.


smiling sheepishly she mumbled a quick sorry and we were off walking into school because we had two minutes until the bell rang.

As we walked some guy, who had more muscle mass than anyone else i had seen, came barreling by knocking the books out of everyones arms including mine and then ran off at the speed of light. Good old public school i thought as i bent to get my books.


A hand that had snaked in out of no where already had most of the books and was grabbing the last one when i looked down. I looked up at the owner of the hand and it was a guy i had never laid eyes on before but that didn’t matter because he was gorgeous.


“ Ted Matthews.” he stated in the best voice i had heard ever except for morgan freeman, have you heard his voice? Heaven but anyway.

“ Huh?” i cleverly said, as i was trying to figure out exactly what he said.

“ My name.” He piped in as i was quickly trying to hid my evident embarrassment.

“ You are?”

“Abbi, Abbi Smith.”


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